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Chapter 4

“Finally level 2.” Xiao Yu’s mood was excellent. He made blademaster to immediately learn the second skill.

“Learn Omnislash.” Xiao Yu ordered. At the same time, the new skill appeared in Blademaster’s statistics bar.

Omnislash (Level 1): A powerful chopping attack which results in 80 points of damage in addition to damage by the weapon. Consumption of 10 grudge points. The cooling time of 10 seconds.

The attributes of the Blademaster changed after reaching level 2.

Blademaster Statistics

Name:    Grom Hellscream

Race:    Orc

Level:    2


Strength:    22

Agility:    34

Endurance:    27

Skills (already learned):    Wind Walk (level 1), Omnislash (level 1)

Remaining skill points:

Xiao Yu looked at the changes in Grom’s attributes. The strength, agility, and stamina had increased by 2 points, 4 points, and 2 points respectively. It was the promotion that came up with level up.

“The basic attributes are up and Grom has learned Omnislash. The problem that we faced with a lack of attack strength has been solved.” Xiao Yu was looking forward to seeing Omnislash in action. It was a true attacking skill in comparison to just blindly slashing and waving around.

However, Grom’s sword was bad and lacking. Xiao Yu knew that the sword at best had either 8 or 9 attacking power.

He knew that he had to quickly build the blacksmith shop and improve the level of Grom’s sword.

A cheetah rushed from distance. Xiao Yu immediately used Wind Walk to hide and let Grom deal with the creature.

Xiao Yu was too fragile at this stage to fight against a beast. That’s why the Wind Walk was a handy life-saving skill.

It seemed that Grom was also eager to try the Omnislash skill. It launched the wind walk and rushed towards the direction cheetah was coming from. It leaped up and slashed with its sword.


The sound of a sharp wave whistled before the sword connected with cheetah’s neck. The beast issued a howl. However, the sword slashed through and made a huge cut. Cheetah’s head swayed towards the side as its neck was almost cut in half. It died on spot.

“The Omnislash is really strong! Ha ha ha …” Xiao Yu immediately ran towards the dead cheetah. He saw the deep wound on cheetah’s neck close hand. They had encountered Cheetahs before but it went through some twists and turns before Grom was able to kill them. However, now Grom could do with a slash of his sword.

Xiao Yu ordered Grom to attack the tree nearby. The sword smoothly cut the tree. Xiao Yu was very satisfied when he saw the strength of the Omnislash.

Blademaster had learned a new skill which meant that Xiao Yu could also learn it. He used the skill point to learn Omnislash.

The Omnislash didn’t play much a role with Xiao Yu. His physical fitness was weak, his attributes were low and he didn’t know a thing about swordsmanship.

Grom was able to cut a thick tree while Xiao Yu was able to cut off a branch as big as a child’s arm. The Omnislash was able to show its power when the user had the strength to back it up.

Xiao Yu wasn’t greedy so he decided to go back to the base when he saw that the sky was getting dark.

Grom needed almost 2000 experience points to rise from level 2 to 3. Xiao Yu was aware that it would get difficult to upgrade from level to level as the status of the warriors and weapons increased.

However, if he could get Grom from level 2 to 3 then he could make Grom learn the Critical Strike. It would make Grom much more powerful.

Xiao Yu was surprised to find that the orc warriors were produced when they got back to the base. All of them were two meters tall, had green skin and sharp fangs. They were standing by the door of the barracks. All ten of them cried and saluted Xiao Yu: “Master.”

Xiao Yu was satisfied with the performance of the orc warriors. They were very loyal to Xiao Yu. The orc warriors were slightly shorter than Grom but much stronger than a human. Each of them was as wide as two Xiao Yu’s put together. Their arm was thicker than Xiao Yu’s thigh. He knew that each of them had explosive power. A slap in the face from an orc warrior would make Xiao Yu fly away.

