WOWFRD – Ch 376

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Xiao Yu and Leonardo had killed the giant gorlocs assigned to their teams. Now, both turned to look at Nicholas’s performance. Nicolas was calm as he smiled and waved with his hand.

Two men who were standing behind him and hadn’t moved since the beginning of the battle slowly walked out. Both of them were wearing identical armors that were colored in light blue. One of them was holding a huge hammer while the other had a one-meter long awl in his hand.

Awl? Hammer?

“Leigong? Lei mu?” Xiao Yu coldly said. (the thing is I don’t get what the author refers to. Lei stands for thunder in both phrases, while mu stands for mother and gong stands for junior or company.. It could be Thunder Company? Or Thunder Junior and Thunder mother? I’m not sure about the exact intention so I’ll leave them as is)

Both men passed by Reilas, the patriarch of the blood elves, while one of them said: “You can rest now.”

Reilas didn’t even look towards them as he looked with disdain towards weak humans. However, he stopped attacking the giant gorloc as who would be willing to consume their strength when someone else volunteered in their stead? Moreover, there were side effects when he used the water from the sunwell for a long time. He had the chance to rest so he was going to take it. Moreover, he hadn’t tried his best to begin with or the giant gorloc would have already been killed by him.

He knew that his main aim would be the gorloc leader so all what he did was to suppress the giant gorloc.

“Let’s go!” Both men shouted and rushed out. Two pale blue shadows were seen as those two moved at unbelievable speeds. One rushed towards the right of the giant gorloc while the other rushed towards the left. Both of them were running on a diagonal.

The giant gorloc’s mouth opened wide as large teeth were shown. Both claws of the giant gorloc moved sideways to meet both men.

Both men roared similar to the beasts and their speed tripled in an instant and they disappeared from the sight of the giant gorloc. The giant gorloc understood that it had met its real opponents. It’s giant tail shook up as it got ready for close combat.

At the same time, two figures flashed over giant gorloc’s neck. The man with the awl slammed it into giant gorloc’s vertebra. The giant gorloc only felt a bit of wind and coldness from its back. There was a bit of pain on its flesh but it felt strong sense of crisis.

In desperate manner, it turned its head and saw that the man with the giant hammer was high in air and rapidly falling down. The aim of the man with the giant hammer was to smash onto the awl stuck onto giant gorloc’s neck.


The giant gorloc roar as its tail swept over to attack the man with the giant hammer who was on air.

There was a sense of slight regret in the man’s eyes as he knew that the chance to kill the giant gorloc was lost this time.

However, since the chance was lost there was no need to get desperate. The man used the giant hammer to hit the tail of the giant gorloc. The tail bounced back because of the shock (is impact a better word here?) from attack.

The other man grabbed the awl and rushed away before all this happened.

However, at the moment both men were very calm. They weren’t like others who got desperate when they faced danger.

Once again both of them rushed towards the giant gorloc from two different directions.

In addition, thinking about it, if the awl could be hit by the giant hammer then the giant gorloc would suffer a very big blow.

The giant gorloc moved quickly when it saw the enemies rush from two directions. The moment it carried shook the entire ground. However, the momentum of the giant gorloc affected none of the enemies. They were like two leaves that floated on air. However, their speed was extraordinary. One of them went out to lure the enemy while the other disappeared from the giant gorloc’s vision.

The next instant, the warrior with the giant hammer appeared over the giant gorloc’s head once again. This time there was no awl to begin with so he directly slammed it over its head.

There was a trace of disdain in giant gorloc’s eyes. Does this puny human want to kill him with just a hit with the hammer?

However, its eyes focused once again on the other warrior. The man had disappeared!

Not good! The giant gorloc’s senses were on alert but he was too late.

The awl was already on the giant gorloc’s head and its tail was late to counter this move. At the same time, a pain echoed throughout its brain.


The sound of hammer colliding with the awl echoed out.. Afterwards, the roar of the injured giant gorloc resounded throughout the battlefield.

At the same time, both men pulled back their weapons and jumped over the giant gorloc’s body. They looked at the giant gorloc and sneered.

“Did you think that we can’t use the same trick twice? Wron! We will kill you with the same attack!” The voices of both men echoed out.

The giant gorloc took a deep breath and light flew out of its mouth towards its head to regenerate the wounds and stop the bleeding. The head was the most important place for the gorloc. What would it do if the same injury happened again and again?

Nevertheless, it was obvious that the men couldn’t kill the giant gorloc in one move. Both men looked at each other and moved once again.



But this time their speed was a bit faster than the previous time.

The people who weren’t aware about the origins of these brothers were amazed. In their perspective the speed shown by these two were already the maximum limit a human body could reach but how could they increase their speed once again?

The answer lied not on these two brothers but their weapons! The hammer and awl!

Both weapons looked ordinary but they could absorb the enemy’s blood and turn it into the wielder’s energy supplement to improve strength. This way, brother could improve their speed or strength as long as they could injure the enemy.

Both of them turned into light blue shadows as they moved around the giant gorloc and trapped it into the circle.

The giant gorloc began to feel fear for the first time.

Xiao Yu was observing the battle from the side. He was more shocked than anyone else. He thought about his heroes. At the moment, none of them could face attacks from these two brothers. These two men were one of kind type warriors. Both of them supported each other in a strange manner. The heroes by Xiao Yu’s side were lone warriors. They didn’t cooperate with each other like these two. It would be troublesome if his heroes were surrounded by these two. Grom could use the Mirror Image skill to create avatar’s of himself but those avatars weren’t as powerful as Grom himself.

He saw light blue afterimage flash by the giant gorloc’s side and disappear the next moment.

IT didn’t take long before the body of the giant gorloc was full of wounds. However, the blood were absorbed by the hammer and the awl.

Brothers acted braver as time passed and the giant gorloc turned weaker because of wounds and blood loss and at the end he couldn’t hold it anymore.

There was no expression on Nicholas’s face as if everything was within his expectations and control. As if he already knew about the results before he sent the brothers.

There was a gloomy expression on Leonardo’s face. He was measuring the difference in strength between himself and Nicholas. He saw that there was a group of people behind Nicholas who had yet to make a move!

OF course, all three of them understood that the trump cards held by them were kept secret! There were yet many things in spatial rings such as Xiao Yu’s dragonfire arrows, Nicholas’s poison and so on.

It didn’t take long before the giant gorloc’s body fell down and it died. Nicholas nodded as he was very satisfied with the situation. After all, his men had killed the giant gorloc assigned to them much faster than the other two parties.

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