WOWFRD – Ch 378

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The battle between the four giant gorlocs and the alliance came to an end while ordinary troops and gorlocs were fighting here and there.

“Wonderful… Wonderful performance. Good.. Any tricks left?” The gorloc leader laughed. It’s laugh sounded like gongs and drums in the ears of others.

Xiao yu, Nicholas and Leonardo were terrified in their hearts. The fear they had towards the gorloc leader had increased. They were aware that the gorloc leader was a real sixth-rank powerhouse and it was the only one left. Xiao Yu and rest didn’t care for the other gorlocs as they weren’t an issue in their eyes.

All three of them had enough strength to compete against a sixth-rank powerhouse even if the gorloc leader was apeak sixth-rank monster. However, it seemed as if this old monster was relying on something that was mysterious to all three of them. Nevertheless, they had reached a point where there was nothing they could do. The only way was to move forward.

“Did you show all your tricks? If its so then let’s not waste any more time.” The gorloc leader spoke in a cold tone. It’s body rushed out before even his voice stopped echoing.


Leaves, dust and even nearby gorlocs were blown away the moment gorloc leader moved.

A real sixth-rank monster! This was the momentum of a real sixth-rank beast!

Reilas who was by Nicholas’s side was also a sixth-rank powerhouse. However, the water from the sunwell supported the power he held. He could use the strength of a sixth-rank mage but he had to pay a huge price to do so. As a result, his strength wasn’t stable.

“Everyone get ready to fight! All out! Kill this old monster!” Nicholas’s voice was calm. It was as if he wasn’t facing a sixth-rank monster but a small child.

“Kill!” Everyone shouted out. Their fighting spirit had reached peak state too as all of them had reached the current point. (similar to saying – they have been through a lot)

Moreover, even a sixth-rank powerhouse couldn’t handle lots of fifth-rank powerhouses! In addition, none of the humans were ordinary warriors or mages but each with their specific skills and spells. Sometimes quantitative changes could bring qualitative changes. Now, the best they could do was to perfect their formations so that they could even kill few dragons if they faced them let alone a lone sixth-rank beast.

Three sides were facing the gorloc leader. All of them looking at it as if wanting to pierce it into parts and drink its blood.

Nicholas sent out brother duo, Reilas and the warrior who used sword and shield.

Leonardo sent out Old Dao, scythe using warrior and a fifth-rank mage.

“Grom! Tyrande! Kael’thas! Naga! You four will be the first to join the battle!” Xiao Yu measured the strength of enemy and friends and decided to send these four.

It was the safest choice he could come up with. Grom was a hero who was agile. He was flexible in the battlefield. As a result, even if he couldn’t fight head on the gorloc leader at least he would be able to avoid the attacks from the monster.

Tyrande and Kael’thas were the main force supporting Xiao Yu’s long-range attack type troops at the moment. They were still away from the actual close combat (melee?) so they didn’t face head on risks.

Xiao Yu’s most interesting choice was to send off Naga the Sea Witch. At her current level, Naga couldn’t even damage gorloc leader let alone deal with it. At best her attacks could tickle the gorloc leader. However, there was a simple reason behind Xiao Yu’s logic. They were in Sunset Swamps and Naga was an amphibious hero who had much better survival chance in this terrain. This way she would be involved in the battle and get experience through it. Even a small part of the total experience points would be enough to Naga as the opponent was a sixth-rank monster! Xiao Yu wanted to raise her strength as soon as possible and he would be quite happy if she reached 40th level or fifth-rank sooner.

The others were kept as reserve forces so that the adjustments could be made as the battle continued on. The problem was that they didn’t know what skills and capabilities the gorloc leader had!

“Small bugs trying to attack me? HaHa.. Do you think all of you together will be able to beat me? NAÏVE! Are you underestimating a sixth-rank powerhouse?” The gorloc leader spoke with a tone full of disdain. Several fifth-rank warriors and mages had come to fight the leader. But it had already observed them and knew about their skills and capabilities.

