WOWFRD – Ch 40

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Chapter 40

Xiao Yu was able to kill almost 2,000 soldiers from the enemy side with a small trick. Carrie’s face was gloomy as he looked at the battlefield. He had thought that it would be very easy to get Lion town with 20,000 soldiers and now he had faced such a major loss. Xiao Yu was too mean and too shameless in Carrie’s perspective.

“Use the catapults to suppress his archers!” Carrie was planning to use catapults a bit later on according to his original plan. However, he was angry at his losses and Xiao Yu’s insult so he ordered the catapults to enter the battle ahead of time.

The soldiers responsible for the catapults began to push them towards the walls. They would begin to attack the moment they covered some distance. The catapults were normally used to shoot from walls or other high terrain. In Carrie’s case, he was planning to suppress and kill archers so his army had to push the catapults close to Lion town’s walls so that the stones could reach the higher ground.

Carrie had only ordinary catapults. If he had catapults that supported projectiles blessed with magic then both the reach and power of the catapults would be greater.

Xiao Yu saw Carrie’s side begin to push forward the catapults. He immediately waved his hands and the ten Demolishers’ trajectory were adjusted towards the four catapults from the enemy side.

“Prepare! Shoot!” Xiao Yu was personally commanding the Demolishers.

Hundreds of rocks flew from the walls and flashed forward towards the enemy catapults like a meteor fall.


The sounds of flying rocks echoed out. It was as if countless locusts were flying at the same time.

“What the hell is that?” The soldiers responsible for the catapults looked up in a daze. They didn’t have time to respond. The moment they recovered the rocks were already above their heads. The distribution of rocks was wide so there was no place to dodge nor hide.

Xiao Yu was aware that the catapults used by Carrie and his Demolishers were in absolutely different leagues. Carrie had distributed several catapults into different phalanxes to make sure that they would be able to suppress the archers on the walls. However, Xiao Yu’s aim wasn’t to kill heavy infantry but to focus on suppression of the catapults of the enemy. Xiao Yu was aware that heavy weapons of your own had to be used to suppress heavy weapons of the enemy. It was the difference in thought between a modern man and a man from middle-ages.

Xiao Yu had already seen that Carrie had brought 20 catapults with him. He was aware that if the catapults got close enough then they would cause great damage to the elven archers on top of the walls.

He saw his elven archers as his babies and he would die of heartache if those babies who had reached level 3 died in front of his eyes.

Therefore, Xiao Yu decided to eliminate the heavy weapons before they got into the range to become a headache for him. It was like seeing that the enemy had artillery then deciding to break those machines apart so that you got into the dominant position on the battlefield.

Xiao Yu planned to break those catapults apart so that they couldn’t pose threat to his troops.

Xiao Yu had tested the Demolishers in terms of distance and power and was very satisfied with the results. He had absolute confidence that the Demolishers on top of the walls would be able to suppress any powerful siege equipment brought by Carrie.

There weren’t many equipment that were better than the Orcish Demolishers in this era. Xiao Yu was occupying the high terrain which was already an advantage.

The only problem that Xiao Yu was facing was accuracy. The accuracy of the Demolishers was about plus-minus ten meters from the target. That’s why Xiao Yu had decided to solve the accuracy issue by using two techniques. First, he was planning to use a few Demolishers to attack one catapult. This way even if one didn’t hit the catapult one other should. The second idea that he came up with was having multiple small rocks instead of one large rock. He had about 7 or 8 pieces of 30 or 40-kilogram rocks per Demolisher shot instead of 1 single 200-300 kilogram rock.

As a result, even if the error of the shots was great, one or two stone would always hit the target because of intensive strikes.

Sure enough, those 30 or 40-kilogram rocks didn’t just hit the catapults but also smashed the soldiers pushing them forward into meat pieces. In a blink of an eye, four enemy catapults had turned into a pile of debris.

“Hahaha! Good, Demolishers are the best. Although they are expensive they are cost-effective!”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he was very satisfied with the result of the Demolishers’ first shots.

In this short amount of time, which was less than ten seconds, the slaves from the Black Iron Tribe and Peons had already filled the Demolishers and they were ready for the second attack.

Xiao Yu had brought peons to participate in this battle. Xiao Yu had planned to use peons as warriors. Although peons weren’t as powerful as grunts they had the physical advantage of humans. However, Xiao Yu gave up the idea when he tested the combat capabilities of the peons. Even the elven archers were better than the peons. In short, peons were meant for labor. Their participation in the battle would end up taking their lives.

They looked tall and big but an elite human soldier could easily kill them. As a result, Xiao Yu thought maybe he could use them in logistics and labor.

They couldn’t fight but they could move rocks, carry the Demolishers, and so on. They had great strength so instead of having to have two grunts to move a Demolisher Xiao Yu used a few peons for the same task.

“Switch targets! Prepare! Shoot!” Xiao Yu shouted.


The rocks were like meteorites as they flew up and down towards another 5 catapults. In the blink of an eye, five more catapults of the enemy had turned into wood that would only be useful as fuel for a fire.

These series of Demolisher attack had shocked the ignorant army of Carrie. They thought that Xiao Yu had a high-level mage by his side who could release a meteorite spell! They thought that Xiao Yu had at least a rank 5 or rank 6 mage.

The other soldiers who were controlling other catapults didn’t dare to move forward because of this. However, Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to easily let go of them. He continued with the same strategy and demolished another 6 of Carrie’s catapults.

Carrie had brought more than 20 catapults but he had lost more than half of them in a matter of seconds.

“What’s happening? Do they have a rank 6 mage?” Carrie’s eyes almost protruded out of their sockets as he watched his catapults and soldiers turn into meat pieces.

At the same time, the light infantry had already reached the town walls. They used ladders to begin to attack the walls of the town.

Carrie had promised a huge reward for the first man to step onto the walls of the town so the light infantry rushed forward without thinking about anything else.

They had seen some stuff roar past by their heads but the battlefield was chaotic and they didn’t have time to think about anything else. The light infantry would only block arrows and push forward.

Hundreds of footmen used their shields to protect themselves from the crossbowmen as grunts stood behind them waiting for the arrival of Carrie’s army.

Likewise, Carrie’s heavy infantry gradually got closer to the open gates of the town. The arrows shot by the elves weren’t even directed at them. Xiao Yu knew that it was a waste of arrows to shoot at heavy infantry. That’s why he ordered archers to focus on light infantry instead.

“Get ready to receive the enemy!” Captain Hui shouted out as he saw Carrie’s soldiers begin to climb the wall.

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