WOWFRD – Ch 44

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Chapter 44

A person will do anything while in a state of madness. Carrie was forced into such a situation.

His father had three sons and he was the youngest one. However, Carrie was the most trusted, most powerful and most favored one out of three sons. He was the first successor in line to be the next lord of the territory. Because of his last failure, his elder brothers had taken the opportunity to wantonly attack Carrie’s reputation in his father’s presence. They wanted to inherit the lordship.

Carrie’s father was also furious because of his actions. He thought that his son was too incompetent as he couldn’t capture weak Lion town with 5000 soldiers. Carrie’s mother had pleaded for him otherwise his father would have punished Carrie long ago. In addition, Carrie brought up orcs which suppressed his father’s anger. As a result, his father lent him another 20,000 troops to attack Lion town.

The point of giving Carrie 20,000 troops wasn’t just to attack Lion town but to hone the battle skills of the army. They were living in troubled times and Carrie’s father was planning to expand their territory in this chaotic times.

Carrie’s father never thought that his son would fail to capture Lion town with so many troops, mages, warriors and siege equipment.

Perhaps, the results wouldn’t change even if an experienced general came over to lead the attack. But right now the leader of the army was Carrie and all the responsibility was weighing on his shoulders.

Carrie didn’t dare to go back at this point because he had lost almost 6,000 soldiers out of 20,000 and couldn’t capture Lion town. He knew that no one would say that Xiao Yu was too strong but they will state that Carrie was incompetent. Carrie had to prove himself. He had to take Lion town, get Glaive Throwers, and capture orcs and elves so that his father would forget about the losses he faced.

As a result, Carrie was desperate to capture the Lion town. He almost had 15,000 troops and if he couldn’t win with strategy and tactics then he was going to break into the Lion town with just brute force by relying on a number of troops.

He saw that the siege tactics by using the heavy infantry weren’t of use. The only useful thing that he had at this point was the advantage of having a large number of troops.

“I don’t believe that the orcs are unbeatable! I will use ten times the strength to break through the Lion town!”

Carrie looked at his troops.

“Prepare for the battle! Heavy infantry, light infantry, mages, crossbow users, warriors and everyone else will charge Lion town! Any person who dares to turn back will be killed on spot! Either we take the town or we die in here!” A mage helped to echo Carrie’s voice all over the camp.

“I want victory! Kill those dirty orcs, capture those elves, and take those women as your playthings! You have only one way and that is to charge forward! Kill anyone who resists after you enter the Lion town! Everyone will be free to plunder the town for a full three days and get whatever they want as long as you are able to break into the town!”

Carrie was standing on top of the carriage and waving his sword.


The soldiers were doubtful about the situation but they knew that they had an absolute advantage in terms of numbers. They thought that they would be able to break through the blockade and get into the town. They would be killing right and left as long as they were able to break through!

In this type of battles where enemy made a siege the morale of the defender party would be lost the moment the enemy broke into the town.

Therefore, Carrie’s troops knew that all they have to do is break into the town. Afterward, they would have glory, wealth, slaves, and everything else that they wished for!

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he stood up and whispered: “Carrie is desperate. It seems he can’t go back as he will be severely punished so he is giving his all to capture Lion town. He won’t follow the art of war and will rely on pure numbers to press us… It’s a big trouble…”

At the end of the day, Xiao Yu didn’t have many troops. Moreover, Captain Hui’s troops were useless in a sense. He knew that it would be very difficult to use 1,000 troops to resist at least 10 times the enemy.

Xiao Yu wanted to rely on tactics and stratagems to win. But Carrie was going to brute force his way so Xiao Yu had to hit hard.

“At least he is earnest.” Xiao Yu put down the glass in his hand. He knew that it was time to test grunts in the battlefield.

“Kill~~~” Carrie’s army roared as they began to charge.

“Grunts roar at them!” Xiao Yu commanded. The most important thing in the battlefield was momentum. He had to raise the morale of Lion town.


Five hundred grunts began to roar at the same time. It was as if tens of thousands of wolfs were howling.

No one in the town was able to hear each other’s voice because of the roars of the grunts.

“Launch Demolishers.” Xiao Yu calculated the distance. He had to deal with the catapults of the enemy.


Stones flew up and whistled through the sky. They smashed down.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The people who were in the scope of the smashing stones were mostly killed. Only 1/3 of those were able to survive.

“Aim at the catapult on the left side. Five Demolishers, aim and shoot!” Xiao Yu saw enemy had divided the catapults into two groups. The interval between the two was far. That’s why he used five demolishers to aim at a single catapult. Even if 4 didn’t hit one would.


The stones fell down and smashed both catapult and soldiers pushing it.

“The second group! Aim at the first catapult from the right side. Attack!” Xiao Yu once more commanded.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

This attack was successful in demolishing another catapult. However, the enemy had almost 10 catapults left and they were able to only demolish 2 of them. The soldiers were rapidly pushing the catapults. Xiao Yu knew that once those catapults reached the distance where they were able to attack his army they would be a huge threat to grunts and even the footmen.

“Four Glaive Throwers! Aim at the second catapult from the right side! Shoot!” Xiao Yu issued another command.

He had 10 glaive throwers. Six of them were by the town gates while four of them were on top of the walls.

In fact, both Demolishers and Glaive Throwers were much more effective if they shot from the top of the walls.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

Four blades were shot from the glaive throwers. They whistled through the air.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

One of them hit the catapult and crooked the machine. The other 3 weren’t successful.

The Glaive Thrower’s accuracy wasn’t good in long-range attacks. However, Xiao Yu had used 4 of them so that at least 1 of them would be successful in shooting down the catapult.

If he used only 1 glaive thrower then it may take a long time without even successfully hitting the catapult. Moreover, the other blades didn’t hit the catapult but cut soldiers in half, which was a stirring visual impact on the enemy.

The enemy soldiers had reached the foot of the walls while catapults were used to push towards the town. Some of them rushed towards the gates.

Archers had begun to shoot long ago while the grunts were arranging the Glaive Throwers by the gates so that they would be ready to launch at any moment.

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