“Motherfucker! What the heck do you think of yourself? Few of them are more than enough to deal with you!” Xiao Yu spoke up to support the mental strength of the warriors and mages.

The gorloc leader laughed out loud before moving forward. The starting act of the war was made.

The sword and shield wielding warrior rushed out without fear as if he was facing a third or fourth-rank warrior not a sixth-rank powerhouse.

Grom and scythe wielder moved from right and left. Both of them were agile fighters and they were familiar with their combat styles. Even though they hadn’t cooperated before they were able to work well with each other.

Brother duo didn’t move forward but stood still. They were waiting for a suitable opportunity to injure the gorloc leader. (ps. It is explained in this chapter that Lei GONG and Lei Mo are the names of brothers. The hammer and awl brothers J )

Leonardo’s mage, Reilas, Tyrande, Kael’thas and Naga stood afar and began to make their own moves. They would attack once the close combat fighters began to entangle the gorloc leader.

After a few steps, the gorloc leader stood still. It didn’t moved but looked coldly towards the warriors that rushed at it.

Grom, scythe wielder and shield bearer arrived in front of gorloc leader almost at the same time. The shield bearer used his shield and heavy sword to attack gorloc leader’s right leg.

The plan was to disable the movement of the gorloc leader and then the mages would bomb it.

However, as a sixth-rank powerhouse the gorloc leader swiftly moved its leg and avoided the shield bearer’s attack. Grom and scythe wielder’s attacks followed closely after. The surpising thing was that the skill used by the scythe wielder was similar to Blademaster’s Bladestorm skill but a weaker version.

Two whirlwinds slashed forward gorloc leader from left and right. The gorloc leader jumped up and reached about five or six meters height. This way it was able to escape both attacks.

The attack strength of the blademaster was very powerful. The strength was generated by the continuous rotation until the attack reached the enemy. The only problem was that it couldn’t move in vertical direction, upwards.

Lei Gong and Lei Mu who were standing still a moment ago disappeared. The next moment, they appeared above the gorloc leader’s head.

However, it seemed as if the gorloc leader had anticipated their move. It’s huge claws moved upwards with a huge momentum. The brothers would be heavily injured if they continued on with their attack.

The trick used by brothers was useful against giant gorlocs but the gorloc leader was of a different mould.

Brothers gave up on following the attack. The awl and hammer collided with each others and the brothers used the reaction force to jump away.

Gorloc leader looked at everyone with disdain. Is this all?

However, the gorloc leader’s face changed. It opened its mouth and a light glow went out to cover its body. A group of magicians had seized the opportunity and tried to attack it. All kinds of magic spells rushed at it as they smashed into a light halo around the gorloc leader.

The first magic attack dissipated.

At the moment, everyone was aware that the gorloc leader was very strong. Moreover, it wasn’t just only about strength but it was calm too.

Additionally, Reilas or other fifth-rank mage weren’t able to get an advantage against the gorloc leader which was illustrative of schemes and strength of the gorloc leader.

However, if one attack didn’t work then they would go with second, third, fourth and so on.

In a time frame that took dozens of breath both sides collided more than seven or eight times. Each time, the human warriors and mages used different methods and tactics to cooperate with each other.

“Fuck.. Why is it so difficult?” Xiao Yu muttered between his lips. He felt as if something was staring at them from a distance and waiting for the right opportunity to kill them all…

The battle paused for a moment then it went turned more rapid. Grom, scythe wielder, duo of brothers were like rays of lights as they moved around gorloc leader’s body. From time to time they would attack the gorloc leader and leave a scar on its body. However, the regenerative abilities of the gorloc leader was much more powerful in comparison to the previous giant gorlocs.

It was an unexpected sight. The gorloc leader was strong and they couldn’t land a strong enough blow to even hurt it. The humans would be in a serious danger if this continued on.

Moreover, the entire formation would be disrupted as long as one of the attacking warriors or mages was hurt.

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