WOWFRD – Ch 371

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Chapter 371


The gorlocs and human troops clashed with strong momentum. The war broke out in an instant. Both sides collided and huge voice echoed out as if an ocean wave had collided with a rock.

At the beginning of the battle the gorlocs were overwhelming humans because of their numbers and bloodthirst skill. It seemed that human side wouldn’t be able to cope up with them for a long time.. However, it didn’t take long that only 1 side began to have heavy losses one after another.

The gorlocs weren’t aware of the poison at the start because of the bloodthirst used by them. However, after 5-6 minutes the gorlocs began to feel the change occuring in their bodies. They felt dizzy and their body functions were slowed down by lot. Hands and feet of the gorlocs didn’t obey them. At the end, they became targets for the weapons of the humans. Moreover, it wasn’t just about ordinary gorlocs but evolved gorlocs had the same problem too.

Humans saw the situation and cheered as they rushed to kill the gorlocs.

Naga Sea Witch was killing gorlocs to gather experience points too. In addition, she didn’t care whether the gorlocs were poisoned or not.

In the blink of an eye so many gorlocs turned into a force which couldn’t resist the humans. All they were going to face was slaughter.

Xiao Yu was excited as he didn’t think that such a good result would come up after using the poison. However, he also stood vigilant against Nicholas as he could use some kind of poison in the future against him.

“Good Nicholas! Awesome!” Xiao Yu laughed. Nicholas responded with a smile but didn’t say anything.

Leonardo looked at the battlefield. Most of the gorlocs were already killed and only a small number of them were still standing. It seemed that they were waiting for their leader to command them.

“It would be good if we don’t kill all of them.. Otherwise, no lizardmen will be left alive…What’s the point of Sunset Swamps then?” Leonardo said. Both Nicholas and Xiao Yu were shocked.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but think that Leonardo had hurt his head. How come he is speaking for the gorlocs?

However, soon both of them understood that if they killed all the gorlocs then who was going to stop other teams from entering the Sunset swamps?

The point was that the gorlocs didn’t just affect them but everyone! Their aim was the treasures! Now some of these gorlocs weren’t fighting with them so it would be best if they took the treasures and left this place for good.

It would be good to leave the gorlocs alive so that they bother the other people who want to enter the Sunset Swamps. In addition, what was the point of killing all the gorlocs if they were just standing aside without attacking them? It was just waste of time.

“Alright. The poison is enough to slow them down for one day. We have to hurry to get the treasures and leave this place. They must have their own powerhouses too.” Nicholas added. Nevertheless, he wasn’t worried about high-rank gorlocs as all three sides had powerful warriors and mages. The gorlocs could have at best 2 sixth-rank warriors. What they could do to them? At the moment, the alliance troops could handle even a sixth-rank beast or monster!

The team regrouped and arranged into a rectangular battle array, bypassing these crocodile people crouching on the ground and slowly approaching their old nest.


This was only a few steps away, and there was a roar that shook the entire sunset swamp. The source was just above the peak!

“Damn humans! You got some courage!” The voice was so old and low, as if it were an old man who had passed the time of baptism, and he was teaching young people who did not know the height of heavens. This voice was also filled with endless anger.

Xiao Yu was stunned but he dribbled his shoulders and looked towards the peak: “This young lord is still going to gamble..”

“Still sober? Most probably it’s a sixth rank monster.. However, there are lots of types of sixth rank monsters so I don’t know its strength.” Nicholas murmured.

Actually, it would be very hard to find a sixth-rank monster on ordinary times. However, in the sunset swamps there was. None of them knew how powerful the leader of the gorlocs would be.

Xiao Yu’s forces were already capable of killing a sixth rank beast so another sixth-rank monster wouldn’t be a threat to the alliance troops.

“Damned humans! I’ll spare you all if you get out of the sunset swamps!” The voice of the gorloc leader echoed out. It seemed that the leader didn’t want to confront them but negotiate.

Negotiations? The leader of the gorlocs wants to negotiate? Xiao Yu and rest believed that it was a sign that the leader of the gorlocs was afraid of them!

“Old monster! Stop with the nonsense! You must know the reason of our arrival. As humans our most outstanding feature is greed. We can’t go back empty handed as we have come till this place. I give my word that we will immediately leave this place if you hand over all your treasures… You are living in the swamps and those treasures are literally useless in here.” Xiao Yu waved the giant axe as he spoke.

Xiao Yu’s words angered the gorloc leader. It seemed that he wasn’t good in controlling his temper. The rest of the gorlocs began to shout and roar.

The gorloc leader’s voice echoed once again: “Arrogant ones!”

Afterwards, it felt as if the whole peak was tremlbing. A giant figure began to crowl from the top of the mount.

“Motherfucker! What’s happening? Does it mean that old guy was squatting on top of the mountain?” Xiao Yu shouted in shock. He wouldn’t be so arrogant with his words if he knew that the leader of the gorlocs was such a large monster.

Xiao Yu saw that Nicholas and Leonardo had shocked expressions on their face too. This time they had hit a large stone!

