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Chapter 5

Xiao Yu reached the base.

Grom and the other ten orc warriors were standing in a row. They respectfully shouted when they saw Xiao Yu arrive: “Master”.

Xiao Yu was very satisfied with their loyalty. The peons were working and had logged continuously. He saw dozens of long trees accumulated by the base. The speed of logging was very slow because the peons didn’t have good tools. Xiao Yu asked the system and confirmed that he could get better tools once the blacksmith shop was bought.

Nevertheless, the physical strength of the orcs was much stronger than an average human worker.

Xiao Yu saw that there was enough wood to build few burrows. Grom and the ten warriors haven’t slept during the night as they didn’t have a place to rest. They had stood still all the time which was taken a stroll on their state.

But, Xiao Yu had brought more than 4000 gold coins. He was planning to get 30 more orc warriors, build a burrow for 1000 gold coins and recruit more peons.

He didn’t want to get only orc warriors as ten more wouldn’t play much of a role.

Xiao Yu threw the bags full of gold into the great hall. The resources list showed 4657 gold coins the same instant.

“Produce 30 orc warriors, construct a barrow and 30 peons.” Xiao Yu issued an order.

The burrow needed 1000 gold coins and 50 pieces of wood for construction. He had reached the conditions so he was planning to build one. Moreover, a peon cost 20 gold coins so he decided to buy 30 of them.

The more peons he had the easier it would become. After all, they built buildings, mined for resources and so on. In addition at the crucial time, they were useful for battle. Although they were used for labor by the game their strength was more than an average human.

The barracks could produce only 48 orc warriors in one day so Xiao Yu had to wait for the production. However, he didn’t plan to as he gestured at Grom and ten orc warriors to follow after him.

He didn’t have any money so he had to upgrade his hero. He didn’t want to stay idle so it was time to act.

Xiao Yu and 10 orc warriors moved towards the depths of the Ankagen mountains. He had 11 warriors with him so Xiao Yu could fight against even a second level beast if they encountered one.

Sometimes you travel very carefully but still get entangled by beasts. While at times you specifically search for beasts but can’t find one.

Xiao Yu encountered such a situation this day. They walked for a long time but didn’t encounter even a single beast.

He led the orc group until noon all around the forest. His belly was growling when Xiao Yu smelled barbecued meat.

“Is someone having a barbecue?” Xiao Yu’s eyes jumped up. Who would have a barbecue in the forests of Ankagen Mountains?

The orcs were more sensitive to smell than humans. Grom had sensed the smell too.

“Go and check.” Xiao Yu commanded. Grom was a very good scout because of his Wind Walk ability.

Grom ran towards the source of the smell. Xiao Yu didn’t go with him. He was too lazy to move. Moreover, because of his unfit body, he was too tired after half a day of walking.

Grom was back soon. Grom said to Xiao Yu: “Master, there is a small troll tribe. There is more than 20 of them there.”

“Trolls?” Xiao Yu said. He knew that his 4th brother was killed by trolls so the existence of trolls in the forest wasn’t a secret.

He just didn’t expect to encounter trolls today.

His base could also produce trolls. They were a subrace of orcs. Xiao Yu pondered about the existence of trolls. Maybe he could even make them join his troops.

He urgently needed troops so the idea popped up in his mind. He asked the system but it replied that the management of those trolls was out of system’s scope.

It meant that Xiao Yu had to rely on his own ability to make them join his army. But would they follow after him?

“Can 11 of you win against the trolls?” Xiao Yu put away the idea of swallowing the trolls as part of his troops.

More than 20 trolls meant a lot of experience points. There were risks involved with the battle but Xiao Yu had to enhance the hero’s level.

“Master, half of the tribe is made up of young and old trolls. There are only 10 or so adult trolls. We can deal with them without a problem.” Grom replied.

Xiao Yu listened to Grom’s analysis. Grom was level 2 and had wind walk and Omnislash skills. He could take on four or five trolls on his own. If Xiao Yu did a sudden skirmish then he would be successful.

“Good, get ready for action.” Xiao Yu ordered. Orcs didn’t like sneak attacks. They preferred proper face to face battles which showed their pride and honor as orcs.

However, Xiao Yu was planning to teach them that sneak attack was the right way to solve problems. It may sound despicable but as a gamer otaku, he had a wretched character.

The small camp was about 200 meters away from them. It was made out of simple tents. In the middle of the camp, a fire was lit and some unknown meat was being cooked.

