WOWFRD – Ch 47

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Chapter 47

More than 10,000 troops began an attack which resulted in few warriors to be able to seize a small place of the walls. However, the grunts stormed on again and again to take back the part of the wall.

Because of the constant slaughter, the bodies of the grunts had dyed blood red. The green skin was covered with the blood of their enemies.

At first sight, it seemed that footmen didn’t have much of a role in this war in comparison to the grunts. However, the unique skills of the footmen also played a huge role in the outcome. First and foremost, the footmen were the first line of defense of the walls that protected grunts and archers from crossbow shots. Secondly, they had used both their shields and bodies to protect the elf archers from enemies that were able to squeeze onto the top of the wall. Thirdly, the footmen always formed formations to block the soldiers of Carrie when they were successful in breaking through and capturing a part of the wall.

The warriors from each race had their advantages and disadvantages. Footmen were weaker than grunts in the attack but their detailed defense formations were above the capabilities of the grunts.

At this point, the armor of the footmen was low-level equipment. In the future, Xiao Yu could improve and upgrade their armor so that they could reach heavy infantry level troops. This way they would be much more powerful than any heavy infantry troop in the world.

Archers were the champions of this battle. Because of Tyrande’s Trueshot Aura, their abilities were enhanced too. They were the troops that had killed most enemies. The performance of the riflemen was excellent too. They hadn’t killed as many enemies as elf archers but they were indispensable in defeating and suppressing the enemy magicians.

It was because of the riflemen than the enemy mages couldn’t do anything. Otherwise, the mages could play a great role in slaughtering the grunts. It could be said that the riflemen were protectors of the grunts in this battle. Hunters ride their leopards back and forth the wall. They would help to kill the enemy, assist the grunts in keeping the positions on the wall and act as mobile aid.

All warriors did their best. However, it was Xiao Yu’s commanding abilities that brought them victory.

The enemy side didn’t have catapults or ballistae so Xiao Yu focused his Demolishers and Glaive throwers on killing the enemy soldiers. Ten Demolishers would throw at the same time. The rocks would stumble down turning the enemy soldiers into meat pies.

The casualties of Carrie’s army had reached 15,000 but they could break through neither from walls nor from the gates. They had more than 4,000 soldiers left in the battlefield but all the soldiers including the commanders were mentally exhausted.

The soldiers were angry at Xiao Yu’s side but at the same time, they were not planning to go on to fight for eternity. Carrie’s promise of wealth, glory, and beauty had dissipated into the air as it didn’t mean much at this point.

Xiao Yu was able to resist most difficult part of the battle. The enemy didn’t have heavy weaponry and couldn’t attack the top of the walls or make a threat to the town. However, they still kept charging forward.

“Carrie! Be a man! Your army is still in here! Where the heck are you running off to? Are you a man or not?” Xiao Yu loudly shouted.

Carrie’s army was already exhausted spirit-wise so most of the soldiers turned around to check Carrie’s carriage as soon as they heard Xiao Yu’s words. Carrie wasn’t there!

Since the start of the war, Carrie was standing on top of the carriage and watching the battle. However, now Carrie was gone. Apparently, he had entered the carriage to run away.

The soldiers began to panic when they saw that their leader had disappeared. The last trace of will in their hearts was lost and slowly but surely the soldiers turned around to escape.

In fact, Carrie wasn’t planning to escape. On the contrary, he had entered the carriage to wear his battle armor. He had decided to participate in the war. The problem was that he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to. As a result, he had decided to personally join the war to inspire his soldiers. He was planning to beat Xiao Yu and needed the last push to break through the town.

However, Xiao Yu was sharp. So he immediately began to shout the moment Carrie entered the carriage. Moreover, his words crushed the last trace of will the soldiers hoped on.

The situation was out of control when Carrie got out of the carriage. He could no longer control the soldiers that were retreating in batches. The situation was on the brink and Xiao Yu’s words were the trigger that brought destruction.

“Pursue! Chase!” Xiao Yu shouted as he stood on top of the walls.

This retreat wasn’t like the previous retreat. Previous time Carrie’s troops retreated while maintaining formations. That was why Xiao Yu didn’t dare to send his warriors to those soldiers. However, now after losing more than 15000 soldiers Carrie’s troops were just running back as fast as they could.

The grunts began to go down from the walls to lead the attack. The hunters were on the wings while riflemen and archers were at the back. They were going to kill anyone that they could.

Grunts were carrying Glaive Throwers and were launching them once in a while.

“It’s impossible! How could we get into such situation?” Carrie screamed like a madman as he looked at the retreating army.

“Master, we have to go! I know Lord’s punishment will be hard but it’s better than facing the death in here!” Carrie’s military advisor Dotu grabbed Carrie’s hand as he advised.

Carrie watched his army which retreated and saw Xiao Yu’s troops that were behind them in pursuit. Tears flew down his eyes as he clenched his teeth.

“Let’s go” Carrie made his choice.

Carrie was going to escape. Maybe he won’t even go back to his own territory.

Normally, he was a courageous young master. However, he felt his hands tremble as he saw orcs pursue his troops and get close to his position. He was a son of a territory’s lord and because of constant protection, he had never been in such a situation. He had never felt death few steps away from himself. At the moment, he looked at the orcs and knew what real fear was.

The carriage turned around and began to drive away. There was a magic array drawn on the carriage by a magician so the carriage went fast and smooth.

Xiao Yu didn’t have cavalry so he knew that it would be very difficult to catch up with Carrie. However, he didn’t think that he would be able to kill Carrie in the battlefield. Moreover, even if Carrie was able to get back his life wouldn’t be good for the rest of his days.

After this, Xiao Yu knew that Carrie’s father wouldn’t be able to send someone to attack for a long time. It would give him chance to recuperate, grow, develop and rise up.

Grunts pursued them for up to ten miles and killed more than 1000 soldiers. Carrie’s soldiers were far more than their enemies but no one was planning a counterattack but focused on escape.

Xiao Yu ordered his warriors to stop. There was a touch of a smile on his face as he looked at the army that was running away. This victory would lay the foundation of his future hegemony. The Lion town wasn’t a small territory anymore. He was planning to make a kingdom and expand on to unify the world.

It was sunset and afterglow of the sun-rays fell onto Xiao Yu’s body. The grunts, elves, dwarves, and others were around him forming a unique picture.

A famous painter would draw this scene after a long time and would call this picture β€œThe rise of the King!”


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  1. im really looking forward to when LEGION INVADES! i hope author wrote about it πŸ˜€ cause without that it would be boring! AHH THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THERE COULD BE! LEGION,OLD GODS,VOID LORDS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH (maybe not void lords cus they are op af)

    1. Exactly. I don’t think he has any right to talk about conquering the whole world considering that the only significant thing he’s done so far is defend his own town

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