WOWFRD – Ch 374

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The warriors using shields rushed out to form the wall formation the moment Leonardo issued an order. The gap between each shield was so small that even a pinky finger couldn’t fit through. There was only a gap enough to fit a warrior in between the front row and rear row of the wall formation. This way the attack strength of the enemy could be spread over to all the shields and reduce the moment.

Xiao Yu subconsciously nodded as he looked at the wall formation. This defense formation was much stronger than the formation used by the footmen he had. But the main reason for it to be so was that Leonardo was using high rank warriors to form the formation.

“The footmen’s armor and shields would be upgraded once they rise to level 3. The defensive strength of their formation would be upgraded too.” Xiao Yu murmured.

In addition, the cooperation between the warriors and the magicians of Leonardo’s team was very good. It was obvious that they had trained and prepared for situations like this in advance.

The fake sixth-rank gorloc rushed over and used his body to smash the shield formation. However, to its surprise the shield formation resisted its attack.


The giant gorloc slammed into the middle of the formation like a bomb. However, after a step he was forced to stop. It’s eyes lit up. The gorloc had always looked down upon humanity as it believed that they were weaklings. But who would have thought that these weaklings could block it?

The few warriors that were behind the shields and faced the direct contact with the giant gorloc died on spot. However, the warriors from behind quickly picked the shields and re-arranged that part of the formation. It had to be noted that an ordinary warrior couldn’t stand the powerful impact created by the slam of the giant gorloc. The gorloc turned furious as it roared and used its huge feet to smash down on everything. It wanted to kill!

“Mages! Attack!” Leonardo order. The warriors who were making the protection with the shields had died but he didn’t care. In comparison to the magicians the warriors or shield bearers weren’t important. It wasn’t that hard to regroup powerful warriors as there was no lack of warriors in the continent.

Colorful magics representing different affinities were thrown at the giant gorloc. The giant gorloc had to back up. As it wasn’t just the magic but the long spears that were thrown from the wall formation that made it unable to withstand the attacks.

Old Dao stood up and looked at the giant gorloc. He rushed out once again as he waved his huge machete. He was flexible and his attacks were powerful as Old Dao attacked the giant gorloc again and again. Old Dao was much powerful than shield bearers.

Nicholas was dealing with another giant gorloc while Xaio Yu and Leonardo struggled with others.

The gorloc leader still maining its initial posture and observed the battlefield. It was as if the battle occurring in front of it had nothing to do with the gorloc leader.

Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo always paid attention to him even though they were fighting pseudo sixth-rank gorlocs and the rest. They feared that a sudden move from the gorloc leader would change the situation in the battlefield and it would be late to cope up with the changes.

The main troops of the alliances dealt with 3 giant gorlocs while the remaining fourth giant gorloc was dealt with troops from all three sides. Xiao Yu called back the little dragon and ordered it to observe the gorloc leader. At the end of the day, the most vicious enemy was the gorloc leader which was a real danger to all 3 groups.

Xiao Yu believed that there was no one else except the little dragon who could stand against the attacks of gorloc leader.

The plan was simple but it was hard to implement in real life conditions. The skin of the giant gorlocs was too thick and they were like undeads who didn’t know how to die.

Xiao Yu ordered Leah and Kael’thas to join the battle. Keal’thas would be in charge of long-range attacks while Leah use her assassin skills to get to giant gorloc’s side and attack it from time to time to annoy it.

The powerful fire spells of Kael’thas weren’t something that could be blocked by ordinary people. Even a giant gorloc with thick and sturdy defense would be burnt down at a point.

Leah’s weapons were excellent too. The injuries made by her couldn’t be healed with the regenerative speed of the giant gorloc. It would still bleed even if the injury was partially healed. Nevertheless, Leah didn’t dare to get close to giant gorloc too many times. Her strength was weak in comparison to the giant gorloc and she would be seriously injuried if she wasn’t careful enough. But as an experienced assassin she was able to easily harass the giant gorloc because of the powerful equipment given by Xiao Yu.

The female assassin by Leonardo’s side couldn’t help but murmured: “Where did Leah get so many powerful equipment? She isn’t strong as me but now she is much effective and stronger than me because of those equipment! ”

Nicholas sent out a peak fifth-rank warrior to fight the giant gorloc. The warrior still couldn’t fight against the giant gorloc on its own but he had tought defense. His muscles seemed to be made out of iron and he was wearing a bronze armor. The man was using a huge shield and sword. He would protect himself from the claws of the giant gorloc with the shield and use the sword to attack.

Nevertheless, Nicholas didn’t send out someone else to support this master. He didn’t want to expose all the cards in his hand.

Leonardo was already using a lot of magicians but he sent out a middle-level fifth-rank warrior and a mage to join the battle. The magician wasn’t powerful but his classification had made everyone’s eye pop out. He could use Imprison and Stun skills. Normally, they would seem like useless skill but at the battlefield they were extremely important.

The mage would use the skills when he saw that the giant gorloc was threatening the lives of his comrades. The giant gorloc would either stop for a moment or get dizzy for a moment. The middle-level fifth-rank warrior was using a scythe. He was able to attack the giant gorloc at critical moments too.

This way, three groups and 5 mages/warriors with other weak warriors were able to cope up with gorlocs. Xiao Yu was planning using gryphon riders too. Nevertheless, the human side couldn’t get the dominance in the battlefield. There were simply too many gorlocs. It was fortunate that the alliance forces were strong enough and weren’t unfamiliar with large-scale battles.

“Are we going to go like this? It’s not fun! Fuck, how come these giants are so thick?” Xiao Yu shouted as he looked at Nicholas and Leonardo. There was a deadlock and they had to bring out their trump cards to change the situation.

Nicholas nodded. Leonardo spoke in a cold tone: “Manage your own affairs..”

Xiao yu decided to make Keal’thas to use powerful spells and kill the giant gorloc early on. Unfortunate for Xiao Yu, the giant was dying even though Kael’thas had summoned a phoenix. The phoenix would circle in the air and attack to burn the giant. There were lots of black patches on giant’s body.

The fireball spell of Kael’thas had reached a horrifying level after he had stepped into fifth-rank. Each attack from him would make the giant gorloc to take a step or two backwards. Kael’thas and phoenix cooperated to make the giant gorloc suffer in pain.

Xiao Yu ordered the gryphon riders to join the battle when he saw that they couldn’t finish off the giant gorloc. The gryphon riders were on standy waiting for an order. They rushed ou and released lightning to attack the giant gorloc.

An attack from a single gryphon rider wasn’t that strong but when all of them concentrated their attacks on a single point then they could even blow up a mountain.

The giant gorloc stood there roaring in pain while there was a satisfied smile on Xiao Yu’s face. It wouldn’t take before they would kill the giant gorloc. After all, the strength executed by his troops was too strong.

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