WOWFRD – Ch 375

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There was a faint smile on Xaio Yu’s lips as he looked at the arrangement of troops on the battlefield. It had to be noted that the most reasonable arrangement was done by him. He could control the attack power of the troops while they consumed minimum amount of strength.

The most important problem at this battlefield was the control of consumption of strength as there was a fierce battle waiting for them!

“It’s too slow! Tyrande! Use the Dragon Fire Arrow!” Xiao Yu shouted out after pondering for a moment. He believed that the sooner one of the giant gorlocs died the much easier he could reverse the situation. Moreover, he didn’t want to put much stress on his troops by exhausting them.

In addition, even if his troops were able to kill the giant gorloc then the losses would outweigh the gains.

Tyrande nodded and reached out to take out a Dragon Fire Arrow. Her eyes flashed as she aimed at the giant gorloc.


The Dragon Burst Arrow flashed as it was released from the bow.

The giant gorloc was very sensitive to the danger. The moment Tyrande shot the Dragon Burst Arrow the giant gorloc felt a huge sense of crisis. He looked towards Tyrande and raised its giant claw to catch the Dragon Fire arrow.

“Hey! I don’t want to know the strength of Dragon Fire Arrow!” Xiao Yu murmured.


The sound of huge explosion echoed out throughout the battlefield attracting the attention of entire battlefield.

The next instant the giant gorloc began to howl and roar. It made five or six steps backwards before being able to stabilize its body.

The left claw that it had used to try to catch the Dragon Fire Arrow had disappeared after the explosion. It was blown up! Its face was seriously injured too. In an ordinary situation, a sixth-rank warrior wouldn’t be able to withstand such attack. But the giant gorloc wasn’t dead.

Nevertheless, the giant gorloc had lost almost half of its strength and was seriously injured. Moreover, even if it had exceptional regenerative abilities it wouldn’t be able to recover from such severe wounds in a short time frame.

Afterwards, Tyrande didn’t use another Dragon Fire Arrow but instead Shade Arrows. She aimed at the giant gorloc’s face, eyeballs, mouth, ears and other vulnerable places.

The shade arrows were strong to being with. Now, Tyrande was using her own skills to buff the shade arrows which were more than enough to penetrate the giant gorloc’s body. The face of the giant gorloc had turned into a hedgehog after a while!

The giant gorloc had turned mad and furious. It smashed all the arrows on its face before rushing over to kill Tyrande who had done so much damage to it.

It was just in its maddened state it had forgotten about its current situation. He wasn’t fighting Tyrande but Xiao Yu’s entire strength!

The anger had made the giant gorloc to recover a bit of its strength.

However, Kael’thas and the phoenix were already focused on the giant gorloc. The phoenix used violent explosions to attack it.

Originally, its jaw was already damaged by the Dragon Fire Arrow’s explosion. Now, phoenix was bombarding its face. The giant gorloc’s body swayed backwards as its head turned dizzy.

“Motherfucker! I have never seen such a resilient fella. I need to add up strength to kill this big guy!” Xiao Yu murmured. He didn’t want to lose the opportunity at this critical moment. Who would guarantee that the giant gorloc wouldn’t recover if he delayed everything? The defense of the giant gorloc was too strong and the regenerative abilities were out of this world too!

Everyone involved in the battle began to release his or her strongest attacks. A series of blows made the giant gorloc roar in agony without being able to resist.

“Oh–” Everyone couldn’t help but utter this voice to vent out their emotions. They had been battling for so long but felt powerless. The enemies weren’t dying and now a giant gorloc was killed. It was a sign of hope!

However, it had to be noted that Xiao Yu had used a dragonfire arrow for this single giant gorloc. If these 4 giant gorlocs were so hard to kill then what about the gorloc leader?

Nicholas and Leonardo felt more pressure on themselves when they saw that Xiao Yu had killed the first giant gorloc. They couldn’t fall to far from him in terms of results. It was obvious that it would be very hard to kill the giant gorlocs using ordinary methods!

The first one who couldn’t control his emotions was Leonardo. He gestured at Old Dao. At the same time, the shield bearers changed their tactics. They rushed forward to limit the action range of the giant gorloc!

Old Dao retreated to the side and took out a bottle of red potion from his space ring and swallowed it all in one go.

“Ahh-” Old Dao uttered as an evil smile appeared on his face. It was as if a mass-murdered was released from the prison that held him back.

The shield bearers shuddered at the sight. Originally, Old Dao was a berserk warrior. Leonardo had offered Old Dao this potion which would release the hidden nature inside him and make him be able to release all his strength.

The side effects of the potion weren’t small. He would end of dying if he continued to use the potion to kill for a long time.

In short, this potion was similar to the berserk potion (here refers to church’s potion) but much powerful with fewer side effects. Moreover, the potion was much powerful with the right person. Old Dao was a man fond of killing so after using the red potion his attack power increased by leaps and bounds. He was much stronger than most of the sixth-rank warriors.

Whoosh… Old Dao rushed out like the wind as he waved the giant machete in his hand. He jumped up and slashed towards the waist of the giant gorloc when he was close to the monster. The giant gorloc’s waist was the hardest and most resilient location on its body but Old Dao didn’t care!


The machete bounced back and Old Dao was swept out because of the reaction too. However, Old Dao rushed out once against as soon as he landed.

Giant gorloc was slashed again and again until even the bones in his body were feeling the pain. It turned around and tried to attack Old Dao.

There was no fear but madness and bloodthirst on Old Dao’s face. There was a sinister smile on his lips at all times. For a time, Old Dao and the giant gorloc were tied to each other. They attacked without thinking about defense. It showed the terrifying strength Old Dao had after using the potion while it was a proof of the horrifying strength of the pseudo sixth-rank gorloc.

Ordinary sixth-rank warriors couldn’t fight against it!

“Mage! Use Imprison and Stun!” Leonardo shouted as he checked the battlefield. He was clear about Old Dao’s situation more than anyone else. He wasn’t going to order anyone to go forward and help Old Dao as at the moment Old Dao didn’t care for friends or foes.

The mage used the spell and the giant gorloc’s body stopped. The gorloc was getting mad as the magician would use Imprison and Stun oen after another. It couldn’t move its body as it wished and actually, Old Dao was slashing and attacking it as he wished.

After a while, both OldDao and the giant gorloc stopped to stare at each other.

ARGH… A low roar echoed out from the giant gorloc’s mouth. Afterwards, its limbs fell down.

It turned out that Old Dao had attacked joints of giant gorloc’s limbs at least 500 times in this short amount of time frame.

The powerful attack of the Old Dao couldn’t be withstand by an ordinary sixth-rank warrior let alone a monster who was cut on each joint at least 500 times!

The gorloc’s giant body smashed down. It tried to get up but it didn’t have limbs. There was only one fate for it and that was death because of excessive blood loss.

“Ha ha ha! Kill! Kill! Kill!” Old Dao laughed and rushed out.

Leonardo sighed in relief when he saw that Old Dao was rushing towards ordinary gorlocs. He knew that he couldn’t control Old Dao after the man used the potion!

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