WOWFRD – Ch 42

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Chapter 42

Chi~ Chi~

A strange sound echoed out. It was as if metal was slicing through metal. The infantrymen felt extremely uncomfortable listening to the sound. However, everything happened too fast and they couldn’t grasp what was happening.

But, the infantrymen stopped moving forward as soon as the sound stopped. The eyes of the infantrymen on the front row had extreme fright expressed in them. It was as if they had seen ghosts in the daylight. Their eyeballs almost protruded out of their sockets.

Their intuition told that their bodies were totally different now. It was as if they had lost something but couldn’t understand what they had lost.

Afterward, they felt their bodies turn light and fall to the front. Moreover, they felt as if their waists stayed in the same place. It was just their upper body that fell down.

Ah~ Ah~

Screams echoed through the gates as if the infantrymen saw the devil. The front row, which was made up of 10 infantrymen, was cut into two. Only two infantrymen were spared and the reason was that the blades weren’t wide enough to cover the whole 10 men formation.

However, the formation lost its role because of the loss. The soldiers that were on the ground began to howl in a tragic manner. The infantrymen lost their morale to fight as they saw the scene in front of them.

Most of the soldiers that go into the battlefield only think about taking enemy’s life and achieve glory. Rarely will a soldier imagine that they might be killed on the battlefield. However, the nerves of the soldiers collapsed the moment they see the tragic death in front of them.

Slicing a person into two from the waist up was a brutal punishment in the ancient times. Most of the important organs for a human to survive are in the upper body. That’s why when the person is sliced into two that person stays alive and conscious for a good time before death.

The infantrymen on the back rows saw what had happened to their companions. The image was left in their minds. Some of them went through a mental breakdown as they knew that the next to be cut were them.

The battlefield is always bloody but you would rarely see such a massacre. At most, the head of the soldier would be chopped off and the person would die on the spot.

In addition, the heavy infantrymen would never think that they would be cut through their waist because of their heavy armors and shields. Even a powerful warrior who cultivated battle energy would face difficulties had he wanted to cut off a heavy infantryman.

But the Glaive Throwers could accomplish it very easily.

The armors and shields of the heavy infantry were very thick but it was relative to the armor of the light infantry. If the armor and shields were made of full of iron then few would be able to move on the battlefield.

Their shields were very strong but were not made of iron. If it had been made of iron then it would weight around 300 to 400 kilograms. You need to have herculean strength to move with them, let alone fighting against an enemy.

The shields of the heavy infantry were in fact made out of wood. The surface of the shields was inlaid with metal and copper nails that conventional weapons couldn’t break through— but Glaive Throwers weren’t conventional weapons.

The blades were able to slice through the first row and pierce the waists of the infantrymen on the second row. The blades couldn’t cut through the waists of the second row of the infantrymen but the painful howls of those men were much worse than the ones that were completely cut.

They didn’t have time to recover as grunts rapidly put the second blades onto the Glaive Throwers.

Chi~ Chi~

The same sounds echoed again as two more rows of heavy infantrymen were cut off from their waists.

In less than three second, the third shot was made from the Glaive Throwers.

Xiao Yu had positioned six Glaive Throwers in the town gates. As a result, they had three rows of 2 Glaive Throwers. The grunts would immediately take the Glaive Throwers and pull them back to refill their blade while the other two prepared to make their shots. It was a fast and intensive way to bombard the heavy infantrymen.

The blades flew out and cut the infantrymen into a variety of shapes. The blood and internal organs splashed out and sprinkled all over the place.

The heavy infantrymen were panicking. They knew that if they went forward they would face death.

The gates were narrow so there was no place to run to hide. The armors and shields couldn’t resist the blades. So they could only shout in panic and try to retreat.

The mage in the formation could be a threat to the Glaive Thrower, but mage needed protection from the front so that he had the time to chant the spell.

The mage saw the infantrymen in front of him fall down. He was panicking too and couldn’t chant the magic spell.

The only thing that echoed in the minds of the heavy infantry was— “retreat!” They wanted to get away from this terrifying weapon that didn’t belong to this world, but hell.

“It won’t be so easy to run away.” Xiao Yu looked at the infantrymen with a satisfied smile on his face. The Glaive Throwers were excellent weapons!

“Use the Demolishers.” Xiao Yu waved and the peons and slaves from the Black Iron Tribe began to adjust the demolishers.

Heavy infantry could defend from sword attack but not from rocks thrown at them. Even their helmets would turn flat when the rocks hit their heads.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Countless rocks fell down. The heavy infantrymen by the gates had become live targets. Because of the phalanx formation, they couldn’t dodge nor resist the rocks. Countless infantrymen fell down to never stand up again.

The infantrymen had thought that they would face orcs. If they really had fought against orcs then they would cut through them like a knife into butter. But Xiao Yu was no fool; he wouldn’t face them with grunts. He understood the plan and acted accordingly. He knew that most of his grunts had reached level 3, and some of them were even at level 4. But it would be very difficult for their giant axes to smash through their shields or armor. Moreover, when ten shields were used in a formation to protect the ones on the side the difficulty of passing through such a formation was at least doubled. That’s why Xiao Yu knew that he would suffer heavy losses if he used the Spartan approach to deal with the heavy infantry.

The point was that Xiao Yu didn’t plan on using grunts to deal with the heavy infantry since the start. Who would play a game he knew he would lose?

It wouldn’t be a problem if a grunt faced a single heavy infantryman on the battlefield. The grunts could rely on their strength to kill them. However, a formation made by the infantrymen was a different thing, so Xiao Yu had no intention of letting grunts fight the other side. He had played World of Warcraft and knew that he had to restrain the arms of the enemy.

Originally, it would indeed had been very difficult to deal with the heavy infantry. He would need magicians to attack with fire and use explosions to split the formation. However, his Archmage wasn’t good with fire but ice. Cone of the Cold wasn’t good enough to pierce the armors of the heavy infantry yet.

The Glaive Throwers and Demolishers were the weapons that solved his problem.

“First group! Shoot! Second group! Prepare! Shoot!” Xiao Yu ordered the riflemen who were focused by the gate to shoot at the enemy. He had divided the dwarves into 4 groups of 25. They would shoot in intervals. Although the bullets weren’t as good as fire magic but achieved the effect that he wanted. The armor of the heavy infantry was very thick. Some places could block bullets (iron balls in this case) but some places were weak and couldn’t stop them.

Because of intensive shooting, the bullets would often hit these weak places in the armor and end up taking the lives of enemies.

Glaive Throwers, Demolishers, and riflemen… This three long-ranged firepower combination was enough to finish Carrie’s heavy infantrymen.

“Too boring… He only has this much of ability and dares to mess with me.” Xiao Yu sat in his chair and continued to drink the red wine.

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  1. Thank u very much for the steady updates… i am really looking forward to the future updates. I probably check five or six times to see if there is a new release each day.

    1. It is a modern man of 20 years he is not accustomed to kill, it can be contradictory because its sends to kill but it avoids if it cand do it. Gain massive experiencie with the armies equally.

  2. Thanks for the chapter :3
    Go for for it Xiao Yu, conquerer the sister-in…. I mean, conquer Carrie’s army!

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