WOWFRD – Ch 51

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Chapter 51

Xiao Yu was excited as he looked at both heroes.

“Finally, you are here Thrall.” Xiao Yu took Thrall’s hand in greeting: “Are you tried?

“Uther you look good. I’m excited to meet you.” Xiao Yu was very polite with both heroes which showed how much of his attention was on these two.

However, Xiao Yu found out that both of them didn’t know how to answer him. He checked the skills that the heroes could master.

The skills that Thrall could master were:

Lightning Bolt (up to level 3). Thrall can send a power Lightning Bolt to attack the enemy.

The strength of the Earth Totem (up to level 3). Thrall can summon a totem that could increase strength attributes of the grunts within a certain range by 20%, 40%, and 60%.

Stoneskin Totem (up to level 3). Thrall can summon a totem which could cover the grunts within a certain range by a layer of stone armor to increase their defense. Defense increases by 20% with each level upgrade.

Summon Earth Elemental (up to level 3). Thrall can summon an Earth Elemental to fight for him.

The skills which Uther could master were:

Holy Light (up to level 3). Uther can heal a wounded warrior. The effect of the treatment increases by 30% with each level upgrade.

Blessing of Might (up to level 3). Uther can bless human soldiers with strength. The strength attribute is increased by 20% at 1st level, 40% at 2nd level and 60% on the 3rd level.

Devotion Aura (up to level 3). Paladin covers an area with halo and the armor of the allied human warriors get improved. The armor’s increase by 20% as Devotion Aura upgrades a level.

Judgment (up to level 3). Paladin can use his power of light to issue judgment over the enemies. The damage is doubled if the attack is made on dead creatures.

Xiao Yu smiled as he checked the skills of both heroes.

“As I expected there are totem and blessings which could enhance the strength of the whole army. It’s better than using single but powerful heroes. But it’s a pity that Thrall’s skill could only increase the strength of orcs while Paladin’s blessing applies only to human warriors.”

Xiao Yu thought that it was normal to see the skills of the Thrall to apply only to orcs while Uther’s skills only buff human warriors. After all, the belief system of humans and orcs were different.

Xiao Yu selected skills for Thrall and Uther without pondering much. The first skill mastered by Thrall was the Strength of Earth Totem and Uther mastered Blessing of the Might.

He had to enhance the combat efficiency of his all troops at this stage. Thrall and Uther were individually good warriors so he didn’t mind them not having offensive skills at this time.

Xiao Yu’s merit points and gold coins depleted by the time he paid for two heroes and upgrade of blacksmiths and shops for four races.

He was planning to produce human heavy cavalry but didn’t have money. Moreover, the money needed for buying heavy cavalry was a lot. Each one cost 400 gold coins and he needed 200,000 gold coins to only buy 500 of them. He was not counting the replacement of better equipment for the heavy cavalry. He Xiao Yu was aware that the equipment of the warriors was shabby at the time of summoning. Now, he had upgraded his blacksmiths to level 2 so he could buy better equipment. But better armor and weapons meant more money.

Fortunately, he had defeated a lot of Carrie’s troops and looted all the armor and weapons. He was planning to put all of them into blacksmiths so that to save costs.

Xiao Yu learned from Captain Hui that Carrie’s situation was not very good back at his father’s territory. Almost all of the 20,000 elite troops were annihilated so they couldn’t come for revenge any time soon. Also, their territory was more powerful than Lion town but the number of troops they had was about 40,000 to 50,000 soldiers. They had lost almost half of their troops in the last war. Would they send the other half?

Carrie’s father wasn’t a fool too. He punished Carrie heavily but also knew that the loss wasn’t Carrie’s fault. Even a fool can win a war with 20000 against 2000. It meant that there were special circumstances which led to Carrie’s loss. It was at least proof that Xiao Yu’s orc troops were extremely strong. Moreover, the soldiers that went back told them that Xiao Yu had ancient weapons such as Glaive Throwers and special catapults that threw hundreds of rocks.

Xiao Yu was aware that Carrie’s father wouldn’t come for revenge immediately. As a smart man, he would wait to recuperate and gather intelligence about Xiao Yu. At the same time, he would try to recruit different forces to deal with Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu won a victory in defensive battle but he couldn’t attack their territory as he lacked troops. His strength was lacking and wasn’t suitable for large-scale siege war. But, he wasn’t planning to let them do as they wished. Xiao Yu couldn’t send regular troops to attack and harass them but he had undead now. He was going to make people of their territory know what real fear was.

It was a strategy from the game. After the construction of the Necropolis, he had bought 100 ghouls. He had few Acolytes too. He was planning to send them to Carrie’s father’s territory to harass their people.

However, recently he was focused on robbing the bandits and didn’t want to send a ghoul army on their own as they could create trouble. Moreover, the undead army was secret and he had to be extremely cautious in using them.

Xiao Yu began to destroy bandit camps and make money while upgrading new warriors and heroes.

The efficiency of the warriors increased bigly (Trump can use it, so why can’t I?) with the assistance of Uther and Thrall. In short, they were invincible against most of the bandit groups.

He encountered some bandit groups which were hard to defeat like previous Marcus but none of them could withstand the tricks used by Xiao Yu.

After a month of battles Xiao Yu’s level finally reached level 10. He was as strong as a second-rank warrior of this world. Grom, Tyrande and Archmage Antonidas had reached level 13.

