WOWFRD – Ch 53

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Chapter 53

“It depends on her mother. If the lady misses 4th miss then she will have to stay for a while.” Housekeeper Mo didn’t give a straight answer but used Siwen’s mother’s name to give an uncertain period of time.

In short, housekeeper Mo meant that if Siwen’s mother didn’t let her come back then she won’t come back.

“Is daughter-in-law’s of Wang family also go back to live for few years with their mothers?” Xiao Yu asked.

Housekeeper Mo frowned as he raised his eyebrows: “Our Wang house is big and the territory is prosperous. All of the daughters-in-law have a good and happy life. Why would they go back to their homes?”

Xiao Yu grunted: “Then, why don’t you ask my fifth sister-in-law if she is happy in here?”

Housekeeper Mo annoyed by Xiao Yu’s retort. Normally, they thought that Xiao family would be more than glad to let him take back Siwen. However, he didn’t expect to be provoked by this rude boy. The prodigal son was replying back for each of his arguments. It was obvious that Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to let him take back Siwen.

Doesn’t he understand the situation of the Lion town? We married 4th lady to give face to Xiao Zhan Tian! Her husband died early and 4th lady has been widow since then! Now, Xiao Zhan Tian is dead and there are financial problems in the Lion town. We have to take back the lady and at the same time, we will be lifting a burden over your shoulders!

Housekeeper Mo’s face turned gloomy. He suddenly remembered something as he looked at Xiao Yu and whispered to himself: “I had almost forgotten that this small kid is extremely lusty! Maybe he wants to get 4th lady for himself? She is a natural beauty and the most beautiful appearance wise from the other ladies of the Wang house! It seems the kid is definitely after this aim! Fortunately, I have checked lady’s blood and she is still virgin. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be much of a bargaining chip in the future.”

“4th Miss, your mother is sick and stays in bed. She had sent me to get you back. Are you willing to go back with me and visit your mother?”

Housekeeper Mo was a smart person and would never ask Siwen what Xiao Yu wanted him to ask. He knew that Siwen had a good heart and thin face. She would never say that she was unhappy in Lion town in front of so many people. In that case, if he asked if she was happy in here it meant that he would fell into Xiao Yu’s trap. However, housekeeper Mo wasn’t aware that Xiao Yu really wanted the housekeeper to ask Siwen about her situation. He had heard Suesha and Siwen talk in bath and knew that Siwen was happier and willing to stay in here rather than going back to her home.

“Mother … Is she really sick?” Siwen asked in a nervous tone as she looked at housekeeper Mo.

Housekeeper Mo sighed: “4th Miss, lady has been lonely and sick since the day you left. She has been thinking about you day and night which had led to depression. Now, she is so sick that she wants to see you once more before it’s too late.”

Housekeeper Mo kept his words very vague and didn’t exactly tell what kind of sickness or illness Siwen’s mother had. Moreover, he used words which brought guilt to Siwen’s heart. In fact, Siwen’s mother wasn’t the wife but concubine of the Wang patriarch. She was just a daughter.

Housekeeper Mo didn’t refer to the status of Siwen or her mother in the hall, instead, he used the words, 4th miss, and lady, to bring up their status.

“Mother … she …” Tears flew down Siwen’s cheeks. It was obvious that she was missing her mother.

“Lady often sits in the room and gazes at 4th Miss Clothes. Alas, sometimes she stays like that for half a day. Her age is not big but her head is full of white hair and her face is full of wrinkles. She was the first beauty of the territory now because of missing the 4th Miss, lady has become like that.” Housekeeper Mo continued with his tricks.

Xiao Yu’s clenched his teeth as he looked at the old Mo.

“Bastards! They want to grab people from this master’s territory and in such a fancy name! Under the banner of filial piety! If they take back fifth sister-in-law then she would be remarried as a political bargain chip! They are bunch of bastards! In comparison to them, I’m an angel! What do I do? Just peek once in a while!” Xiao Yu whispered to himself. He stood up and came to stand next to Siwen. He patted her shoulder.

“Fifth sister-in-law, since you miss your mother so much then you must make a trip back to your home.” Xiao Yu said.

Suesha stood up and looked at Xiao Yu: “Are you gone mad? Do you know what is going to happen to her after she gets back?”

Suesha was very clear about the reason and purpose housekeeper Mo had traveled. Suesha and Siwen were always in good terms. She knew that Siwen would rather stay in here instead of being used as a bargaining chip for their family. At least, in the Lion town, there were no infighting or intrigues within the ladies of the Xiao family. Although they had led a bitter life in the past Siwen was happy even then— let alone now, when their future seemed bright.

It was the reason why Suesha was reluctant to let go of Siwen. She was aware that Siwen was used as a bargaining chip when she was sent to Lion town. Now, the same thing was going to happen once more. Suesha turned angrier when she heard Xiao Yu’s statement.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and smiled: “Rest assured, 4th sister-in-law! I will go back with 5th sister-in-law and see how her mother is doing. If she is good then I will bring back fifth sister-in-law. If she is missing fifth sister-in-law then I’ll bring back her mother too. Moreover, I have to travel to make sure that nobody gets idea of messing with my fifth sister-in-law.”

Housekeeper Hong, Captain Hui, and other sisters-in-law praised Xiao Yu in their hearts after his words. He was stating that he didn’t just do it for the filial piety to easy Siwen’s love but to ensure her safety when coming back too!

In addition, his last words were a stab at Housekeeper Mo.

Nevertheless, everyone was worried. Would it be so easy to take back Siwen from the Wang family?

Housekeeper Mo was very happy with the beginning of Xiao Yu’s words. However, he almost wanted to rush out and beat the hell out of Xiao Yu by the end of his statement. If his arms and legs weren’t old then he would already have rushed up to beat him.

“Alright. We will go back to Wang house.”

Siwen was the most surprised one out of all. She missed her mother but was aware of the reality that she would face once she stepped into Wang mansion.

She didn’t think that Xiao Yu would go with her to see her mother and bring her back afterward. She felt very grateful towards Xiao Yu. Although she wasn’t happy with Xiao Yu’s character and personality she suddenly felt that there was a man in Xiao family who could stand and protect her in times of trouble. She understood that Lion town was her home!

“Ok, since we have come to an agreement then let’s not delay time. What about we leave tomorrow?” Housekeeper Mo was in hurry.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Why are you so anxious? I assume you are tired after long travel so it should be good to rest for few days. I will also prepare gifts to Wang house. We will leave after ten days.”

Housekeeper Mo hesitated a bit but saw that Xiao Yu had promised to leave so he didn’t think that he would play any tricks: “Alright then!”


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  1. I didnt read this chapter.. i know nothing about here planned trip. I have the discipline of a saint.

  2. Ummm, how could that ever be a ‘good idea’? He’s definitely not in a position where he can leave Lion Town for more than a day or two. Aren’t they supposed to be traveling thousands of miles? Is he going to bring an army with him across multiple kingdoms? Is he going to leave his leaderless army in the mountains and leave the town defenseless?

    1. there are still Uther and Thrall i believe the two of them can act as temporary commander and the mc and archmage has teleport skill, the archmage can just report to him if unexpected accodent happens and the mc just need to teleport back isnt it?

      1. Those two are mostly brainless robots because of low level tho… Certainly not the leader type atm… Also the teleport skill works only at 50 meters so yeahhhhh……….

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    1. Ughh I agree. Some BS drama. Just be honest you want f*ck her! Do you really need to justify your actions with a bunch of BS lol. I hate how the Author tryna make him look like a hero

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