WOWFRD – Ch 55

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Chapter 55

Full moon was hanging in the sky and the silverish rays of light fell down on earth. Xiao Yu had come to Carrie’s father’s territory with Death Knight Arthas, dozens of ghouls and dozens of shades to harass the civilians.

Carrie’s territory wasn’t close to Xiao Yu’s territory. It took them one day to travel to reach the place. Moreover, Xiao Yu had decided to wait until the evening to begin the harassment.

Development and infrastructure at Carrie’s father’s territory was much larger than Xiao Yu’s territory. Xiao Yu had only one large town which was the size of a city but with less population. However, Carrie’s father was successful in establishing villages and towns all over his own territory.

Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to go to capital city to find trouble. He believed that it was enough to harass the population living in the villages. There were dozens of small villages and towns in the vicinity of their capital city. If he could begin a large-scale migration from these villages and towns then his plan was a success.

In addition, he was planning to kill one or two soldiers that they met to give a better effect to his propaganda. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu prohibited ghouls and shades to kill innocent people.

It was night time and they reached a village which had about 100 families. Most of them were farmers and because of the time of the day all of the families were asleep. Occasionally, you could hear barks of dogs or sounds of animals.

“Imitate the voices of ghosts!” Xiao Yu ordered ghouls and shades.

Creak~ Creak~

The ghouls began to issue otherworldly sounds while shades began to imitate human voices.

“Carrie…Carrie… We have come for your life…”

Xiao Yu had ordered Shades to learn to sound like humans. They could make statements which sounded extremely horrifying.

It was part of Xiao Yu’s territory. He wanted to make sure that population living in the villages understood that Carrie’s father’s territory had attracted ghosts and devils. He was planning to put pressure on Carrie’s father either to behead Carrie or find other ways to appease the population. It didn’t matter which choice Carrie’s father made the situation wouldn’t be in their favor.

The ghouls couldn’t speak but Shades were able to imitate human voices because they were transformed Acolytes. Xiao Yu ordered them to use their stealth mode and stand by the windows of the houses to speak in creepy voices.

“Carrie… You had killed countless young girls and ate their…. We are here to claim…”

Xiao Yu was smiling as he listened to the shades.

He was planting unreal accusations on Carrie, his brothers and father.

“Carrie you killed 500 13 year old girls and made gave their meats to the population to eat… you are cruel to your friend…”

“Carrie…I’m here for your head …”

“Carrie… Everyone in this territory has to die…”

“Death Knight has come from Hell to avenge us!…Death Knight will kill everyone… Revenge…”

At the same time, Arthas would ride his horse within the village. The neighs, hisses and hoofs of the Arthas’s deathcharges would echo. The people who looked from the windows would see a horse in flames and Arthas. They would curl back into their beds in fear.

Xiao Yu instructed ghouls to kill dogs and chickens to create a tense atmoshpere.

“Carrie…Death Knight will get revenge for us… for everyone who you have killed…”

“Run away… Leave this cursed lands…or you will be killed… my head…” The shades shouted around the village. One of them created an illusion as if he was a villager and ran away.

“Death Knight has come from the hell… Tonight only one person was killed… Second night 100 will be killed… On the eve of third night everyone will die! …”

Xiao Yu harassed a total of 4 village in one night. No one dared to come out as the people were shivering in fear at their homes.

He took Arthas, ghouls and shades into a nearby forest to hide during the daytime to start everything at night once again. He didn’t want the undead creatures to be seen at the daytime. Xiao Yu sneaked into the villages to see the results of his campaign in the daytime. He hadn’t entered the village when he found out large number of peasants who had gathered their stuff to leave the village. Xiao Yu walked over.

“What’s going on? Where are you all going over?” Xiao Yu scratched his head as he asked.

“Where? Anywhere but here! You are not a local so lemme tell you boy! If you don’t leave this place you will die tonight. A death knight from hell has come over to avenge Carrie so run for your life!”

