WOWFRD – Ch 372

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Chapter 372

Xiao Yu and Leonardo clearly heard Nicholas’s decision. But why would the enemy negotiate with them at this point? Why would Nicholas say something so pointless?

There was only one explanation, which meant that Nicholas had a trump card that could make the gorloc leader back down!

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but get shocked at the thought. What kind of trump card would make a sixth-rank monster back down? It wasn’t difficult to speculate that it must be something that would either kill the gorloc leader before he kills Nicholas or both of them would perish at the same time! Only such a powerful trump card could get them into to the same table with the gorloc leader to negotiate.

Nicholas had a strong backing! But, what could he have for him to have such a confidence that gorloc leader and others would back down?

Xiao Yu was already jealous of Nicholas because of the poison used by Nicholas against the gorlocs. Tens of thousands of gorlocs were already poisoned and immobile because of the poison. It was true that the gorlocs were easily poisoned because they were in water. But such a weapon was already a horrifying card!

It now seemed that Nicholas had much more terrifying card in his hand which could back down 5 sixth-rank monsters! He did really belong to a family with ancient heritage! Moreover, Xiao Yu believed that Leonardo had something similar in power as a trump card too.

Therefore, Xiao Yu stood silent and began to observe the powerful gorlocs. Sixth rank monsters were existences that could go against the heavens. Now, there were 5 of them confronting them. The Sunset Swamps was a terrifying place!

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu found out that something was wrong. He didn’t know the reason but he had a feeling that something wasn’t right with the other 4 sixth rank monsters. He used Thrall’s Far Sight skill to observe them. The bodies of these sixth rank monsters were half hidden in the mist.

The Far Sight skill was an extremely strange skill, which could change the perspective of the user. It seemed as if the soul of the person was projected out of the body and was looking at the sight from a higher position.

Xiao Yu, with the help of the skill, looked closer at those 4 sixth-rank gorlocs. Something was wrong but Xiao Yu couldn’t find out exactly what. First of all, it was really ridiculous to see 5 sixth-rank monsters in single location. It was extremely rare to find one of them let alone 5 together. In addition, all the high rank monsters were territorial creatures with tyrannical attitudes. They would rarely live in the same domain with other sixth-rank monsters.

Xiao Yu continued to observe the 4 sixth-rank gorlocs.

The first thing that caught his attention was that all 4 of them looked extremely similar. Were they all twins?

Normally, when humans observed the gorlocs or vice verse they seemed like same creatures to each other at first glance. However, it was impossible for all the gorlocs or humans to have the same features. Features such as scars or wrinkles to be the same on all of them!

“Hmm.” Xiao Yu was sure that something was wrong.

“Check out… But look carefully… There is something wrong with these 4 monsters. It is simply unbelievable to have so many sixth-rank monsters in the same place.” Xiao Yu whispered towards Nicholas and Leonardo.

Nicholas and Leonardo were shocked. Nicholas was almost ready to bring up his trump card to negotiate with the enemy. Leonardo was preparing to make a move too. If not then all of them were going to face death. However, Xiao Yu’s words changed their perspective on the issue too. They were quick-witted people and they began to think about many things. There were no clear evidences but they could guess a thing or two.

Did the gorloc leader use an illusion? Illusions could distort the senses by showing something that didn’t exist. However, the time when those 4 sixth-rank monsters appeared the ground crackled. In addition, their momentum was real too when they rushed towards them. It would be impossible to falsify such a pressure! Xiao Yu was using Far Sight skill and they were in his view which meant that these gorlocs weren’t just illusions but real.

“Greedy humans… Stop struggling! You will have chance to survive if you accept to be slaves to my race!” The gorloc leader spoke up.

The other four gorlocs took few steps towards humans as their leader spoke out. The ground trembled as those monsters moved.

“What’s wrong? Was my guess wrong? Why would the place tremble if they were illusions?” Xiao Yu began to doubt his own idea.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu still felt that something was wrong. Why hadn’t these gorlocs attacked them if all of them were sixth-rank monsters?

Moreover, Nicholas didn’t use his trump card too.

“You want us to surrender? But, why would we do that?” There was a trace of smile on Nicholas’s face. Since the gorloc leader was ready to talk then it was the best time to find out the bottom line of the enemy.

“Ha! Reasons? HaHaHa… Do you think that there is a chance for you people to escape?” The gorloc leader laughed out. It seemed as if he had heard a joke.

“I think you are much more clear about the situation in comparison to anyone else. These four monsters are quite scary, aren’t they? They are quite similar to you too.” Nicholas added.

Xiao Yu and Leonardo listened to the conversation between the too. They still didn’t have any evidence regarding the newly appeared 4 sixth-rank monsters. But listening to Nicholas’s words then it meant that he had some kind of evidence backing his claims.

The gorloc leader laughed and said: “Human kid. Do you think that you are smart and can see through everything? Too young… Anyway, you will all die!”

“Oh? Is that so? Then, let’s all die.. But I guarantee that we will take you with us.” Nicholas responded in a calm tone. He was sure that the four sixth-rank gorlocs weren’t real but he couldn’t see through the trick.

“Is that so? Try it. What are you waiting for?” The gorloc leader snorted. He stood silent without saying anything.

The tension had reached the peak so both sides were quite nervous. No one talked. Even a small whisper could begin the battle. At the same time, both sides were thinking about the next move. The combat strength of both sides was at a terrifying level so once the battle took place then the outcome wouldn’t be sweet.

“Don’t you want to fight?” Xiao Yu asked in a soft tone.

Nicholas’s brows wrinkled but he didn’t reply. He looked at Leonardo then checked the number of gorlocs in front of them. Leonardo remained silent too.

