WOWFRD – Ch 39

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Chapter 39

Carrie wasn’t planning on speaking nonsense with Xiao Yu like the last time. So he waved his hand to gesture the commander at the front to structure the formation according to the drills they trained in before they left.

Last time, Xiao Yu had showed him his middle finger which had destabilized Carrie’s mood. He didn’t want to waste any time now and capture the town as soon as possible. He couldn’t wait to step on Xiao Yu and vent his anger.

His 20,000 soldiers were divided into ten phalanxes. Carrie had learned his lesson from the last fiasco. He knew that his territory hadn’t gone to war for a long time so the combat effectiveness of his troops was low. However, this time he had trained them for a month and they had carried out a lot of tactics and strategies before coming to the Lion town.


The infantry began to move and form the phalanxes. The sounds echoing after their footsteps were like music that pressured the hearts of their enemy and increased their own morale.

Captain Hui’s soldiers would have wet their underwear by now if it wasn’t for the Xiao Yu who had eased the mood before Carrie’s army came. Xiao Yu showed disdain towards the enemy which made the normal soldiers believe in victory.

The enemy troops were about 400 meters away from the town walls. The infantry that held onto the ladders began to accelerate their speed and run towards the walls. Carrie had chosen a simple and practical formation.

The gates of the town would be attacked by heavy infantry who were using a battering ram. They would break through the gates and the troops following them up would enter the town to strike. There was another battering ram that was pushed by the troops behind them. It would be used in case the first battering ram was destroyed. In addition, a mage was hidden inside the infantry and would give them support as they attempted to break through the gates.

Light infantry covered heavy infantry from both sides. They were armed with shields to protect the troops from arrows. In addition, the shield would be used as they climbed the ladders.

About ten ladders were carried by light infantry from both rights and left sides. They had gone through many drills to make sure that the ladders wouldn’t fall off when they acted in real battle.

In addition, there were about 20 catapults pushed by the soldiers behind the first phalanx. Each catapult was able to launch a heavy stone up to 400 meters. It would be used to suppress the archers of the town.

Carrie had spared no effort for this battle. They only had 10 catapults in their territory so he had borrowed another 10 from other territories.

Ordinary soldiers wouldn’t be able to shoot arrows to the top of the town walls that were high up but catapults accomplish this feat easily. In addition, last time the enemy archer had wounded and disabled Carrie’s archer so he was deliberately going to use catapults to suppress all the archers.

In the second phalanx, both sides were covered by light infantrymen also— but in the middle there were heavy infantrymen equipped with military crossbows. They would be able to suppress the archers on top as the normal soldiers tried to climb the ladder.

Xiao Yu praised the luxurious lineup. Let alone Lion town, Xiao Yu thought that Carrie could capture the capital of the principality of Wei with such troops.

Unfortunately, Carrie had met Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he sipped from a glass of red wine.

“Open the gates.” Xiao Yu ordered.

The grunts began to immediately open the gates. Captain Hui was surprised: “Master, what are you doing? Do you want to surrender? Why would you open the town gates now?”

Xiao Yu replied: “It’s a good day. Why would I surrender? Uncle Hui you just wait and see….you will see soon.”

The grunts directly opened the gates according to Xiao Yu’s orders. The gates rumbled to the sides; Lion town looked like an undefended town. Carrie’s army was about 300 meters away from the town when the gates opened. Both commanders and soldiers alike were dumbfounded and stunned as they witnessed the strange scene. What happened? Does the enemy want to surrender?

The speed of the soldiers slowed down, eventually coming to a stop. The commanders didn’t know what to do so they ordered the soldiers to stand in formation. They were waiting for Carrie’s commands.

The momentum of Carrie’s army was messed up by Xiao Yu’s move. All the soldiers stood still at 300 meters away from the walls as they waited for Carrie’s orders.

Carrie began to laugh when he saw the scene. He thought that Xiao Yu was planning to surrender. He was delighted.

“Xiao Yu, are you going to surrender? If you surrender now, I will let you live and become my slave. I will let you watch every day while I play around with your sisters-in-law…hahaha!”

Carrie stood up. He was feeling as if the whole world was bowing at his feet.

Xiao Yu sipped from the glass of red wine. He gestured at Grom; the hero raised a huge wood carving. The wood was carved to resemble a clenched fist… but one finger was stretching out. The middle finger.

Xiao Yu ordered Grom to point it up.

“Bastard!” Carrie smashed down the jug in his hand in anger.

“Attack! I want you to capture him alive! I want to see his face as we ravage all the women of the Lion town! The first person who enters the Lion town will enjoy one of Xiao Yu’s sister-in-law. “Carrie screamed as if he was a madman not a noble.

Xiao Yu sat back on his chair like a real gentleman. It was as if he had nothing to do with the middle finger.

“Charge!” The commanders of the phalanxes shouted. The army began to move once again. However, they had entered the range of the archers.

All the bows of the elf archers had been replaced. Now, they could reach the distance of 200 meters. They were standing on top of the walls so their range was more than that. In addition, Tyrande’s Trueshot Aura helped them in terms of strength and range of their attacks.

The arrows whistled through the air and fell down like rain. All the enemy soldiers that entered a range of 300 meters became their targets.

The range of the riflemen was much farther. However, their accuracy was very poor.

Normally, the hit rate of the archers lowers when the enemy begins an assault. A moving target wasn’t a good target to shoot. Moreover, they would be able to reach the walls and use ladders in no more than in a minute. However, their momentum was broken. The second charge was a totally different issue. Everyone knew about the gap in starting speed and peak speed.

Arrows sprinkled down from the air. The soldiers that were killed began to hinder the ones coming after them.

Originally, they would have reached the walls within a minute. However, that time frame was increased by several times. The archers were able to make dozens of shots during that time-frame.

The archers were deadly. The riflemen also intensively shot at the enemy. The enemy soldiers had to pray to their god to stay alive.

Anyway, by the time the phalanxes reached the town walls the first column of the phalanxes was dead. The commanders had to send the second column to attack.

It was a huge blow to the morale of Carrie’s forces as they watched a whole row of infantrymen die even before reaching the town.

The psychological tactics used by Xiao Yu was successful.

“The enemy was ten times their size as many as millions attacked the Qin. The Qin opened the gates but the enemy didn’t dare to…”

Xiao Yu whispered his musings of the Qin theory of Jia Yi: “The experience and tactics of the ancients are useful. I opened the gates but they didn’t dare to move forward.”

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