WOWFRD – Ch 46

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Chapter 46

The grunts forced the infantry out of the town by driving them out with their brute strength; the strength of the grunts was reflected in this situation once more. The grunts at the gates were specially selected by Xiao Yu. He had chosen all the grunts that had reached level 4. A grunt who had reached level 4 could cope up with five and six human soldiers at the same time as long as they weren’t in a formation.


The furious roars of the grunts filled the town gates. The enemy soldiers who rushed in constantly wanted to kill the grunts and enter the town.

Xiao Yu gestured towards the Archmage.

“Cone of the Cold! Outside the gates!” Xiao Yu ordered the Archmage who had just restored his mana. The mana potions that Xiao Yu gave to Archmage were very slow acting. It would take around four or five minutes for the depleted mana to be restored. Xiao Yu understood that the recovery rate of the mana would be much more rapid when he is able to produce high-level mana potions.

The Archmage smiled and nodded. He began to chant a spell as a large ice cone appeared outside the town gates. The icicles began to sprinkle down all over the place. The light infantrymen faced a storm of icicles. Most of them howled miserably before their death.

Last time, Xiao Yu had used 50 elven archers to support the grunts as they held the town gates. However, in this battle he had chosen for the Archmage to support the grunts. The scale of the battle was too large. If he had chosen the elves then they had to look out from the walls to decimate the enemies at the gates. But Archmage didn’t have to get close to the edge of the walls; he could just chant a spell and direct its formation to just outside the gates. Moreover, the number of soldiers dying at the Archmage’s hands was much more than if he had used elves.

“First group! Ready! Shoot! Second group! Ready! Shoot!” Xiao Yu saw that Tyrande had found another enemy mage so he began to command the riflemen to target the mage.

Mages couldn’t protect themselves from the continuous stream of bullets shot by the riflemen.

Puchi~… Ah~

A long spear penetrated the body of a soldier recruited by Captain Hui. A ballista used by the enemy was throwing long spears. Its accuracy wasn’t good but the shots were lethal. At the same time, five of the catapults of the enemy began to throw large rocks at the walls.

However, the efficiency of the enemy catapults wasn’t as good as that of a ballista. They were using large rocks that they could only throw one at a time. Xiao Yu, instead, was using smaller rocks to throw 7 or 8 pieces at a time that scattered and inflicted more damage.

There were advantages to using large rocks and small rocks depending on the situation. Large rocks could smash through and make a gap in the walls but the accuracy of such shots was very low.

“First group of Demolishers aim at the first ballista on the left side! Ready! Shoot!” Xiao Yu quickly estimated that the threat of the ballistae was higher than that of the catapults so he decided to deal with the ballistae first.

His warriors and Captain Hui’s soldiers were able to escape large rocks as they could determine the trajectory of it. However, the spears thrown by the ballistae were much faster, accurate, and powerful. Even the Archmage would be killed if he was hit by one. Xiao Yu didn’t want to face such a situation so he decided to deal with ballistae before the catapults.

After four consecutive shots, Xiao Yu was able to destroy scattered ballistae of the enemy. Although they launched and threw spear several times before he was successful, fortunately, there wasn’t much of a damage.

A spear had penetrated the chest of a grunt yet he was still able to wave his giant ax and continue to battle. Xiao Yu immediately ordered two grunts to drag that grunt back and pull out the spear. He used a healing potion to deal with the wound. Xiao Yu had accumulated a lot of potions but the consumption rate was amazingly fast in the battle.

However, he wasn’t stingy with the potions and used them to save anyone he could. After destroying the ballistae Xiao Yu used ten Demolishers and four Glaive Throwers to aim at the catapults of the enemy. It didn’t take long before they too were destroyed.

After the destruction of the catapults and ballistae, the only threats that remained were the warriors and the magicians… and the main threat that Xiao Yu was facing: the number advantage of the enemy.

The battle at the gates had turned tragic. Enemy soldiers rushed in an attempt to break through. However, Grom was able to lead the grunts to push back the enemy each time.

It wasn’t just light infantry but heavy infantry too that were involved in the battle at the gates. Because of their armor, they couldn’t climb the wall so their only option was to attack through the gates. The giant axes of the grunts were sharp but they couldn’t easily tear through the armor of the heavy infantry. However, it didn’t matter as Xiao Yu had taught them few ways to efficiently deal with the heavy infantry.

The first method shown by Xiao Yu was to wave the ax sideways at the head of the heavy infantry. Because of the immense strength of the grunts, the heads of the heavy infantrymen were chopped or smashed even though they wore helmets. Xiao Yu had shown them a second method in case the grunts weren’t able to attack the heads of the heavy infantry. That method was to use their big feet to kick the knees of the heavy infantrymen. Their knees were protected by thin metal but neither armor nor knee joints could withstand the impact of a grunt harshly kicking off.

The facts proved that Xiao Yu’s approach was very effective and feasible against the heavy infantry. By kicking on their knees the grunts were able to deal with heavy infantry much easier than the light infantry.

Light infantrymen could dodge and sway to the sides; the heavy infantry could not. The heavy infantry was powerful against ordinary human soldiers as humans couldn’t penetrate their armor but grunts weren’t affected in such a skirmish battle.


Xiao Yu saw that the Archmage reached level 9. He immediately added a skill point to the Water Elemental Summoning skill.

In an instant, another water elemental appeared next to the Archmage. It and the first one helped the Archmage to deal with enemy soldiers.

Grom was constantly using Whirlwind to chop enemies; soon, he also reached level 11. Xiao Yu added another skill point to Whirlwind skill so that it reached level 2.

The strength of Whirlwind increased by 100% on level 2.

Chop~ Chop~

Grom launched Whirlwind once more as it smashed into the enemy soldiers. Strong battle energy covered both his body and sword as he continued to harvest life as if he was reaping wheat.

Tyrande had also reached level 11. Xiao Yu added a skill point to Trueshot aura. The role of Trueshot Aura was great on the battlefield as it didn’t just promote the strength of the wielder of the skill but the entire platoon of long-range elven archers.


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  1. Th Power of Trueshot Aura Skill !! scary!!! it buffed all long range attacker he have, become more longer reach, more precise shoot and more heavy damage ahahahaha 😀

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