WOWFRD – Ch 377

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The giant gorlocs were all pseudo sixth-rank monsters but 3 of them were killed. The gorloc leader hadn’t expected such a result. After all, there weren’t many who could threaten the giant gorlocs except few powerful ones in the human side.

But reality dictated otherwise. It wasn’t just about the strength but cooperation between humans was good enough to kill the 3 giant gorlocs. The eyes of the gorloc leader narrowed a bit as if he had understood something. He turned to look at the last giant gorloc standing in the battlefield. The gorloc leader continued to observe without taking an action.

The 4th giant gorloc was in a miserable condition. He hadn’t had a break since the start of the battle. Moreover, he was surrounded by strong warriors and mages from all three troops of the alliance.

Leah and Kael’thas were fightin it. Leonardo’s magicians were chanting spells one after another. Moreover, there was a mid-level fifth-rank warrior who was using a scythe to continuously attack the monster.

Nicholas’s warrior was harassing it without a stop too.

The giant gorloc was in miserable situation because of cooperation of the 5 main people involved in attack. There was an accidental injury to minor characters once in a while but overall the situation was in human side’s control.

“Hurry up! We can’t wait anymore!”Xiao Yu shouted out. He was confused because he couldn’t understand the reason behind the calmness of the gorloc leader.

Why hadn’t the gorloc leader acted? Why didn’t it support its own minions?

Xiao Yu wouldn’t stand still if someone killed his heroes or warriors. Therefore, he wanted the 4th giant gorloc die as soon as possible so that they could focus on the gorloc leader.

The five were already used to each other’s battle styles so they knew what to do. Moreover, they resolved to kill the last giant gorloc as soon as possible after Xiao Yu’s words.

The first to act was Kael’thas. He summoned the phoenix whose body was much bigger in comparison to before and its speed was much faster. It’s tweak echoed out as it rushed towards the giant gorloc. Some weak warriors had to hold their ears because of the echoing tweak. (is it tweak or tweet for phoenix?)

Another mage was already using Imprison and Stun magic on giant gorloc. The effect wasn’t big but it was enough to create opportunities to the others to injure the giant gorloc. Leah was hidden in shadows as she appeared by the feet of the giant gorloc once in a while and attacked its tail, stomach or other parts. She annoyed the giant gorloc like a mosquito would annoy a human.

The other warrior who wielded scythe began to attack the giant gorloc like a tank leaving wounds on its body after each attack. The scythe had become red because of gorloc’s blood as if it was covered in blood red paint.

Lastly, the warrior who wielded sword and shield entangled the giant gorloc and restrained its movement. The warrior didn’t care about the other’s attack but focused on his own position to block the giant gorloc. It was as if he had nothing to do with attacking but defense.

The others who watched the battle were quite surprised. Normally, the people who didn’t seem like a threat to others were making the enemy suffer at the moment.


The giant gorloc was very depressed. It wanted to break out but as a result Kael’thas used this chance to shoot a fireball into its open mouth. The fireball exploded inside its mouth making it to suffer pain.

The giant gorloc was like a cockroach which had been cornered. It decided to make a desperate attempt to break through the entanglement. Otherwise, it was going to die anyway.

Kael’thas and the other magician were too far away from it for the giant gorloc to attack them. It couldn’t reach them. That’s why it jumped up while swaying its tail. The two warriors close to him wouldn’t be able to harm it this way.

It looked like a stupid move but was quite useful. Leah and scythe warrior couldn’t get close to it this way as they had to wait for the right opportunity. As for the shield and sword wielding warrior, he could only stop the giant gorloc.

Kael’thas smiled with a disdainful expression because of giant gorloc’s move. IT didn’t matter how much giant gorloc moved its tail as it was useless against a magician. Kael’thas ordered the phoenix to get close to the giant gorloc. This was he could use high temperature to pressure the giant gorloc. However, the giant gorloc, unexpectedly, slapped the phoenix. The phoenix’s size reduced as it turned into an egg and would be resurrected later on.

“Idiots! It’s leg! Attack its legs!” Xiao Yu shouted out. Each time the gorloc moved it would create dust around. The ground would tremble!

Tyrande who had been watching from far away took out a shade arrow and aimed at the giant gorloc’s right ankle.


The shade arrow flashed past and pierced into the giant gorloc’s leg. It’s defense were strong and the nerves were underdeveloped so the giant gorloc couldn’t feel much pain. Nevertheless, the injuries on such scale weren’t something that ordinary people could bear.

The giant couldn’t bear the main as it stopped for a moment. The others immediately seized the opportunity.

All of them were aiming its leg.

The man with the scythe arrived first. He slashed at its right rib. The second to arrive was Leah. She used daggers in her both hands to attack the giant gorloc’s left leg. The tendons on the back side of the left leg were slashed apart. The giant used its right leg to smash Leah but she had already disappeared from that location.

Because of underdeveloped nerves the giant didn’t feel much so it tried to use both of its leg to move. However, its giant body slammed down. The left leg of the giant gorloc was useless. The bones were visible.


The giant gorloc roared but it didn’t see that the others rushing close to itself. It struggled to climb up as it saw its tortures rush at himself.

“Harder!” Nicholas shouted. His words were aimed at his own people. The man using the sword and shield responded the same instant. He roared and his voice was similar to a bear’s. Afterwards, his body began to get bigger and his height reached nearly 3 meters. His arms and legs got much thicker with muscles.

The people from other groups weren’t aware of this man’s capabilities. All of them were surprised at the sight. Isn’t this a human? How could he transform in such a way?

The man roared and rushed towards the giant gorloc. His speed had increased by leaps and bounds.

The man crossed the shield and sword and pointed towards the giant gorloc. He looked like a knight without a horse. The giant gorloc was struggling to stand up as it wasn’t easy to move without a useless leg. It was struggling when it saw the warrior get close to it.

The man’s speed didn’t decrease neither his posture changed.

Peng… Booom…

The giant gorloc fell to the ground after a series of sounds. There was a big hole in its chest.

The warrior wielding shield and sword was in his original position.

At the moment, all four giant gorlocs were killed.

Nevertheless, there was no joy in Xiao Yu’s heart after this victory. The main reason was that the gorloc leader was too calm. It seemed as if everything was going as gorloc leader had expected.

What was it thinking?

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