WOWFRD – Ch 48

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Chapter 48

Since the establishment of the Lion town, there had never been such a vivid, shocking and big victory. Because of the special circumstances; even Xiao Zhan Tian got more and more losses at the late stages of his life.

But Xiao Yu was able to lead Lion town with 2000 soldiers to defeat an army of 20000. What kind of victory was it? Even the bravest generals wouldn’t dare to think of such a victory. Moreover, the casualties from the Lion town was very low. Captain Hui led 1000 soldiers and only about 300 soldiers had died. Xiao Yu’s troops had fewer casualties because of the healing potions. He would immediately take back the injured one and treat with potions to reduce the number of casualties.

At the end of the war, only 10 grunts, 7 archers, 2 hunters and 14 footmen were killed. The riflemen had no casualties. As a result, Xiao Yu had only 33 people killed in the war. Anyone would look at the results as an extremely incredible victory.

However, it was Xiao Yu’s tactics and strategies that led to such a victory. He used Demolishers and Glaive Throwers well to achieve such a remarkable record.

Although everyone praised him Xiao Yu felt heartache for the warriors that died. He was reflecting on the previous war to see what kind of mistakes he had made and what he could have done to change the outcome. After the war, the first thing he did was to make a grand funeral for the warriors he had lost. The grunts were taken back to the altar while elves embraced the mother earth.

This victory made the people of the Lion town believe in their Lord’s ability to protect them and support them with a stable life. His enemies got to know that Xiao Yu had the ability to beat them so they wouldn’t easily attack the Lion town.

Housekeeper Hong had let go of the strict image that he held onto this day. He was drinking a lot of wine while tears of happiness flew down through his cheeks: “Lord, can you see it? Young master has changed and becomes useful! He will lead the territory to prosperity! You can rest in peace…”

Xiao Yu’s sisters-in-law were happy and excited. Since the marriage, their life in the Lion town hadn’t been happy. They face various difficulties because of financial constraints, multiple defeats, and the death of their husbands and so on.

Sometimes they would ask themselves why they still stayed in the Lion town. However, all of them were loyal to their late husbands. But they couldn’t see hope about the future.

Today, Xiao Yu had brought them hope.

Recently, Xiao Yu had plundered bandit groups and brought a lot of materials and resources. There were many things that women adored from his loot. Before because of financial constraints, Lion town couldn’t afford such things but Xiao Yu was able to bring those treasures and clothes as if they were nothing to him. It made sisters-in-law very happy. After all, which woman doesn’t like material things?

Now, their lives were better and there was a smile constantly hanging on their faces. They were full of confidence about the future of the territory.


Xiao Yu narrowed his lecherous eyes as he drank wine and watched the beauties dance. Normally, these dancers were given as maids to his sisters-in-law. They never let them dance in front of Xiao Yu. But because of the victory, these women were called out to dance.

“No wonder, everyone wants to be an emperor. It’s such a good feeling. Eat delicious food, drink wine, watch beauties dance… This feeling is way too fucking awesome!”

Xiao Yu watched dancers and peeped at his sisters-in-law from time to time.

The demeanor of his sisters-in-law was different after a few drinks.

His eldest sister-in-law Qiyin still held onto a noble lady’s temperament after drinking wine. Her cheeks were red, eyes blurred but her posture was elegant.

His second sister-in-law was more reserved. She didn’t drink much. Her demeanor was cold and she was more of a refined type of a woman. It was as if she was a fairy brought to this world.

The hottest one was his third sister-in-law Camilla. She was of European descent. She drank a lot. Her eyes were hazy.

Fourth sister-in-law Suesha had changed to wear a white evening dress. She was sitting close by to his fifth sister-in-law. They didn’t drink but chatted a lot. He couldn’t peep at them because Suesha would fiercely stare at him once in a while.

Xiao Yu’s saliva began to flow down as he thought about the 4th and 5th sisters in law.

“Life is good.” Xiao Yu whispered.

He knew that the troubled times were coming and if he couldn’t dominate the world then sooner or later he would be swallowed by other factions or territories.

This world lived by the rules of the jungle. You had to swallow others if you didn’t want to become someone else’s food. There was no other way.

Everyone asked Xiao Yu dance when the banquet reached its climax. There were no aristocratic ladies so Xiao Yu had to ask one of his sisters-in-law. He wasn’t planning to let go of this opportunity. He began to invite them. His most-favorite sister-in-law Qiyin replied that she had drunk too much and couldn’t dance. Instead, it was Camilla who took the initiative to dance with Xiao Yu.

The fire within him rose up to the sky when he saw the deep cleavage expose in front of his vision. Xiao Yu didn’t act honest and began to touch here rub there when he saw that others weren’t paying attention. Surprisingly, Camilla didn’t stop Xiao Yu which made him make more advances. She reached out to his ear and whispered: “Because of the victory I’ll let go of you today. But if you dare to act this way then I’ll cut off something…” She stared at the little Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu began to sweat the moment his private part was mentioned.

The party ended but celebrations went all night along.

Xiao Yu woke up early the next day and went to his base.

He was able to get 30000 merit service points from the yesterday’s war so his commander rank had reached Master Sergeant. It meant that he could summon his fourth base.

He had summoned three bases from the World of Warcraft so now he had the change to summon undead base. However, Xiao Yu had his doubts.

The reason was that the undead was excluded by all types of living beings. It would lead to a collective crusade by other territories if they got to know that Xiao Yu was leading a troop of undead.

Orcs and elves were different from humans. The world had a lot of strange races and orcs and elves had long been extinct. Moreover, humans didn’t look at orcs with hatred because humanity was able to destruct the orcs in the past.

From the point of humanity, orcs were no different from demonic creatures. They were beasts and that’s it.

The elves were the noblest race on the continent. The other would at most try to use them as their pets.

But the undead was different. Let alone outsiders even the people of his Lion town couldn’t stand Xiao Yu if they knew that he commanded such troops. They would try to get away from him which would lead to the collapse of his territory.


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  1. Am i the only one who thinks that mc is more pathethic than even the original owner of the body? Atleast that guy got action but i can’t see a future where mc gets action tbh… When will he graduate from being a small child who peeps at anything female? Oh sorry my bad he’s like over 20… when will he graduate from being a big baby…. He got so many dancers just use one if you are that horny ffs mc…. It’s not like unparalleled beauty = good at bed lol… I bet those sisters in law and the elf are really inexperienced anyways, any dancer from that bandit camp would be able to give you a much better experience than some stuck up noble ladies ^_^

  2. The sister in laws dictate when he can use his own dancers?? He’s the lord last I checked. Why is he such a beta btw? He peeps and takes no actual action. The girls threaten to cut off his manhood and he gets scared? I can understand being a bit scared and not wanting to participate in battle to an extent, but this guy has a magic shield superior stats, and he has many offensive abilities…why is he scared of some women? I’m not saying rape them or anything, i’m just saying stop taking shit from them and do what ever the fuck you want. He needs to grow a backbone or I honestly can’t keep reading this. Aside from the MC being not likeable I kind of like this story.

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