WOWFRD – Ch 380

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A direct shot!

Everyone was cheering but Reilas wasn’t enjoying the situation. He understood that gorloc leader won’t be such an easy target the second time. Moreover, he had used a lot of strength but couldn’t fatally injury the gorloc leader which was a proof that the enemy was tough.

Reilas had endless supply of mana because of water from the sun well so he didn’t even fear the dragon. However, the gorloc leader was like an impassable mountain that stood in front of him.

The gorloc leader had superb defense, attack power and intelligence. If it weren’t for all three parties working together then any single party from the alliance would have already turned into the gorloc leader’s food.

Nicholas had joined forces with the other 2 groups because he had expected to meet such a foe. Nevertheless, such an enemy wasn’t in his expectations.

Anyhow, the gorloc leader was injured which was an encouragement for everyone else. Now people knew that the gorloc leader could be damaged and even killed if enough effort was put into action.

The little dragon didn’t want to let go of the opportunity when it saw the gorloc leader get wounded. It waved the nunchaku’s and rushed towards the gorloc leader. Little dragon’s usage of the nunchaku’s had improved a lot because of constant use. Xiao Yu even wanted to surname the little dragon as Lee.

Nevertheless, the gorloc leader was quite angered when it saw the dragon rush towards itself: “A small dragon.. Do you think that I, your father, can be bullied so easily?”

Reilas’s magic attack had injured him badly, which had made it furious. As a sixth-rank powerhouse the gorloc leader had its own dignity which couldn’t be violated by ants. The strength was a criteria that divided both humans and monsters into categories.

The dragon’s were proud race because of the immense power and strength they held. The gorloc leader had been living the swamps for a long time and was a strong entity. No one had dared to provoke it and now these puny ants had injured it.

The gorloc leader’s eyes narrowed as a faint green light began to cover its body.

“HaHa! He is getting angry.. Check out my nunchakus!” The dragon shouted to agitate the gorloc leader. The nunchaku’s aim was gorloc leader’s chest as it was the wounded part. However, the recovery rate of the gorloc leader was awe inspiring.

The nunchakus swayed towards the injury but the gorloc leader’s body disappeared from the little dragon’s vision. The next moment, the gorloc leader appeared by dragon’s side. It’s huge claws smashed at the dragon. The dragon was caught in an unexpected situation. It didn’t expect that the gorloc leader could act so fast.

The dragon was still too young and inexperienced. It thought that the gorloc leader was a bit stronger than itself.

Baaang. Little dragon’s body flew out. It used its limbs to grab from the ground while using feets to balance its body and stop.

The dragon roared in fury and wanted to rush back.

“Dragon! Don’t get agitated! You aren’t his opponent! Have you forgotten what I told you? Safety first! You will lose if you act on emotions!” Xiao Yu quickly shouted. Only god knew what the little dragon would do if it got angry…

It was possible that the gorloc leader would seize the opportunity to kill the dragon if it rushed towards the gorloc leader in fury. After all, the gorloc leader was much stronger than the little dragon.

The little dragon wasn’t willing to stop. It was a noble dragon and how could it endure the provocation of the enemy? However, it had lived with Xiao Yu for a long time and a thick-face because of long-term influence of Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu had always taught it that keeping “face” was the most useless thing.

The little dragon played with the nunchakus as it stayed in the sidelines and waited for another opportunity to attack the gorloc leader.

Xiao Yu nodded when it saw the dragon’s reaction. He turned towards the main arena to check the battle progress. He didn’t care much as most of his fighters were long-range support characters and only Grom was in the front.

The others began to act more careful and cautiously when they saw the dragon get beaten back easily by the gorloc leader.

“Grom! Get revenge for me! Kick his ass!” The dragon shouted.

Grom simply ignored the dragon as he cooperated with the scythe wielder to attack the gorloc leader.

The gorloc leader saw that the dragon wasn’t going to attack so he focused on Reilas. After all, Reilas was the only potential equal to him in the battlefield at the moment. Of course, attacks from Tyrande, Kael’thas and the other fifth-rank mage were powerful. However, he could deal with them later on as Reilas was bigger threat to its health.

