WOWFRD – ch 373

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The sixth-rank gorloc leader was still sitting on his own location and observing the battle between gorlocs and humans. He had yet to attack so Xiao Yu and Nicholas didn’t dare to go all out. They were restraining the strength of their troops to adapt when the old leader joined the battle.

Xiao Yu saw that the gorlocs were very strong and they wouldn’t be able to solve out the battle in a short while so he threw out the little dragon.

Xiao Yu had experience with fighting against a sixth-rank monster, core hound, so he knew that he had to get rid of the other gorlocs and fight the main enemy. He was aware that the leader of the gorlocs would be more than enough for all the troops. In short, it was possible that this gorloc leader was more powerful than the core hound.

The little dragon was sleeping when it found itself enter the mouth of a gorloc once again. It was furious as its body got larger and it pulled out the nunchakus.

The dragon was able to kill all the nearby gorlocs with a smash of the nunchaku. The last attack hit the head of the pseudo sixth-rank gorloc.

This pseudo sixth-rank gorloc was surrounded by several warriors from Nicholas’s side. It was constantly bombarded by the magicians. However, it was able to resist all of them by flexibly dodging the attacks. It seemed as if gorloc was able to understand the martial arts of the humans.

The dragon backed up after hitting the pseudo sixth-rank gorloc. The gorloc roared in fury and rushed towards the dragon. It’s speed had reached the limits as it smashed the dragon. The dragon was caught off guard and its body flew out because of the attack by the pseudo sixth-rank gorloc.

“Fuck…” The dragon was enraged. It used the nunchaku’s to hit the gorloc’s head once again. It had learned from Xiao Yu that it had to use tricks all the time to decrease the enemy’s vitality. The best parts to hit would be head, heart, lower body and other vital locations. The enemy in front of it had a gigantic size so the head was the best part to attack.


The sound of metal and bones colliding echoed out. Xiao Yu was concerned about dragon’s safety. Normally, the sound of broken bones would echo out but in this case the gorloc cried out in pain.

“Motherfucker! What its bones are made of? ” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but exclaim. He was clear about the strength of the nunchaku’s more than anyone!

Even a small hill could be smashed if dragon attacked in that manner. What was with this gorloc?

The giant gorloc was in pain because of the nunchaku attack. However, it smashed forward its huge claw to pierce the dragon’s chest. The dragon swiftly backed up its claws with the nunchakus. This way it was able to avoid the gorloc’s attack.

The little dragon was enraged more because of this situation!

Was it a joke? As a dragon he relied on strength! He was a noble existence from the dragon race! Would he be backing up while fighting this beast?

Wouldn’t it be shameful?

The dragon roared and its momentum changed in that same instant. The nunchaku’s were pushed forward once again. They smashed onto the giant gorloc’s head.


The little dragon didn’t stop but followed up with more moves. It wanted to tear apart the giant gorloc.

The giant gorloc’s skin was thick. It had yet to reach sixth-rank but its body seemed to already have the strength of a sixth-rank beast. It was feeling pain but the attacks weren’t enough to kil it.

It turned towards the magicians attacking it from Leonardo’s side. At the moment, it was bombarded by the magic of those magicians so there were many restrictions on its attack trajectory. The giant gorloc had never been bullied like this in its lifetime. Nevertheless, there were no signs of serious injury on its body. It couldn’t find a way to counterattack. The attack strength of the magician’s was powerful and the density of the attacks was too much too. Moreover, even if it could find an opportunity then the enemy warriors would attack it to stop.

However, it understood that it would die if the things kept going as is.

Finally, it couldn’t bear anymore. It roared as its body squatted down and rushed out like an arrow released from the bow. It’s huge body was like a tank that went on a rampage.

“Keep the formation!” Leonardo shouted. The ordinary mages and warriors could faint or get dizzy but as a leader he couldn’t back up.

The magicians were well trained so they instantly recovered their spirits and stabilized their positions. They attacked the giant gorloc to reduce its speed. However, it wasn’t enough!

“Old Dao! Attack!” Leonardo shouted. He had to somehow stop the giant gorloc or he was going to face lots of casualties.

Old Dao was the man who was helding onto the machete when facing Xiao Yu and rest. At the time, he was comparable to Grom but now he released out all of his strength.

He was like a tornado as he sprinted out and slammed onto the giant gorloc. His body made a beautiful arc and sidestepped the gorloc to attack it from right side.

The gorloc didn’t mind the human. It was keeping its original speed to sprint forward but it found out that something was wrong. It’s right forelimb didn’t seem to listen it. It turned to look down and saw a long wound on the upper side of its right forelimb. Even the bones were visible!

“Awesome Old Dao!” Even Xiao Yu shouted out in admiration. This old man was able to cut off the forelimb of the giant gorloc.

The gorloc made another two steps and fell to the ground.

The gorloc was already being attacked by magicians for a long time. However, the Old Dao had made a precise attack to the specific body part of the gorloc which made his attack successful. Not everyone could do such a feat.

The magicians immediately seized the opportunity when they saw that the gorloc came to a stop. They began to attack it.

Normally, anyone would die under such dense attacks from the magicians but the giant gorloc was able to withstand.

“ARGHHH-” It made a loud roar as ray of light flew out from its mouth and began to flow around its injured foreleg. The injuries began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Fuck, what kind of a beast is it?” Xiao Yu snorted. It seemed as if they were facing undeads!

“Not good! Continue with the attacks!” Leonardo shouted. The giant gorloc’s power was beyond their expectations.

Old Dao rushed out once again to attack the giant gorloc. However, he was a step too late.


An explosion occurred and two figures were thrown out.

One of them was Old Dao who vomited out blood. The other was giant gorloc. It was able to receive Old Dao’s attack and resist it!

“Shield formation! WALL FORMATION! Mages retreat and spread out!” Leonardo knew that the situation wasn’t good.

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