Xiao Yu imagined the role of orc warriors on the battlefield. Conservatively speaking one orc would be easily able to fight against three regular human soldiers.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was unsatisfied with the rusty axes that the orc soldiers used as weapons. Moreover, they had no armor and looked like they came from a remote rural tribe.

Xiao Yu knew that he must have blacksmith shop to support his army with armor and weapons.

Xiao Yu felt like he had a lot of warriors but he understood that those ten wouldn’t be much of a help against an army.

According to Xiao Yu’s understanding, Carrie’s father’s territory wasn’t small. They had a regular army of 20000. Although they would not bring all of them they would at least take 1000 soldiers with them. Xiao Yu had about four or five hundred soldiers in the town. Even if he brought the orc warriors he still couldn’t win the battle.

Orc warriors were powerful but they can fight against three, maybe even four or five soldiers at most. But one orc soldier can’t go head to head against dozens or hundreds.

Xiao Yu calculated and came to decision that he needed at least four or five hundred orc warriors. He would be able to beat Carrier with the help of soldiers from the town.

But four or five hundred orc warriors meant 40000 or 50000 gold coins.

Where am I going to find that many gold coins?

Moreover, he had to build burrows to solve the food problem of the orcs. Burrows will cost him too.

Fortunately, Xiao Yu had asked and found out that orcs and peons can live inside the burrow. This way he doesn’t need to provide food to them as the game system will do it instead.

Otherwise, it was impossible to provide to such big guys with food on an everyday basis.

“I’ll have to go back and see how many gold coins I have in the town. It is a massive territory so there has to be a little bit of savings. I can get more orc warriors to resist Carrie as long as there are forty or fifty thousand gold coins.” Xiao Yu decided on the action plan. He ordered Grom and ten orc warriors to stay in the base and protect it while he returned back to the town on a horse.

Xiao Yu quickly returned back to the town. However, the gates of the castle were closed because it was night time.

“Open the door, open the door! The Lord hasn’t come back yet and you have closed the gates!” Xiao Yu shouted.

The soldiers standing on top saw Xiao Yu and opened the gate for him to enter. Housekeeper Hong had ordered the soldiers to close the gates early as he knew that Carrie may lead troops over.

Xiao Yu went back to his own home and looked at the little maidservant: “Call over uncle Hong.”

The little girl was cleaning the room. She was told that Xiao Yu may not come back today so she wasn’t expecting him.

She put down the job in her hand and ran out to call Xiao Hong.

Xiao Yu walked back and forth in the room in rapid pace as he pondered about the orc base.

He had a base but the situation wasn’t optimistic. There were many things to do in order to stabilize the situation.

Gold was the most important thing at this point. He could develop his base quickly with money. He was looking for Xiao Hong for gold too.

Housekeeper Hong came in after a while: “Master, what are you orders?”

In Xiao Hong’s perspective Xiao Yu had gone out for good and he didn’t expect Xiao Yu to come back.

Xiao Yu looked at the gray hair on housekeeper Hong. The housekeeper’s eyes were muddy. Xiao Yu knew that the housekeeper was operating and running the territory with his whole heart.

Cough~ Cough~~ Xiao Yu saw that there was no anger in housekeeper Hong’s eyes. According to his own memories old Xiao Yu, the prodigal son, had come up with lots of excuses to get money from the old housekeeper. Moreover, he had spent it all.

“Uncle Hong, you know that we are facing a huge crisis at the moment. I’m the person who had created this trouble but I’m thinking of ways to make up for it. Carrie will send people to fight us and I’m planning to hire some mercenaries to defend the territory. So…” Xiao Yu had to do something. He couldn’t rely on strength of his territory but he was penniless too.

As a result, he had to find the old housekeeper for money. Xiao Yu felt guilty when he looked at the worn dress the old housekeeper was wearing. He knew that territory didn’t have much money. However, as a housekeeper, old Hong wouldn’t be wearing clothes like this if he used a bit of money.