After checking it up carefully, Xiao Yu found out that the meat hanging on the bonfire was a man’s thigh. He vomited the moment he realized it.

“Get them!” Xiao Yu ordered and continued to vomit.

Grom was the first to attack because of the Wind Walk. He was running in stealth mode as he rushed into the troll camp. Grom appeared out of nowhere and chopped down by using the Omnislash skill. He killed a strong troll with the first slash.

The orc warriors also roared and waved their axes as they entered the camp and joined the battle. Xiao Yu was puking and at the same time watching the battle in tension.

The physical strength of a troll was somewhat weaker than an orc. However, their bodies were more flexible. In the blink of an eye, both sides had suffered damage.

Grom with his superb sword skills caused a lot of damage to the trolls. Several trolls surrounded him.

“Number 3 … Get back here! You got such a heavy injury. Are you crazy by going forward?” Xiao Yu shouted out loud. He had given the orc warriors numbers according to the production time. So the number 3 was the third orc warrior to be produced by the barracks.

Number 3 was fighting in front. Its one arm was severed and it had lots of wounds on its body.

Normally, orcs were aggressive and would continue to fight until they died. But Xiao Yu made sure that the orc warrior withdrew back.

They could return back to the battlefield as long as they didn’t die. A dead orc didn’t have effect in the next battle. Moreover, Xiao Yu had paid 100 gold coins per orc. He couldn’t watch them die just like that!


Orc warriors and Grom continued to roar and fight. Grom killed 7 or 8 trolls by relying on wind walk and Omnislash. The other orc warriors killed the rest. The battle was over in 3 minutes.

The trolls were tough but orc warriors were trained fighters. The trolls fought by following their instincts while orcs used systematic combat fighting.

Xiao Yu didn’t have mercy towards the trolls. He made sure that even the children of the trolls were killed.

In fact, a child troll was taller than Xiao Yu. A slap from a child troll was enough to send him flying away.

In addition, the trolls didn’t understand human language and moral normative. They wouldn’t follow after him.

2 out of 10 orc warriors were seriously injured. The others had minor injuries but nothing serious.

Grom also had few injuries. However, with the recovery ability of his body, they could be healed in short time.

The event was fruitful. Grom had received 1200 experience points. He needed 800 more points to reach level 3.

The system calculated experience not just by quantity but by the record.

There was bonus experience because they had ambushed a troll tribe.

Xiao Yu as a commander received experience points too. Now, he had accumulated more than 100 experience points but he was far away from leveling up.

Xiao Yu was surprised to find that orc warriors gained experience points too. It meant that he could upgrade the orc warriors!

“Hahaha! I can level them up!” Xiao Yu was excited and was looking forward to them time to see high-level orc warriors.

There were two seriously injured orc warriors so he decided to take them back to recuperate in the base.

The burrow was built and 11 more orc warriors were produced.

Xiao Yu ordered seriously injured orc warriors to rest in the burrow while he took 11 new ones with him. He had 19 orc warriors and Grom. They went back to the depth of the forest.

Along the way they encountered beasts. But a single beast couldn’t do anything against their group. Moreover, they couldn’t get much experience points. That’s why he ordered the rest of the team to stop acting and Grom to deal with the beasts on his own to enhance his level.

Increasing the Blademaster’s level was the key point of their travel.

In addition, Xiao Yu divided orc warriors to several groups of two. He tasked them to go around and looked for beasts. They would come back to report and Xiao Yu would send Grom to kill the beasts. This method made sure that their productivity was much faster.

By the time the sky got dark Blademaster had killed dozens of beasts and creatures. Finally, golden light burst out and wrapped around his body. Grom had reached level 3.

Xiao Yu choose Critical Strike without a hesitation as soon as he saw the Grom level up.

Critical Strike (level 1): There is 15% chance to deal twice the damage to an enemy.

Blademaster was known for its agility. Its sword attack was rapid too. 15% of chance to deal twice the damage would further enhance the Blademaster’s damage ratio.

Xiao Yu returned back to the town in the evening. However, he was frowning all the way. Although the blademaster had leveled up the crisis was still there.

He didn’t have money to get more orc warriors. How was he going to beat Carrie’s army?

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  1. The Mc can not turn the beasts’ leather into a coat and some kind of blanket so they can sleep his ogres ? Clear the meat for food

    1. There has to be gold there first and he’s also not a geologist… Even if there WAS gold, how the hell would he find it? It’s not just lying around on the surface with an arrow saying “GOLD MINE HERE!”

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