The man ran away without replying to Xiao Yu’s further questions.

Xiao Yu had a proud smile on his face as he looked at busy people.

Xiao Yu went to harass the other villages the next night. This time a patrol team was over to guard the villages. It seems Carrie’s father had sent a team to gather intelligence about the situation. Moreover, patrols would stabilize the fears of the population.

Xiao Yu saw that the units were small and made up of less than 30 soldiers. He waved at Arthas so that the death knight would lead the ghouls to kill them.

Death Knight was at level 4 and had following skills: Death Coil (lvl 2), Death Pact (level 1) and Animate the Dead (level 1).

Death Coil skill could kill the enemies and restore the injuries of the ghouls. Death Pact skill was able to restore Death Knight’s health. Animate the Dead was able to summon dead from the otherworld as zombies. It was good enough to cause panic in the village. People would be afraid to death when they saw their own relatives move around as zombies.

The soldiers were ambushed by Arthas and ghouls. Their morale was down the moment they saw the evil spirits and creatures that they had heard from legends. Any person would be afraid when facing undeads. It was an instinctive reason.

Xiao Yu was able to hone his own skills after numerous battles. He was able to perfectly sync wind walk, and omnislash skills to kill enemies.

It was inevitable for him to participate in the battlefield even though he was a commander. Moreover, his legs didn’t go soft the moment he saw blood anymore.

Real battle of life and death was the perfect training ground. As a result, Xiao Yu was already a qualified warrior. Nevertheless, he was a sissy boy in comparison to Grom and other heroes.

It took less than ten seconds to kill more than twenty soldiers. The soldiers were afraid the moment they saw Arthas’s mount. Moreover, frostmourne was a weapon that they couldn’t resist. Arthas’s sword wasn’t just any runeblade. It wasn’t exactly frostmourne but its shape was extremely familiar to it. The damage of the runeblade wasn’t high at the beginning so Xiao Yu had upgraded it. Fortunately, all the blacksmiths had risen to level 2 so frostmourne was very sharp after the upgrade. Xiao Yu ordered the ghouls to bite flesh of the dead soldiers and tie them from the trees for the gory effect to be more influential in the morning.

Xiao Yu was able to harass vast majority of villages and towns in the several days. The population began to mass migrate from Carrie’s father’s territory. Most of the migrants choose to go to Lion town because Xiao Yu had already sent people to promote his own territory in advance.

Lion town wasn’t very far from this territory. Moreover, the people knew that the lord of the Lion town had defeated Carrie’s army and Xiao Yu had a grand prestige in this territory. Moreover, most of the people hadn’t gone out of their villages in their lifetime. So they simply didn’t know much about the outside world and were aware of few territories that were close to their villages.

However, after a few days of harassment Carrie’s father began to send countless soldiers as patrol to kill undeads. Moreover, it was whispered that Carrie’s father had sent people to Wei Principality to seek the paladins and priests from Church of Light.

Church of Holy Light was a religious place but on the other hand they fought against the undead creatures.

Xiao Yu had to go back to Lion town to prepare for the travel. He left ghouls and shades at Arthas’s leadership.

However, Xiao Yu made few strict orders that Arthas had to implement at all costs. First and foremost order was that the undeads couldn’t kill innocent population. They had to choose soldiers but not normal people. Second order was that they couldn’t act too aggressive. Arthas had to send shades for investigation before going into any village. Third order was to have delays between the attacks. The last and the most important order was for Arthas to keep his own life at all costs. If Arthas saw that the situation was unfavorable then he had to escape. Deathcharger was a fast horse so Xiao Yu believed that Arthas should be able to escape.

Afterwards, he went back to Lion town to prepare for the meeting with the Wang family.

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  1. oh yea btw forgot to tell you arthas’s death coil is just death energy which takes form of a skull and damages all living but heals the undead so it isnt arrow 😀 just energy ball 😀

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