WOWFRD – Ch 41

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Chapter 41

“Kill …” The first soldiers from Carrie’s side to reach the top of the ladder was a rank 1 warrior. Moreover, the man wasn’t just an ordinary rank 1 warrior but a late stage one.

Carrie had scattered at least two warriors into every light infantry phalanx. He believed that they would be able to break through the wall guardians with their strength.

Xiao Yu snorted at the approach taken by Carrie. If Carrie had concentrated all the warriors in a single phalanx then perhaps they could pose a threat to Xiao Yu. However, he had separated these warriors. In this case, the grunts were more than capable of killing them. The grunts would be able to handle rank 1 warrior as long as they hadn’t reached rank 2. In short, three grunts would be easily able to kill an early stage or middle-stage rank 1 warrior.

The reason Xiao Yu had chosen orcs as his first base was the strength of the grunts. In this era of the cold weapons, there aren’t any race better than orcs. Neither elves nor humans have the advantages the orcs had at the initial stage of development.

In addition, he had footmen now. They could do formation with their shields and easily suppress first-rank warriors. The battle on top of the walls this time wasn’t much different from the last time. Although the number of soldiers that Carrie had brought was much more Xiao Yu had doubled his army in quantity too.

Last time. Xiao Yu had only 200 grunts defending the town walls and he didn’t even have footmen. This time he had 500 grunts, 100 footmen, 100 elven hunters that come back and forth to support the wall. Carrie wouldn’t be able to win unless he brought 5 times the force he had now.

In the blink of an eye, the flesh and blood of dying soldiers sprayed on top of the walls. The grunts were stimulated by these scenes as their berserk skill activated. They would smash down the soldiers that wanted to get on top of the walls.

The Archers and the Archmage continued to kill the soldiers that attacked the town. They hid behind footmen who used their shields to protect them.

Archmage was using his Cone of the Cold— an excellent skill in such a defensive warfare. The fiercer Carrie’s army rushed forward more serious casualties they had.

Normally, Carrie’s army should have focused on killing the Archmage first. Carrie had to send at least few soldiers and two warriors were to kill the Archmage.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had deployed about ten footmen and ten grunts to act as the Archmage’s bodyguards. He knew that he couldn’t lose his Archmage at all costs. Moreover, Xiao Yu himself was standing not far from the Archmage. He had learned a few skills of the blademaster so he would be able to stand his own against one or two warriors without a problem.

In addition, Xiao Yu had forged a long sword for himself that could better show the skills of the blademaster. The style of the long sword was taken from the Tang swords from his past life.

The Archmage reached level 7 after a bit of time. Xiao Yu immediately added the skill point to the Archmage’s Ice Barrier skill. The skill reached to level 2, raising the survival chances of the Archmage.

The battle for the wall was bloody and tragic. Carrie’s army suffered heavy losses. Xiao Yu’s side suffered losses too but it wasn’t that serious. Carrie’s soldiers used military crossbows while climbing the ladders but the top of the walls was protected by the footmen with shields. The grunts were behind footmen by a step or two. As a result, even though the enemy soldiers used crossbows they couldn’t take successful shots.

The elven archers were positioned even further back behind the grunts. Xiao Yu had given the command for them to shoot soldiers on the ground. They didn’t have to shoot soldiers that were at the foot of the walls or the ones who climbed up. He had let the grunts to deal with them.

Carrie was furious as he looked at the battlefield. He issued another order: “Continue attacking! Advance rapidly, I want the walls! If they can’t take the walls then I’ll make them slaves once we get back.”

Carrie’s line of sight turned towards the heavy infantry after issuing such a harsh order. The heavy infantry phalanx was about ten meters away from the gates.

At the start when Xiao Yu opened the gates Carrie thought that Xiao Yu was planning to surrender. Now, he was aware that Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to surrender but the town gates were still open wide. What was he planning to do?

The phalanx of the heavy infantry had mages hidden inside their square form as well as a battering ram too. Carrie thought that Xiao Yu was afraid that they would be able to break the town gates anyway so Xiao Yu depended on orcs as the last line of defense.

The Spartan defense method used by Xiao Yu had left a deep impression on Carrie so he planned to crush those orcs this time.

“Idiot! Last time I didn’t have heavy infantry so I couldn’t break through the gates! Do you think that I will be afraid of your orcs this time? I’ve read a lot of books and trained heavy infantry to fight against the orcs. We have done countless exercises to specifically deal with the orcs. You are still going to use the same strategy! Hah~ Wait and see how I will slaughter all your orcs!”

The commander of the heavy infantry looked at the open gates of the town. His heart was full of doubts: the enemy had seen that the heavy infantry was slowly moving towards the gates but they were still open. Why?

Are they really confident that their orcs could break through our heavy infantry formation?

History has proved that a formation of 100 heavy infantry can annihilate 100 orcs who were brave but didn’t understand any battle formation.

Boom~ Boom~

The heavy infantry phalanx moved step by step.

“Get ready.” The commander shouted loudly. They had trained for the last month and they were finally going to test their exercises in a real live battle.

The heavy infantrymen issue war cries as they raised their heavy shields. The shield protected them from their knees to the neck. Moreover, the heavy infantry men were standing side by side. As a result, the shield of the next soldier was protecting the body of the previous and so on.

They were planning to use this formation to break through the orc formation.

The first row of the heavy infantry men had swords to resist the orcs. The latter rows had spears and military crossbows. They would shoot arrows and throw spears while the first row protected the formation. The infantry men from the back rows would be able to kill all the orcs as long as the first row was able to protect the formation. The phalanx slowly moved towards the gate. In addition, they had a mage hidden inside the rows and he would use spells to kill the orcs faster.

Originally, they would have been right but today they would face a different result because the commander that they were facing was Xiao Yu.

Beast 1 had a treacherous smile expressed on his face when the heavy infantry entered the town gates.

Orcs were an honest, stubborn, and naive race. However, these grunts had followed Xiao Yu since their birth. They had seen their master act despicable, treacherous, and evil all the way so they had learned everything from Xiao Yu. Especially, the first grunt that was produced, Beast 1, was the smartest out of them all; he had learned almost everything from Xiao Yu.

Normally, the grunts produced by the system had no feelings and acted like robots. Their minds were blank like newborn babies. They knew nothing but fighting. That’s why like newborn babies they learned everything from their parents as they spend most of their times with their parents.

Xiao Yu was the sole parent to these orcs. They had learned and copied his words and habits.

“Get ready!” Beast 1 shouted.

The grunts separated to the sides and two huge machines with wings appeared behind them.

The commander of the heavy infantry felt a bad feeling the moment he saw the strange machine.

The ensuing event would prove that his instincts weren’t wrong. The two wings of the machine opened up and a crescent shaped blade appeared.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~

Two strange sounds echoed as huge silver blades flew out, whistling in the air.

The blades that were thrown were so fast that they couldn’t be detected by the naked eyes. The heavy infantry men had never seen such weapons before.


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