WOWFRD – Ch 379

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The gorloc leader had relied on its flexible body and physical strength to resist all the attacks until now. But everyone understood that it was going to counterattack.

The gorloc leader’s huge tail slammed towards the Lei brothers as it avoided Grom and scythe wielder’s attacks. Brothers were behind the gorloc leader’s back ready to attack it when the tail smashed at them.

Baang… Both brothers were thrown away after the collision. The ground was slippery so they were able to stop after a long distance.

It had to be noted that the battle was happening in the swamps and every place was simply a hidden trap for the humans. A careless step would end up taking someone’s life.

Lei Gong was able to stop himself but it took him a bit to break away his legs from the muddy ground. He was angered and embarrassed because of the gorloc leader. This old bastard had acted against them first.

Moreover, he understood that the gorloc leader had already groped their battle styles. It was just playing around with them.

“Second brother! Let’s get real.. This old thing is playing with us!” Lei Gong shouted.

The second brother shouted in anger and rushed towards his elder brother’s side. Both of them turned into flashes as they ran towards the gorloc leader once again.

This time they were going to give their all!

Duo attacked the gorloc leader several times but the gorloc leader used various methods to block or avoid their moves. Duo’s attack power was very powerful and the gorloc leader knew that it could get hurt greatly if their attacks succeeded.

Grom and scythe wielder were quite depressed. Their attacks were successful but they couldn’t penetrate through the thick skin and flesh of the gorloc leader. At the moment, they looked like small fries in comparison to the gorloc leader.

A sixth-rank monster was indeed a powerful beast. Even Grom’s attack wasn’t able to damage it.

Xiao Yu was quite jealous of the gorloc leader. It was obvious that gorloc leader was much stronger than all of the attackers. However, it didn’t rely on its absolute power to kill them but slowly observed tactics and battle styles of everyone. Afterwards, it relied on using similar tactics to block or defeat the opponents. It was clear that the gorloc leader didn’t want to rely on brute force which meant that the gorloc leader’s intelligence was on a level similar to a cunning human.

It was a terrifying opponent.

The swordsman who used a shield rushed over to attack too. He tried many times but it seemed like he had entered a cycle which he couldn’t break through.

The mages, Naga and Tyrande stood still and didn’t made a move yet. They were waiting for an opportunity. It was a pity that gorloc leader was focused on them too. He would open its mouth and a ball of light would cover its body to resist the attacks.

The gorloc leader had yet to receive any fatal blows since the beginning of the battle.

“Dragon! It’s your turn now! Go! But remember, your own safety is the most important thing!” Xiao Yu shouted. He knew that he had to add forces to the attacking side or the gorloc leader would get into counterattack.

Actually, Xiao Yu had a different plan in his mind. He had air force, which the others lacked. It meant that he was the one with the best possibilities to ran away faster than others. He had already made some preparations in advance.

At this point, it was clear that they had underestimated the gorloc leader’s strength. All of them together didn’t seem to be comparable to the sixth-rank monster in strength.

The core hound was wounded by the spatial storm so Xiao Yu hadn’t faced it at its best condition. As a result, Xiao Yu was looking down at sixth-rank monsters…

The dragon roared and flied out. It smiled as its huge wings spread out as it rushed towards the gorloc leader. Dragon had followed Xiao Yu for a long time and knew how to tease others. It was a fourh-rank dragon which meant that its intelligence was high too.

Originally, the little dragon enjoyed head on confrontation with enemies. It wanted to collide with the gorloc leader first to estimate enemy’s strength. After all, as a dragon it had to make sure who was much stronger! At the end of a day, dragon belonged to proud dragon race which was the most powerful one in the continent.

Baangg… Both monsters smashed together like two comets. Huge energy wave swept away towards all sides.

Both dragon and the gorloc leader flew out. The gorloc leader was much bigger than the dragon in size. It stopped after a few steps. However, dragon flew out for tens of meters before coming to a stop.

The dragon was a fourth-rank beast so it was quite weak in comparison to a sixth-rank gorloc leader.

“Motherfucker! Why are you so heavy?” The dragon grinned from ear to ear. It was injured and it wasn’t a light injury. The gorloc leader’s sturdiness was beyond its comprehension and expectation. However, the little dragon was used to such injurues. Xiao Yu had made it attack an iron wall day after day to harden its body and scales. Therefore, the injury wasn’t fatal.

Moreover, the injury stimulated the dragon’s will to fight.

“Motherfucker… I’ll show you the power of my nunchakus!” The dragon took out the nunchakus from the spatial ring as it cussed at the gorloc leader.

The gorloc leader had seen the nunchaku’s when the dragon had used it against the giant gorloc. However, the gorloc leader felt that it was still a dangerous weapon and was quite cautious.

The gorloc leader hadn’t left the Sunset Swamps for many years. “What has the world turned into? Since when the dragons are using weapons?” The gorloc leader murmured.