The strength of the sixth-rank monsters and beasts are different according to the stage they are in. It’s same with human’s too. For example the gap of strength between an ordinary sixth-rank human magician and Theodore couldn’t be covered just like that.


The peak of the mountain disappeared as a monster which was almost 20 meters high appeared in front of their eyes.

“Fuck! It’s a huge gorloc.” Xiao Yu would never think that there would be such a huge and powerful gorloc. After all, he had never fought against sixth-rank monsters or even human masters. It was the reason why he had misjudged the strength of the enemy.

“Leonardo! Xiao Yu! We must act together! Be sure to do your best and don’t you’re your strength… It will be difficult as is let alone if we spare some strength at this point!” Nicholas frowned. The blood elf patriarch Reilas was by his side but the blood elf was a long-range fighter. For successful attack the enemy had to be stopped by close combat fighters who would act like a shield to protect the Reilas. Otherwise, Reilas would be killed even before he could chant the spell.

Moreover, Nicholas was aware of Reilas’s shortcoming more than anyone. He had some powerful warriors by his side but he knew that none of them could withstand the giant gorloc in front of them. Leonardo and Xiao Yu nodded in confirmation. All of them understood the importance of upcoming battle. The gorloc leader was too strong and beyond their comprehension.


The gorloc leader roared once again. The powerful momentum erupted from its body. It was the aura of a sixth-rank monster.

“Humans! You are way too arrogant! Today I’ll make sure that this place will be your burial ground.. All of you will be food for my kindred!” The confident voice of the gorloc leader echoed out and stirred the souls of all the humans. It seemed as if the humans were losing confidence. It was a big problem for Xiao Yu and the rest as an army without a confidence was like a flock of sheep.

“Old monster! You being arrogant too. Are you sure that you will be able to do what you said? We have dared to come because we have enough cards behind our sleeves. Don’t force us to bring them up! It wont end good for anyone!” Xiao Yu shouted out after taking a deep breath.

“Ha?” The gorloc leader looked at Xiao Yu. He saw many ancient races in Xiao Yu’s troops. He was quite surprised: “There are many ancient heroes by your side.. It’s no wonder that you are so arrogant.. It seems you aren’t an ordinary person.. But do you think they will amount to anything at this point? They haven’t reached their true potential yet… I’ll make sure that you know that you have made a big mistake by coming here today!”

Xiao Yu wanted to retort back but the old monster raised its head and roared once again. It was as if it was calling something or someone.

“Not good! It’s calling for backup!” Xiao Yu immediately said.

The gorloc leader’s echo was very short. It took only a few moments. Afterwards, it looked at humans with a wretched smile on its face.

Rumble… Rumble…Rumble…Rumble…

Sounds of crackles echoed from four directions. It was as if someone was breaking through the ground and emerging onto earth.

Roar… Roar…Roar…Roar…

Four roars echoed out from four directions. Xiao Yu and the rest’s face turned pale because of these roars. They understood that the ones who were awakened from the slumber by the gorloc leader were no weaker than the leader himself.

“Motherfucker! What the fuck is going on? How come all of them are sixth-rank monsters? How could it be?” Xiao Yu’s face was pale and his voice was gloomy. There was a hint of desperation in his voice.

Five sixth-rank monsters meant a disaster that could wipe out all of them. They wouldn’t be afraid if they faced 2 sixth-rank monster but 5 wasn’t just an enemy they could handle. IT was above and beyond their capabilities. Xiao Yu saw the ugly look on Nicholas and Leonardo’s face. None of them thought that they would end up in such a situation.

The sounds of monsters rushing from four directions echoed out. In a short while, the humans were surrounded. Xiao Yu wryly smiled. He believed that today he would be getting a lot of treasures but he would never think that his life would be threatened!

Four more huge gorlocs appeared. They were slightly smaller than the leader. The winds emerged because of the rushing speed of the massive gorlocs. Waters splashed out as they stopped.

“Damned humans! The sunset swamps will be your cemetary!” One of the monster spoke up. It seemed that this monster was quite impatient and there was a hint of madness in its voice.

All four of them looked at humans but they didn’t act. They were waiting for the order from the gorloc leader. However, it was as if they wouldn’t hesitate to tear the humans into pieces after the order was given.

Xiao Yu waved the Arcanite Reaper but he stood silently. He wanted to see what would Leonardo and Nicholas decide to do.

“Should we retreat?” Leonardo whipsered. It seemed as if this was the best choice at the moment. They might not get the treasures from the gorloc lair but there would still be a chance to get the Gul’dan’s skull. However, would the gorlocs let them leave easily if they retreated? There were going to be huge casualties if they retreated.

Nicholas didn’t reply as he wrinkled his brows. His eyes were focused on the gorloc leader as he thought about countermeasures.

“Let’s negotiate!” Nicholas’s eyes lit up as he spoke in a loud tone.

Negotiations? Would the gorlocs negotiate while they had the upper hand?

Sorry for the absence. I had some unsolved business which I had to finish. Moreover, I didn’t have access to the internet. I’ll do my best to publish a chapter a day from now on..

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