Xiao Yu made Grom learn Heroic Leap and Sprint skills. They were auxiliary skills but were helpful in increasing Blademaster’s combat strength.

Xiao Yu added two skill points to Tyrande’s Trueshot aura. He didn’t expect Tyrande to be in a one-on-one battle. As of now, Tyrande’s Trueshot aura had reached level 4 which meant that the overall strength of the elf archers almost doubled.

Xiao Yu made Archmage master Enhanced Water Elemental, Teleportation, and Frost Nova.

Xiao Yu had eight skill points. He upgraded Heroic Leap to full level while added two skill points to Sprint. He had three skill points remaining which he used to master Teleportation skill.

He could jump up to ten meters in height with the help of Heroic Leap skill. He was simply like a real life spider-man. Teleportation let him move directly to another place in an instant. As he used wind walk in steal mode then he felt that he could be an excellent assassin.

Actually, Xiao Yu was excited as he tried Heroic Leap skill quite a few times. He could feel the adrenaline when he saw the basketball players dunk at high altitudes. His blood boiled as he tried the skill.

Humanity always had a desire to get rid of gravity. Xiao Yu felt an unprecedented release of passion when he was able to act so.

Thrall and Uther had reached level 8 because of constant battles during the last month. Thrall’s current skills were: Strength of the Earth Totem (level 3), Stoneskin Totem (level 3) and Earth Elemental (level 2). However, he wasn’t anxious to make Thrall master Lightning Bolt for now as he was waiting for the Chain Lightning skill to emerge.

Uther’s current skills were: Blessing of Might (level 3), Devotion Aura (level 3) and Holy Light (level 2). He used Holy Light skill so that Paladin could heal friendly units. He had healing potions but sometimes the heavy injuries couldn’t be completely cured. However, the Holy Light skill of Paladin could eve treat that after use of healing potions. Nevertheless, Paladin couldn’t still treat only human forces. Xiao Yu was a bit depressed as he didn’t know if Thrall would have similar skill in the future. But, Xiao Yu knew that there was Shadow Hunter from the orcs which could be summoned as a hero. He was going to summon him in case Thrall didn’t have healing skills.

In addition, he could purchase Witch Doctors if his main base leveled up. However, it was very difficult to raise the main base to level 2 as the number of merit service points needed was tremendous.

Xiao Yu plundered a lot of money and resources during the past month. Housekeeper Hong was very cheerful because of the unprecedented wealth of the Lion town. He was pleased as he changed the warehouse list over and over as the new materials and resources were brought in.

He would often have to modify and change the list as soon as he was finished with the first one. Housekeeper Hong was busy and enjoying his work. Xiao Yu feared that Housekeeper Hong would overwork and his old body couldn’t withstand the stress. That’s why he called his sisters-in-law to help with the management.

His second sister-in-law Suehan was very proficient in this area. She was good with arithmetic and her help relaxed Housekeeper Hong a lot. Old Hong didn’t have to sleep in the warehouse anymore.

Moreover, Xiao Yu made dozens of spare clothes from the best fabric for Housekeeper Hong so that he didn’t worry about which cloths to wear on any given day.

His sisters-in-law were very happy during this past month too. They were full of confidence regarding the future of the territory.

Their attitude towards Xiao Yu changed a bit as they would open one eye while closing the other one while Xiao Yu tried to peek at them or molest them.

Camilla was the fieriest one, which made Xiao Yu go crazy over her. Housekeeper Hong didn’t object this situation. It was normal among noble circles to have many wives and concubines. Moreover, housekeeper Hong planned to get a wife for Xiao Yu as they could get a wife from influential family to support their expansion.

In addition, these ladies weren’t outside. In annals of history, there were precedent situations where the king inherited the throne and married the queen and concubines of the previous king. In short, it was not a rare thing in the history of this world. As a result, Housekeeper Hong was very open minded in this area.

Xiao Yu wasn’t aware of Housekeeper Hong’s ideas. Otherwise, he would have jumped into action and wouldn’t confine himself to peeping. Xiao Yu was able to succeed with his plan to raise his troops after getting money. He increased the number of troops to 1900. Xiao Yu had 600 grunts, 500 heavy cavalries, 200 footmen, 300 elven archers, 200 dwarf riflemen and 100 hunters.

He had ten Glaive Throwers and ten Demolishers but couldn’t produce Meat Wagons yet. He was looking forward to the production of those machines.

Meat Wagons were totally different from the other machines. They could be placed on the battlefield and pushed forward as offensive equipment.

Moreover, he had new troops but didn’t have enough funds to get better equipment for them. Xiao Yu understood that it was very hard to keep an army.

Xiao Yu had just come back from the robbing bandits when he found out that there were guests in the town. Housekeeper Hong, Captain Hui, and Xiao Yu’s sisters-in-law were in the hall with the guests. Xiao Yu was informed that everyone in the hall and there was an important discussion. He frowned as he didn’t know the topic. He entered the hall and felt the depressed atmosphere.

Xiao Yu casually glanced at the people sitting in the guest room. He saw the insignia in their clothes and knew that they belonged to the family of his fifth sister-in-law.

“People from 5th sister-in-law’s family have come… I wonder why?” Xiao Yu pondered as he didn’t greet them but directly went to sit on his throne.


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