The nunchaku’s were king of weapons when it came to close combat. In addition, the strength of the attacks couldn’t be described in words because of the size of the dragon’s nunchakus. Even the whistling sound echoing when the dragon swayed the nunchaku’s made the scalps of people tingle.

Would the gorloc leader be alright if it was hit by the nunchakus? The gorloc leader wasn’t going to act arrogant even if it was a sixth-rank powerhouse. It knew the consequences it had to face if it was directly hit by that weapon!

The gorloc leader’s eyes slightly narrowed. In an instant, its huge body rushed out. It had decided to take the initiative to attack. Both of its huge claws moved against to attack the dragon’s nunchakus. However, after a few clashes the gorloc leader felt that its claws were getting hurt. It had been more than hundred years since it had felt its bones feel pain.

The gorloc leader’s strength was two levels higher than the dragon’s but the nunchaku’s were making up for the gap.

Xiao Yu felt proud as he watched the battle. He had planned the right path for the little dragon.

The gorloc leader’s tail wasn’t idle either. It was swaying right and left from time to time and prevent the attacks of the people who wanted to sneak attack it. It wasn’t a duel of gentlemen so it wasn’t going to only focus on its battle with the dragon. It was aware that the others wouldn’t let pass such an opportunity when the gorloc leader’s attention was focused on the dragon.

The gorloc leader was able to dodge or escape the long-range attacks from mages and archers. However, from time to time it would rely on its powerful body to protect itself.

The dragon knew that Kael’thas and Tyrande weren’t newbies. So their accuracy was quite high. It was aware that their attacks would always find the right gap and hit the gorloc leader so the dragon wasn’t worried about getting damaged by their attacks.

Reilas, the blood elf patriarch, had watched the battle for a long time. Finally, he couldn’t withstand the stalemate. The blood elves could enhance the power of their magic by adding their blood to the spell. Their blood was able to attract and fuse with magical elements due to their inherent physique. It could be said that the magic elements were integrated into their blood and genes.

The attack power of their spells could be increased dramatically if they added their blood to it. It was a taboo for the blood elves to use such a method but the blood elves weren’t angels that followed the right path.

Reilas understood that he was the main power in this battle to face the sixth-rank powerhouse. He had been reluctant to fight the giant gorloc earlier on to preserve his strength. Moreover, he hadn’t moved yet to observe and understand the enemy. He wanted to know the weaknesses of the gorloc leader to make a precise and powerful attack.

Reilas, stepped forward. He raised his hands and crossed them on. The air within a mile close to him got distorted. Red gleams similar to blood drops appeared here and there.

Xiao Yu also focused on the blood elf patriarch. He wanted to learn as much as he could about the blood elf patriarch’s strength. He knew more about the strength of the blood elves that used the sun well than anyone else.

Reilas quickly chanted a spell and the air above him condensed into shining blood red ball. His hands slightly trembled as the ball formed. It was obvious that it took a lot for Reilas to form the blood ball.

“I’m using my blood to strengthen the ball.. Blood Arrow! Smash through the skies!” Reilas’s words echoed out. The blood ball shook and twisted. A drop of blood flew out of Reilas’s finger and joined the ball which was turning into an arrow shape.

“The Blood Arrow!” Reilas shouted as he pointed at the gorloc leader.

The gorloc leader was always on alert against everyone. It was aware that Reilas was a sixth-rank magician and knew that in addition to the dragon it had to be aware of the Reilas.

The Blood Arrow shot out and the gorloc leader moved away. It used both claws to hit away the nunchaku’s with great strength and ran away to avoid the blood arrow. However, it seemed as if the blood arrow could feel the gorloc leader shift its location.

“It can track me? But how? When?” The gorloc leader felt the danger from the blood arrow. However, it knew that for such a thing to track it, Reilas had to somehow touch him. However, it had never been in contact with Reilas. The thing was that the gorloc leader wasn’t aware that Reilas could control the blood arrow from distance. He could change its trajectory as long as the enemy was within his field of vision. It was a unique ability which few blood elves had. The only way to avoid this attack was to destroy the Blood Arrow or hide away from Reilas.

The gorloc leader moved towards three different locations but couldn’t escape from the blood arrow. After all, the little dragon was also chasing after it and there wasn’t much room to dodge both of them.

The space itself trembled as the blood arrow moved around. The gorloc leader increased its defense to the maximum as it opened its mouth and light ball came out to cover its body.

Booooomm…. Rumbllleee…

A loud explosion occurred. Everyone was quietly waiting for the final result. It was the first time when two sixth-rank powerhouses had faced each other.

The dust that had floated out settled after a while. Everyone could see a deep black hole on the gorloc leader’s chest.


It was injured!

” Kill him!”

Everyone shouted out! They had been bearing the stale situation for long time. Finally, the gorloc leader was injured!

The gorloc leader was coldly looking at Reilas. It wasn’t in hurry to counterattack.

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