WOWFRD – Ch 43

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Chapter 43

Carrie had a total of 1000 heavy infantrymen, which was already a remarkable number for any territory. The main reason being that it was very costly to maintain a troop of heavy cavalry. Although it wasn’t as powerful as heavy cavalry it was a money burning machine.

Carrie lost about 300 heavy infantrymen because of the Demolishers, Glaive Throwers, and riflemen. Moreover, this figure was constantly increasing because of the ongoing onslaught.

Their speed of retreat was very slow because of the heavy armors and shields. In addition, they were retreating in a formation. If the heavy infantry dispersed then the reorganization of the formation would be very difficult. Their movement into formation made their speed much slower. The range of the Demolishers was far so they could hit the heavy infantry from almost at any point.

Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to use Demolishers to deal with light infantry. He let them climb the walls so that archers and grunts dealt with them. The right weapons had to be used in the right place for max efficiency.

“Scatter! Scatter! Release the formation!” The commander of the heavy infantry issued an order as he saw the huge casualties and slow speed that they were facing. Once scattered, the attack of the Demolishers will be limited and the number of casualties would decrease. If they went on with the formation then they were just live targets that were waiting to be stoned to death.

The heavy infantry scattered as soon as they heard the commander’s order. Actually, the front rows of the phalanx were already in a panic and about to scatter any time. It was only the rear of the formation that hadn’t seen the terror of the Glaive Throwers that stayed still.

The commander was quick to issue an order to disperse but by this time more than 400 heavy infantrymen were already killed. Carrie’s face had turned pale as he looked upon the situation. He had fantasized about his heavy infantry breaking through the gates of the Lion town, then capturing the place. But who would have thought that let alone winning the battle, he would lose almost half of his heavy infantry troops in the initial stages of the battle?

“Why the hell did I feed those heavy infantrymen? I have spent so much on training them and they can’t even beat the orcs! I’ll use them as slaves in mine when we get back!” Carrie had lost his noble image and was shouting right and left.

“Young master, the enemy has a strange weapon. It looks like a crossbow but with two big wings. They can launch blades nearly two meters in length and cut the heavy infantrymen in half! Neither shields nor armors can withstand the impact. We will lose more people if we push forward”

A commander from the front line report to Carrie and at the same time waited for Carrie’s instructions.

“Two-meter long blades?! It can cut the heavy infantry into two?! What weapon is that?” There was fear in Carrie’s tone as he had never heard of it.

“Master, I assume it is the Glaive Throwers of the elves. I have seen the picture of this Glaive Thrower in the books. It had two huge wings and can send out a blade. The elves had used these weapons in the war with humans in the past. Some human kingdoms had collected those machines but reproduction was very difficult. I assume, Xiao Yu had elves to craft them to aid him in the battle.” Carrie’s military advisor Dotu whispered the explanation.

“I have heard something similar but have never seen pictures of it. It is said that the glaive thrower is a terrifying weapon on the battlefield. Moreover, the casualties would be more serious the more intensive the formation is. IT is a formation killer!” Carrie’s face was pale than the snow.

Carrie’s army withdrew back because even the heavy infantry had suffered losses. In short time, they had lost 6000 soldiers.


Cheers of victory began to echo from the Lion town as they defeated the first attack of Carrie’s army.

Xiao Yu didn’t have many casualties on his side. There were several grunts who were seriously injured but none was killed. He used healing potions to treat those wounded grunts. The potion was good as it could save anyone as long as they were not dead. It was a level 1 potion so the effects of the treatment weren’t awe-inspiring, but it was good enough to let the wounded person survive.

Xiao Yu thought that it would be priceless if he could have gotten this potion in his previous life.

Xiao Yu hadn’t lost a single warrior but Captain Hui had lost at least dozens of soldiers, who were carried down from the walls. In the end, the main reason of the death of Captain Hui’s soldiers or the injuries to the grunts were the crossbows used by Carrie’s army.

The military crossbows could launch arrows from dozens of meters away. Their threat was very large. The grunts weren’t afraid of close combat as their levels had reached new heights and they had armors. However, crossbows were another matter that couldn’t be avoided. Xiao Yu pondered about a solution to solve this crossbow problem but couldn’t come up with a good method.


The first wave had just finished but Carrie’s army was already planning for the second wave of attacks.

“Master, it was very strange that this Xiao Yu could get so many orcs and elves to help. There has to be a demon that has taken over him. I think we can’t be way too aggressive and should carefully get intelligence from the Lion town before doing a final attack!” Military Advisor Dotu spoke out his mind.

“Are you retarded? I have brought 20,000 soldiers to attack less than 2,000 and ended up with 6,000 losses! How do you think I will explain this to father? The other two brothers of mine already have begun to slander me in front of my father. If I go back this time with a failure then I’ll be facing heavy punishment! My life is now uncertain, let alone me being the successor to our territory!” Carrie’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted around.

Carrie was aware that it was going to be very difficult to win Lion town now. He had brought 20,000 troops but didn’t expect to be screwed so royally.

“But, young master…” Military advisor Dotu tried to talk but was interrupted by Carrie.

“No~ if I go back like this I will fall out of favor. I must win! Moreover, if I take back powerful weapons like the Glaive Throwers then it will be worth it even if I lose 20,000 soldiers. We can work on them and imitate the weapons. Afterward, we will be invincible. That bastard Xiao Yu must have other secrets too… Once I learn them and can control the grunts then I can conquer the world!” Carrie had turned mad. Normally, madness would push a man to ruin and Carrie was in this state. At this point, nothing or no one could change his mind.

He thought that he must defeat Xiao Yu and take over Lion town. He thought that he must learn the secrets of the Glaive Throwers and rule over the orcs! He thought that he could get his chances back in being the first heir even if he lost 20,000 troops; he had to win!

“Inform the army! We will launch a total attack half an hour later! There won’t be any reserves at the back. The infantry, mages, warriors, catapults… Everything and everyone will participate in the attack!”

Carrie fiercely clenched his fists. His knuckles began to crack as a crazy determination shone in his eyes.


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  1. How many troops does this city have? Him talking about brothers I feel like another bigger army is coming after he dies.

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