WOWFRD – Ch 50

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Chapter 50

Xiao Yu’s face had turned pale as he could summon heroes but couldn’t at the same time. It was like watching a beautiful naked woman lying on the bed but couldn’t make it rise up. It was simply a torture.

“I want to rob and plunder!” Xiao Yu shouted in anger.

Xiao Yu had reached a lot of experience points because of the successful commanding and shared experience from the yesterday’s war. He had reached level 9 and would level up to 10 after a little bit. The experience points for Xiao Yu was different from warriors and heroes. The heroes and warriors summoned from the system relied exactly on a number of opponents they had killed to gain experience points. However, Xiao Yu was affected by overall battle.

Xiao Yu had extra 6 skill points as he reached level 9 but wasn’t in hurry to allocate them. The basic attribute points were distributed by him to strength, agility, endurance and to meditation. The meditation was a value which showed his mana resource.

Xiao Yu’s skills were the same ones from the blademaster. Next, he was planning to get skills that were related to magic. This way he would become much stronger. However, Xiao Yu retained using the skill points because he could only learn the skills that heroes had learned.

Xiao Yu wanted to choose Heroic Leap skill of the blademaster but changed his mind. He decided to wait for blademaster to master better skills so that Xiao Yu could also get stronger skills which would increase his combat capability and flexibility of his body.

Moreover, Archmage had four more skills after reaching level 10. Xiao Yu was waiting to see if Archmage had a teleporting skill which would be handy in battles.

Because of the many possibilities, Xiao Yu waited to get more skill points and learn the most powerful and usable skills to the full level in one go. He was excited as he thought about different abilities and skills.

Archmage could master four new skills after reaching level 10:

Frost Nova (up to level 3). Archmage releases frost that limits the movement of everyone within given range. The range and strength of the Frost Nova improves with the level increase.

Teleportation (up to level 3). Archmage could instantly teleport to another location. 1st level teleportation is limited to 20 yards, 2nd level limited up to 40 yards and 3rd level is limited up to 60 yards.

Enhanced Water Elementals (up to level 3). Archmage can call out enhanced Water Elementals. They can release Frostbolt skill while attacking enemies. At first level, they can shoot 3 icicles, on the second level they can shoot 6 icicles and on the third level they can shoot up to 9 icicles at a time.

Arctic Frost (up to level 3). The skill improves the strength of the Archmage’s ice affinity. At first level 20%, second level 40%, and third level 60% upgrade.

Xiao Yu had trouble with making a choice as all the skills were powerful. Nevertheless, he added a skill point to the Enhanced Water Elementals. This way the water elementals could release Frostbolt skill which would make them like mobile machine guns.

The next few days, Xiao Yu asked Captain Hui to send spies to detect information from Carrie’s side and he took his warriors to continue to rob bandits. He could get easy money by robbery so he had to do what he had to do.

Xiao Yu had a great advantage even in a head on battle because of the 10 Demolishers and 10 Glaive Throwers. At best, the bandits used wood to construct walls so the siege equipment used by Xiao Yu could demolish the walls very easily. Grunts would enter the camp while Grom led them. Archmage would kill from long range while archers do the same thing.

Xiao Yu swept through 7 bandit camps in a time frame of one month. He had accumulated 500,000 gold coins and countless materials. He would gift treasures and clothes to his sisters-in-law when he found them while raiding bandit camps. As the time passed, his sisters-in-law began to give him a wish-list which stated what his sisters-in-law wanted. Xiao Yu was shocked as if he was going to buy stuff from the supermarket.

Xiao Yu suspended his raids after he got more than 500,000 gold coins. He was ready to summon two more heroes. He had pondered a lot and had decided to summon Thrall and Paladin Uther the Lightbringer.

Xiao Yu had hesitated for a long time before making the choice. He could choose Tauren Chief, Blood Mage or other tough heroes. But most of them were individual battle type heroes. All of them were powerful like blademaster but Thrall and Uther could enhance the effectiveness of all the troops during a battle.

The heroes were critical forces however in Xiao Yu’s perspective overall strength of his troops was more important. He saw how Tyrande’s Trueshot Aura played a great role in enhancing strength and range of elf archers during the previous war.

Thrall’s shamanic powers could increase the attack power of his 500 grunts. It was a better idea than summoning a Tauren chief.

In addition, Xiao Yu considered the history of the world. Thrall was known as the God of the Orcs so he believed that Thrall would play a great role in his plan to recover the Orcish horde. Once the intelligence of Thrall increased then he could form new generation leaders for the horde who could manage orcs and enhance their strength.

Uther wasn’t known as a God for humanity but he was known as a first generation paladin. He was a hero who was adhered by the forces of the light. Xiao Yu could use Uther’s identity to justify his wars and sway the public opinion to his advantage.

Xiao Yu didn’t idle while waiting for the birth of the two heroes. He upgraded the shops and blacksmiths of four races to the second level. At 2nd level, the blacksmiths could produce better armors and weapons. He could enhance the strength of his troops with better equipment and make up for the lack of quantity. The role of shops was huge too. The potions for mana and healing were increased per 20 bottles a day. In addition, he was able to buy additional potions according to each race.

Human Arcane Vault had an extra medical potion that could slowly treat human warriors on the battlefield. He could even quickly restore their health if the injured warriors had withdrawn from the battlefield.

He could buy special potion from the Voodoo Lounge to increase the strength of a grunt. It could enhance the strength attribute for a grunt for 10 minutes and he could buy 20 bottles a day.

Ancient of Wonders had a special potion for elves that could increase their agility for 10 minutes. There was a purchase limit of 20 bottles per day.

Tomb of Relics had a special potion with corrosive abilities. The weapons could be dipped in the potion and they would toxify and corrode the bodies of an enemy during an attack. He could buy only 20 bottles a day.

“Undead are despicable.” Xiao Yu praised the undead.

A golden light flashed and a tall orc jumped down from the altar. His figure was as tall as Grom but he had a domineering aura around him.

“Thrall greets the master.” Thrall came to stand in front of Xiao Yu. His wolf-mount followed after him.

Xiao Yu was about to speak when a golden light flashed on top of Altar of Kings. A burly man wearing a neat armor ran over and loudly shouted: “Uther greets the master.”

“Finally, I got two more heroes!” Xiao Yu almost burst into tears as he looked at two heroes.


Next chapter is quite long so it may take 5-6 hours before I translate and publish it.


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    1. yeaa 😀 teacher vs desciple, uncle vs nephew…. they will either have a fight or a verbal one or maybe both and i think uther will detest xiao yu

  1. I know Xiou Yu summon Uther because his healing ability and his aura.. But, When it comes to healing, did shadow hunter from Orc doing better than Uther? He can use healing wave.. Anyway thanks for the chapter

    1. mate aura + ressurection… tho shadow hunter is very good because he has voodo which can make allies invulnerable but making him vulnerable tho that would probably be over powered

    2. Actually the paladin resurection is made for group battle while its heal the 1st skill can cure a large amount on a single unit which is realy usefull when using 2 champs fighting agains other champs of course that is if ur not getting mobbed where the heal cant withstand te dps

  2. “accumulated 500,000 gold coins and countless materials”

    is the place called a wasteland because somehow 500,000 gold coins and materials were plundered from the area?!

  3. Dang man. How many bandits are there and how are they getting money? Just, why? It’s bordering 2 kingdoms right? Shouldn’t this be a national crisis? Thank you for TLing this, I like the development chapters opposed to long strings of fight chapters.

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