Both sides were considering their own strength and the enemy’s disposition. They were calculating the outcome of a full-fledged attack.

Xiao Yu didn’t believe that the old monster is powerful at the beginning. Moreover, even if the four sixth-rank monsters are fake the damage caused by the gorlocs would huge.

The whole field was silent as everyone stared at each other. Everyone feared that the other party would launch the first attack.

“HaHaHa” The gorloc leader laughed. The slightly weaker humans couldn’t stand still upon the pressure.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the gorloc leader once again. He was using some kind of skill to attract their attention.

“Alright… I will give you a chance.. There are 3 groups here.. I promise that 2 of those can leave alive.. What you say?” The gorloc leader’s eyes lit up as he spoke up. He was trying to divide the humans.

“Treacherous old bastard.” Xiao Yu murmured in his heart.

“Oh? Do you think we are so easy to fool? Old guy, don’t you feel guilty when you blubber such gibberish?” Xiao Yu spoke in a disdainful tone. However, he was alert in his heart. The cooperation between 3 parties was temporary to begin with. It was all for benefits! The other two wouldn’t flinch to kill him once the interests and benefits changed!

Xiao Yu’s strength and performance was outstanding so his growth meant a danger for the other two sides. In addition, there was no big family or power backing Xiao Yu. No one would come over to trouble anyone if Xiao Yu was killed. Actually, Xiao Yu was backing the Lion territory which meant that his death was the end of the Lion territory.

It was a tempting situation. However, Nicholas and Leonardo were totally different. They had ancient families backing them and there would be revenge from the other family if one of them joined Xiao Yu. A family with ancient heritage isn’t a good choice for enemy. Therefore the most obvious ending would be Nicholas and Leonardo to cooperate and kill Xiao Yu.

“Kiddo! Are you scared? It seems that your relationship isn’t so good with them. I just said my opinion and you blatantly refused it. It seems you are the only one who isn’t willing to negotiate.” The gorloc leader was able to see through the relationship between 3 sides at a glance. He didn’t know the reasons but he didn’t care for them. The old gorloc wasn’t just powerful but extremely intelligent too!

Xiao Yu smiled: “Afraid? ME? What I’m afraid of? If they do cooperate to kill my troops then it will be their unluck! The power balance between us and monsters will change and you will be the one to reap the benefits! However, you are the one who is afraid at the moment to face all three parties! You don’t have the confidence! Moreover, would you let the other two parties go after one side was killed? ”

Nicholas and Leonardo calmed down after listening to Xiao Yu’s words. It was clear that they would face casualties to kill Xiao Yu’s troops which meant that they would be weak and the monsters would be strong at the end.

Would the old gorloc let them go and bring more soldiers? No one would do it.

The gorloc leader sighed. He knew that the opportunity was wasted. In face, he had planned all this since the beginning. He was thinking to consume the strength of humans before the real battle. In addition, he was aware that the human greed was a habit which he could manipulate and use to spread dissent between the humans.

Nicholas turned to look at Leonardo and Xiao Yu. He winked at them. It seemed he had made his mind.

“Attack!” Nicholas shouted. Xiao Yu and Leonardo also ordered their troops to begin the battle.

The humans rushed forward towards the enemies. Nicholas had decided to attack which had removed the hesitation in Xiao Yu and Leonardo’s heart. In addition, they had come all the way to get treasures so there was no point in going back empty-handed.

In addition, they were aware that gorloc leader wasn’t planning to attack which meant that if they paid a certain price then the gorloc leader will be killed! All three of them were willing to pay the price because they were going to get sufficient rewards at the end.

Moreover, would the gorloc leader let them go even if they wanted to withdraw? That’s why it was best to attack now rather than giving the initiative to the monsters.

The gorloc leader didn’t expect such an outcome. In his mind, he was thinking that he would be the first to attack as humans were very timid and narrow-minded in his perspective.

“ARGH” The gorloc leader roared which was an order for his underlings to attack. Most of the gorlocs were affected by the poison but powerful ones weren’t. These powerful gorlocs were much stronger than average gorlocs. Most of them were at fifth-rank!

In an instant the place turned into a battlefield!

Both sides collided in a short time of frame. The gorloc leader had yet to make a move. It was standing in its original location and checking the situation.

“ARGH” The four large gorlocs roared and rushed towards the humans.



All three parties issued orders. Grom and Bloodhoof were the first to rush towards the four giant gorlocs. The more intense the battlefield was the more excited these two were.

One of the giant gorlocs tried to use its huge claw to kill Bloodhoof but Cairne stepped down on time and evaded the attack. He was brave but he knew that the bravery couldn’t protect him.

At the same time, the blood elf patriarch Reilas finished a chant and sent a spell towards one of the giant gorlocs. The magic elements fluctuated in the air as huge fireball flashed through and hit the giant gorlocs.


Huge flames erupted as the fireball smashed on to the body of the giant gorloc. It screamed and stepped back.

“Fake.” Xiao Yu immediately confirmed that these four giant gorlocs looked like sixth-rank monsters but were actually peak fifth-rank monsters!

“It seems they have a way to make them look like sixth-rank monsters!” Xiao Yu took a breath of relief when he saw the situation. He wasn’t afraid anymore as he wasn’t going to face 5 sixth-rank monsters!

Leonardo directed the powerful magicians from his troops to attack the fake sixth-rank monsters.

Despite everything, it was clear that the battle wasn’t goig to be an easy one. The four giants might not be sixth-rank monsters but the enemy strength wasn’t weak!
The chaps are way tooo long otherwise, i would do 2-3 chaps a day 😉

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