WOWFRD – Ch 49

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Chapter 49

As a result, he had to be very careful with the construction of the undead base.

Xiao Yu knew that there were big drawbacks with the construction of the base but still choose to build it. 4th base meant another hero and different types of warriors which could help him in the future.

The undead creatures were shady but their role in the warfare would be great.

He searched for a deep cave in the vicinity so that it would be hard for other to enter this place and choose to build his undead base.


A loud noise echoed as Necropolis appeared in front of him. The wind began to blow and it seemed that temperature dropped by several degrees in the blink of an eye.

Cynical voices began to echo from the necropolis as if Xiao Yu had entered hell. He was a bit frightened and cold sweat flew down his spine.

He didn’t use undead while gaming. Nevertheless, any sane person would feel unwell when facing the real deal.

“Construct Altar of the Darkness.” Xiao Yu swallowed his saliva and commanded.

Boom~ Altar of Darkness appeared in front of him. It was very tall and made of human bones. It looked like a bone mountain.

“Please choose the hero.” The voice of the system echoed which pulled Xiao Yu from the shock.

“Death Knight.” Xiao Yu choose the most familiar hero. He had played WoW and Arthas was his favorite hero because of the tragedy that the man lived through. Moreover, he was excited to see the legendary Frostmourne and horse that Arthas used.

The neighing of a horse echoed half an hour later from the top of the altar.

The flames burned and sprayed from four horseshoes, nose and mouth of the legendary deathcharger that carried Death Knight Arthas. The horse neighed once more and raised its front legs to jump from the altar.

“Arthas greets the master.” The Death Knight jumped off from the horse and greeted Xiao Yu with a standard knight ceremony.

Xiao Yu looked at Arthas, a prince and a paladin that had become a death knight. He had gone through many tragedies. Xiao Yu sighed as he remembered Jaina who was widowed by Arthas. He was way too sad and couldn’t wait to comfort Jaina.

Xiao Yu put away the thoughts and looked at the Frostmourne that had made countless humans go mad.

“You are the way I expected you to be. Tall, handsome… Ah… If I was like this…” Xiao Yu continued: “Arthas, is it alright if I play around with Frostmourne?”

Arthas immediately responded: “Master sorry but the sword may hurt you so I can’t give it to you.”

“It’s alright.” Xiao Yu looked at death knight.

After observing Arthas and his horse Xiao Yu began to check skills and choose one for the death knight.

Xiao Yu wanted to ride the horse but he abandoned the idea after seeing the flames erupt.

The skills that Arthas could learn were:

Death Coil (up to level 3). The Death Knight could use the power of darkness to shoot energy (arrows?) from his hands which could cause damage to the enemy or cure his companions. Cooling time is 10 seconds.

Death Pact (up to level 3). The Death Knight could kill a unit and take their evil energy to restore his own health. Cooling time is 10 minutes.

Animate the Dead (up to level 3). The Death Knight can summon two dead bodies to fight for him. 1st level 2 undead, 2nd level 4 undead, 3rd level 6 undead.

Sinister Strike (up to level 3). Death Knight can cause 50% damage to the target and affect its soul, skin, flesh, and blood to corrode. The cooling time is 5 seconds.

“All the skills are evil.” Xiao Yu pinched his chin as he pondered for a long time and decided on Death Coil skill.

This skill would be useful both in attacking the enemy and treating the friendly undead.

The system had given five ghouls as labor which made Xiao Yu very happy. The ghouls could be used as labor and to kill the enemy.

Moreover, the ghouls accounted as half-units. For example, two ghouls were equal to a single grunt. It meant that if Xiao Yu summoned 100 ghouls then it would be equivalent to 50 units. However, he wasn’t planning to summon so many ghouls. He didn’t plan to openly use them on the battlefield.

Xiao Yu was allowed to have 2000 warriors under his command after reaching the rank of Master Sergeant.

Xiao Yu was excited as it meant that he could get 1000 more warriors. It would greatly increase his strength. Xiao Yu planned to add 100 archers, 100 riflemen, 100 footmen and 100 grunts for now. He was planning to have 500 cavalry and 100 undead.

Xiao Yu left the Necropolis and went to the other bases to continue to get warriors.

However, he stopped by the orc base when he saw that he had no money to continue to get warriors.

Archmage reached level 10 in yesterday’s battle so Xiao Yu made sure that Archmage could summon 3 water elementals. He spent money to get a T1 set, arcane armor, for the Archmage. This armor doubled the strength of the Archmage.

The role of the equipment was very important in the battle. Grom was able to act as a killing machine because of the T1 armor he was wearing. He even killed a second-rank warrior who had attacked him.

However, this move had made Xiao Yu penniless once more.

“Ah… I have to rob and plunder more.” Xiao Yu said in anger.

Xiao Yu looked at the 1000 gold coins left in the system. In addition, he saw two system messages. He jumped up in happiness. The first message from the system was that Xiao Yu could summon 2 more heroes because he had completed construction of all 4 bases. The second news was that because of completion of the 4 bases the blacksmiths, shops could be upgraded to level 2 which would produce better mana, healing potions and armors.

“Hahaha~ so I can get such rewards for constructing 4 bases! Heavens you are so great by favoring me!”

Two more heroes meant a lot of help. Moreover, he could produce better armors, weapons, equipment and buy much more effective potions.

Xiao Yu’s hands were trembling as he was planning which two heroes to choose when the system message popped up.

“Damn it! A hero would cost 200,000 gold coins! How many bandit camps do I have to rob to get that much?!”


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    1. Yeah right at least you know she’s a little hot for an undead Elf. Now whether or not our MC would have an inclination to have his way with her, would that be necrophilia?……

  1. Hmph, Xiao Yu is losing for not using the Undead… I know that they are evil and ugly, but they are so cool *-*

    1. yea ! they are the best! Dreadlords,Death knights,Liches,Abominations,Banshees,Necromancers,Gargoyles,Spiderguys dont remember their exact name;Destroyers! he needs destroyers free heals +free mana

  2. Ahh finalyyyy king Arthasss.. Oh come on, undead is the most interesting unit.. I can’t wait those necromancer show up and create army of skeletons wahahaha

  3. He should have taking the dreadlord first, just for the Vampiric Aura. It a good aoe heal for his troops in combat.

  4. Can you please change WOWFRD into World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination? I can’t search it in my browser history since I can’t be bothered remembering the abbreviation. Thank you.

  5. “Damn it! A hero would cost 200,000 gold coins! How many bandit camps do I have to rob to get that much?!”

    Ummm, depends on how big? But hasn’t he already robbed enough to know exactly how many he would need to plunder?

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