In addition, the gorloc leader was always very careful against the human mages. It was aware that human mages were formidable and most of them had powerful treasures with them. Furthermore, the fearless expression on Nicholas’s face made gorloc leader think that the kid had a trump card that could threaten its life.

It had to be noted that the gorloc leader had lived for so long not just because of its strength but intelligence.

The gorloc leader smiled as its huge body moved in a rapid manner towards the blood elf patriarch. It’s speed had increased by leaps and bounds. At the moment, no one could block it except the dragon. The shield wielding swordsman rushed over to block and entangle the gorloc leader but he couldn’t even touch it. He found out that one moment the gorloc leader was within his periphery and the next moment it had disappeared.

The shield wielding swordsman turned back to see that gorloc leader had already passed by him and was about 50-60 feet away from Reilas. The patriarch of the blood elves began to quickly chant a spell when he saw the gorloc leader move. He waved his hands over his chest as a beast similar to a lion appeared over his body.

The lion had yet to form but it roared as it looked at the gorloc leader. There was firm confidence in gorloc leader’s eyes as it believed the next moment it was going to either kill or heavily injure Reilas.

10 feet more…!

However, the blood lion materialized in front of Reilas. In addition, two drops of blood were extracted from his finger and joined the beast’s body. The blood lion looked more like a real beast rather than a magically made one. At the same time, the gorloc leader’s huge feet was already on air trying to smash down and kill the blood elf patriarch in one go. Reilas’s composition was calm but his hands moved much faster. He shouted out as blood lion grew in size and was equal to gorloc leader mass.


The roar of the blood lion shook the sky. The gorloc leader saw that there was a blood lion of enormous size in front of it. So its plan of smashing the blood elf patriarch into a meat paste was disintegrated at the last moment. Nevertheless, it had to keep up its offense. Instead of smashing the blood lion the gorloc leader used its huge claws to attack it. Ball of light went out from its mouth to cover its body too.

Blood lion didn’t seem to care about the gorloc leader’s attack. It’s front paws and mouth welcomed the attack of the enemy.

The gorloc leader was stunned as the summoned beast wanted to fight against a powerhouse such as itself.



The gorloc leader’s claws penetrated through the blood lion’s chest and it grabbed and picked up the beast.

The blood lion was huge but its weight wasn’t heavy. However, it still useds its front paws and rear legs to attack the gorloc leader. In addition, it was Reilas who was controlling the blood lion.

Ahhh.. The gorloc leader shouted out as it let go of the blood lion. The attacks (kicks and scratches) from the lion lion were concentrated on its chest which still had a wound. As a result, the gorloc leader let go of the blood lion and receded back.

The blood lion’s body was made out of mana so its size decreased by quite a bit after the attack of the gorloc leader. However, it still stood in front of the blood elf patriarch in an imposing manner and protected Reilas against the gorloc leader. It would rush out to attack as long as gorloc leader moved out.

Everyone began to cheer once again. However, no one was able to see the slight tremble of Reilas’s body. The actions of the blood lion had already cost him a lot. He had used two drops of blood essence which was very important for him. It would take long time to recover that. Moreover, there was no infinity supply of blood essence.

“Interesting.. It seems I gotta pay more attention to this Reilas in the future!” Xiao Yu murmured. He knew that he would be facing Nicholas as an enemy in the future. Presently, he could understand Nicholas’s strength by observing the battle. Actually, everything was into his benefit.

Reilas didn’t seem to be gorloc leader’s opponent but at the moment it seemed that Reilas was the only one who could compete with the gorloc leader. Everyone else seemed just like an ant to the gorloc leader.

The gorloc leader was pushed back under the hands of Reilas once again which made him more furious. However, this time he calmed itself. He was planning next round of offense.

According to the gorloc leader, all these humans were ants. They were weak. But when these weak ants came together they were able to turn into a strong entity that could threaten itself. The gorloc leader understood it but it didn’t have too many trump cards…

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  1. Aww, reached the end. Thank you for translating this far. Hope the fighting will stop soon and we can get some good dialogue.

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