Surprisingly, the old housekeeper didn’t nag or try to say anything. He just nodded but there was despair in his eyes. Old Hong sighed and went out.

It wasn’t long before housekeeper Hong came back with few heavy bags in his hands.

“These are the last savings of the territory. I have taken a part and divided into five for the five ladies. The rest is in here. I and Hui have followed after master for a long time. We will follow the Lord’s will and stay in here.” Old Hong looked at Xiao Yu. He said the Lord but Xiao Yu was aware that old Hong was referring to Xiao Yu’s father Xiao Zhan Tian.

Housekeeper’s words meant that there was no hope for the territory and most probably they had begun to demobilize the personnel. Housekeeper thought that Xiao Yu came back for money. He had left in hurry without money.

“This … Uncle Hong, please, believe me. I have found a way to save the territory. Don’t let sisters-in0law to leave. I will beat Carrie.” Xiao Yu looked at the sad eyes of the housekeeper. He had a base and after a certain period of time, he would be able to develop it.

Housekeeper nodded and bowed: “Master, this old slave will leave now.” Xiao Hong left the room.

Xiao Yu helplessly sighed after Xiao Hong left. All of them thought that there was no hope for the territory.

“Damn it! This prodigal son had left a mess for me to clean up!” Even Xiao Yu itched to give lessons to previous Xiao Yu.

Afterward, he poured out all the gold coins and began to count them. He wanted to develop the base as quick as he could.

Xiao Yu found out that there were more than four thousand but less than five thousand gold coins.

He could get 40 orc warriors for four thousand gold coins. However, that many soldiers would have a limited role in the battle.

“Damn it! Money… Ah… I have to have money for everything…” Xiao Yu knew that he had never been in such an embarrassing situation.

During the old life, he spent most of his money on the game. He lived a frugal life without worries or problems. But now he needed lots of money but didn’t know how to make it.

“Where can I get money?” Xiao Yu couldn’t sleep. He walked back and forth in the room until early morning. He laid on the bed for a while.

Xiao Yu got up very early, took few bags of gold and went out of the town.

Housekeeper Hong was silently looked at Xiao Yu from distance. He didn’t say anything. Old Hong went to the hall and saw ladies of the house there.

“Ladies you must leave! It’s not too late if you go now.” Captain Hui was trying to persuade Xiao Yu’s five sisters-in-law to leave.

“Let them go. I am already part of Xiao family. I have nowhere to go and it’s not a big deal to die in here. We have to let fourth and fifth sisters go. They are still young and its pity to stay in here.” Xiao Yu’s eldest sister-in-law QiYin said.

“Do I look like a prodigal son? I don’t want to go. I’m going to stay in here until the end. Let fifth sister go. Carrie is interested in fifth sister and we can’t let her fall into his hands.” Xiao Yu’s fourth sister-in-law said.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll commit suicide even if that Carrie is successful at robbing me. I won’t corrupt Xiao family’s name.” Xiao Yu’s fifth sister-in-law Siwen said.

“Don’t act so brave. How am I going to face the dead lord if something happens to you all?” Captain Hui was in a dilemma.

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  1. Interesting concept, a bit like Hail the king, hopefully this isn’t going to be translated super slow like HTK or abandoned early on like many other novels.

  2. Kinda remind me of the first arch of Otherworldly Evil Monarch. The MC is a ex-debauchee! I woder if the friendly Orcs will get some Cjaracter development in the future

  3. This is interesting! Very nice. I like this guy, he knows that he’s been playing games too much, and he’s generally not a know-it-all. I hope it stays that way, and that he stays a decent human being really. And don’t molest your sisters-in-law, please 🙂

  4. His base is near the mountains! Mountains means minerals and precious ones! Dig in there you game addict dupe!

  5. This is a amateurish novel without any deep settings. A bit rushed and ‘useful’ interactions between characters are pretty inexistent. I’m a bit disappointed but will keep reading several chapters more to see if there have any improvements.

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