WOWFRD – Ch 38

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Chapter 38

Everyone in Lion town felt that they were going through the calm before the storm. If they were able to resist the storm then they would go through the rainy day and see a beautiful rainbow.

Xiao Yu’s warriors had reached 1000 strong in this period of time. Xiao Yu sighed in relief since the combat effectiveness of his troops would weaken if there weren’t enough warriors produced by the time of the battle.

He looked at the 500 grunts, 100 footmen, 200 archers, 100 hunters and 100 riflemen. Xiao Yu was full of confidence as his eyes swept over his troops.

Xiao Yu ordered Grom, Tyrande, and Antonidas to lead the Warriors into the depth of the Angaken Mountains to kill demonic beasts and upgraded the levels of the new warriors.

Xiao Yu knew that the new warriors had to be baptized by war to gain experience.

Xiao Yu knew that it was hard to use new grunts to fight small bandit groups. However, in the case of grunts, they leveled up then they were able to sweep through bandits without any damage. Moreover, the intelligence of the warriors increased with constant battles and fights. Strength upgrade was important but intelligence was much more influential in battle. He didn’t want to have robots that would be destroyed by tricks of humans. He wanted to have warriors that could think and react according to the situation instead of blindly charging forward.

As a result, he decided to send the Warriors into the mountains for training and to gain experience.

The spies sent by Captain Hui reported that Carrie would begin the large-scale attack in four days. Everyone was relieved to know the date of the attack as they were mentally suffering by blindly waiting for the enemy’s charge.

Xiao Yu recalled all the warriors back to the Lion town. In addition, he sent hunters to investigate and send feedback regarding the position of the enemy.

Xiao Yu’s fourth sister-in-law Suesha was still wearing her armor and planned to participate in the war. Xiao Yu asked Captain Hui to secretly send people to protect her.

Carrie was coming with 20,000 troops— a much larger number compared to last time. People knew about the facts but they hoped that their Lord will create another miracle with the orcs and elves to destroy the enemy.

After 4 days, the hunters reported that Carrie’s army had left their base. Xiao Yu had given snacks and wine to the soldiers on the wall so they could relax until the battle begins.

Captain Hui was against Xiao Yu’s idea about providing soldiers with wine as it would affect their morale before the battle. Xiao Yu didn’t insist on his decision. Instead, he began to train grunts in playing chess to develop their intelligence. He wanted them to be able to think for themselves and become real orcs and elves rather than robots that could only follow his orders.

It was a fun game that even the regular soldiers joined to play. The rude and blunt grunts held pieces with their huge fingers as they shook their heads and pondered their next move.

“You can’t do that! How can you take back a move you’ve already played? Master, this one is shameless and trying to cheat!” Beast 18 loudly protested against Beast 50’s behavior and asked Xiao Yu to make the judgment.

“Play fair and act like gentlemen.” Xiao Yu said as he sat in his chair. He held a history book in one hand while holding a glass of red wine with the other. Tyrande and Antonidas were also drinking wine and playing Go as they sat by the table next to Xiao Yu.

Originally, the soldiers of the Lion town were nervous when they heard that Carrie was coming with a troop of 20,000 soldiers. However, their mood relaxed when they saw Xiao Yu eat and drink at ease as if he would win without a problem.

Some soldiers didn’t dare to come over because in fear of Captain Hui but quietly watched the game from the side. Clever soldiers quickly understood the rules of the chess and often told the stupid orcs which move they should make.


Everyone was feeling as if they were in banquet when a loud noise echoed. Afterward, the sounds of trumpets began to echo all around.

Carrie’s army had finally arrived.

“Come on! The enemies are here. We will pay another time.” Beast 7 shouted.

“I’m already winning this game. Don’t play that trick with me. If we stop now then it means my win.” Beast 21 responded.

Xiao Yu wasn’t anxious. He had about 1000 warriors and could easily arrange a formation to fend off the enemies by putting Warriors into the queue. In addition, he had ordered all the hunters to stay within the town. Most of the hunters had reached level 2 while some of them were level 3. The ones who had reached level 3 have mastered a skill called Moon Glaive. Once activated, they would throw a glaive that would act like a boomerang and come back after hitting the enemy.

Xiao Yu envied the hunters and this skill. He had liked to play with boomerangs in his childhood but was never able to get one to come back after throwing it out.

Carrie was sitting in a luxurious carriage in the distance. His eyes were gloomy while his military advisor Dotu stood by his side in silence.

“Xiao Yu let’s see if you will be able to resist my army this time! I’ll make sure that you would regret being born!” Carrie’s fingers over pressured the amber glass in his hand; the glass was crushed.

The army of 20,000 walked in an orderly manner. They were arranged in neat rows. The soldiers had a tacit understanding of each other after a month of training. They were full of confidence as they thought that this time they would be able to crush Lion town.

In addition, Carrie had promised a lot of rewards to soldiers who conducts feats in this battle. For example, the person who enters Lion town first would enjoy three days of plunder of the town on his own. There were also other huge varied rewards.

Carrie understood that the rewards must be so because then the soldiers would be determined to face death! In his perspective, those rewards were worth it as long as he captured Xiao Yu.

He looked at his troops who were standing like tides. Carrie had at least 20 times the number of Xiao Yu’s— he didn’t believe that Xiao Yu could overcome his numbers this time.


The heavy infantry stampeded the ground. Their movement had a rhythm that didn’t even need the help of drums to increase the morale of the infantry.

“Orcs? Who cares about them? We have mages and warriors! Moreover, we have cavalry too! We will kill these orcs and cut off their heads! It will be proof of our glory! We will show off those skulls once we get back!”

The soldiers didn’t fear orcs but were eager for the battle. They were not untrained bandits. All of them had gone through strict training and had sophisticated armor and weapons. Moreover, they had the advantage of the numbers. If orcs were so powerful then why were they extinct?

Carrie’s army stopped about thousand steps away from Lion town after half an hours march.

His soldiers began to shout war cries! The voice of 20,000 soldiers was too strong. It showed that they had confidence in taking Lion town.

The soldiers began to take their positions. The attack would start soon.


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  1. Wonder where the chess and go game sets come from? I guess they just whoosh… appeared out of thin air ^_^

    Don’t tell me the game system is also selling chess and go game sets too lol……..

      1. Hell, he probably could have just given 100 newly release slaves the drawings and had them all carve it out. It’s not like he’s short on people anymore.

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