WOWFRD – Ch 45

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Chapter 45

The Archmage’s Cone of the Cold spell was useless in attacking heavy infantry but the light infantry didn’t have strong armor to withstand the attack. It didn’t take long before a gold light flashed and wrapped itself around the Archmage’s body. Antonidas had reached level 8.

“Excellent.” Xiao Yu added the new skill point to the Archmage’s Ice Barrier, which reached level 3— the maximum. The main role of the Archmage in this battle was to protect himself while killing as many enemies as possible so Xiao Yu was distributing the skill points accordingly.

At the same time, Tyrande shot Searing Arrows that hit two soldiers with shields who wanted to break through the gates of the town.

“First group of riflemen. Pay attention to the direction of the Searing Arrows and shoot!” Xiao Yu commanded. Tyrande’s Searing Arrows was shot in the direction of the enemy magician who was protected by the heavy infantrymen.

Xiao Yu had ordered Tyrande not to delve into killing ordinary enemy soldiers but use her Eagle Eye skill to find the position of enemy mages. Later on, she would use Searing Arrows to hit the infantrymen that protected the mage. The riflemen would know where their target was because of the burning arrows. In addition, Tyrande had another task which was to kill warriors of the enemy. Her shooting was so precise that she could accurately kill enemy warriors that lurked within the crowd. This way she was helping the grunts.

Grunts struggled a bit to fight against the enemy warriors. Tyrande’s help was crucial to them. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had taught grunts a solution to deal with the enemy warriors. Four or five grunts would heave their giant axes at the body of a warrior. This way the warrior would have to dodge and the distance they grunts had to cover to make a move would decrease by a lot. It was the tactic that Xiao Yu had used in his previous life to kill enemy heroes. Although the warriors were powerful they couldn’t withstand 4 or 5 axes smashing down at them. This way, there would always be an opportunity for a grunt to kill the warrior.

The main advantage of the grunts was their tyrannical strength. They didn’t have any good martial arts skill but the explosive force that they could come up with was enough to kill the warriors. In comparison, the warriors had superb martial arts, flexible bodies, and many other advantages that grunts didn’t have.

A rank 1 warrior was basically equal to the level 9 character from the game system. The second-rank warrior were level 10 or more in combat effectiveness. Grom was able to kill a second-rank warrior when he was at level 9 because of his body strength and many powerful skills.

Bang~ Bang~

Bullets shot past and hit the infantry with shields that protected the enemy mage.


Tyrande once again shot Searing Arrows. Two soldiers by the mage fell, revealing a large gap. The bullets shot by the riflemen went through that gap and hit the mage’s body.

Magicians covered their bodies with a magic shield spell, but that shield couldn’t hold up against the intensive shooting done by the riflemen.

100 riflemen would normally shoot at will unless Xiao Yu ordered them to deal with an enemy mage.

At the same time, countless light and heavy infantrymen had come to the gates of the town. They had disregarded their formation and rushed to the gate in scrambles. Their aim was glory, wealth, and beauties.

A formation was useless so the commander let them act the way the infantrymen felt right. Carrie’s commander wasn’t a fool and knew that if the infantrymen attacked randomly the effect of the Glaive Throwers would be minimalized.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

The first two Glaive Throwers shot the blades. Dozens of the soldiers that tried to come through the gate were cut in half. The light infantry was way more an easy target for the blades in comparison to the heavy infantry.

The blades cut through 20 rows of light infantry men and didn’t spare anyone within 50 meters.


Screams echoed out as many of Carrie’s soldiers were scared. They stayed still outside the gates while their minds were at a loss. At the same time the second row of the Glaive Throwers made the shots.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

The rest who were inside the gates were chopped in half.

“Warriors try to jump over the blades and pass through!” Commander of the infantry shouted out.

Indeed, the trajectory of the blades was stable. If a flexible warrior could jump past from the sides then they would be able to bypass the blades thrown from the Glaive Throwers. At the end of the day, the angle of the blades was fixed.

The Glaive Throwers were effective when dealing with crowds. However, their efficiency reduced a lot when only a few warriors rushed past.

Few warriors heard the commander’s order. They ran the past and jumped over the walls to rapidly attack.

Chi~ Chi~

Glaive Throwers once again shot blades. However, this time most of the warriors were able to dodge the blades. Only one warrior was hit and cut in half while the other warriors were able to bypass.

a roar echoed out at the gates of the town. Dust fell down from the roof of the gates. Grom rushed out using Wind Walk and Omnislash. He sliced a warrior directly into two.

Grom was level 10 and was equal in strength to a second-rank warrior who cultivated battle energy (dao qi). It was easy for him to kill a first-rank warrior.

In addition, few other warriors were able to rush towards the Glaive Throwers. The grunts stopped them but at the same time warriors were able to stop the launch of the Glaive Throwers.

The commander saw the opportunity and shouted: “Rush in! The Glaive Throwers won’t launch any blades!”

Countless soldiers rushed into the town gates.

However, when they were almost in front of the Glaive Throwers, two grunts once more launched the blades. The commander issued another order: “Don’t stop! As long as we block the front they won’t be able to use them!”

Soldiers swarmed in as if they were ants. In the blink of an eye, the entire gate was filled with enemy soldiers. At the same time, warriors were interfering with the grunts who tried to use Glaive Throwers. The role of the Glaive Throwers was greatly reduced so Grom commanded grunts to carry back the machines.


Grom issued another roar and his body began to spin around and move forwards.

Ah~ Ah~

Countless soldiers were cut in half by Grom.


This was the skill mastered by Blademasters after reaching level 10. Grom’s execution of this skill was only at level 1 but it was very strong. It was a skill that was most suitable for the large-scale close combat.

Xiao Yu looked forward to seeing the Bladestorm skill appear after Grom leveled up. He believed that Bladestorm would be much more powerful than Whirlwind and that Grom would be able to sweep through the battlefield with that skill.

Grom was wearing a T1 armor set so the swords from the enemies wasn’t a problem for him. He was an unstoppable tiger than had delved into a flock of sheep.

Xiao Yu saw that the Glaive Throwers had lost their effect. He shouted: “Grom push the enemy out of the town gates. The defensive line will be outside!”

In the first wave of attacks, the grunts stayed inside the town so they had heavy casualties. This time, Xiao Yu was planning to change the tactic and push the enemy to the outside of town gates.

Grom heard Xiao Yu’s order and waved towards the grunts to follow up. Grunts roared up as their eyes began to turn red as the berserker skill got activated.


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