WOWFRD – Ch 370

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Chapter 370

Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo ordered their troops to rest after negotiating the details. It was dawn so they were planning to start the offense at noon. They didn’t want to prolong the war but instead win it in one go. Moreover, it was obvious that the nest of the gorlocs wouldn’t be so simple to invade.

Xiao Yu commanded his troops to report the losses. There were no immortals so there was going to be losses. The data regarding the losses was reported to Xiao Yu soon enough. His heart was solemn when he saw the data. Because Xiao Yu believed that they were his brothers but not just summoned troops.

There were 10 grunts who were killed in the battle. The orcs were at the forefront of the battle and faced numerous gorlocs so there was no guarantee to their lives. They had protection from the totems and excellent armor given to them but it didn’t mean that they were invincible. In addition to the 10 dead grunts there were several with serious injuries such as broken arms or legs. The problem was that there was no way to deal with such injuries with life potions. The life potions could heal the injuries but couldn’t regenerate the tissues or bones.

Only 1 druid of the claw was dead. They turned into giant bears with thick skins so even the claws of the gorlocs couldn’t penetrate through them. The gorlocs could hardly find the opportunity to bite them. Moreover, their bodies were massive which was quite difficult to bite the druids of the claw. In addition, their main attack was using the huge paws to slap the enemies. Each attack would take a life of a gorloc. Additionally, the druids could heal themselves and others too so it was very hard to kill them. The only reason that the druid of the claw was killed in action was that they were stationed in front to protect the long-range units and faced the gorlocs all the time. It was their duty!

5 Sorceresses were killed in battle. The main reason for this result was their fragile bodies. The gorlocs that attacked from beneath the ground were able to kill them. It was inevitable damage. 5 Spellbreakers were killed in the war too. They were tough as close combat warriors but what they could do when they were outnumbered by the enemies?

There were no other casualties. The air units were very flexible and the gorlocs couldn’t attack them so they were the safest. Dragon and the heroes weren’t injured. Of course, because of the fierce battle there were injuries and no one could say that they would come out of that battle without an injury. However, because of healing potions and Uther’s light magic the heroes passed through the battle without any major injury. Moreover, Xiao Yu could save them as long as they were not dead. Actually, such injuries were common to all the troops under Xiao Yu’s command. They had defended Lion city many times and they had gone through wounds and injuries a lot!

In comparison to Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo had lost several fifth-rank warriors and mages! It was a distressing situation! A fifth-rank warrior or mage could turn the side of a normal battle so it was obvious that their value wasn’t low!

Time passed fast and soon it was afternoon.

Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo stood up from the rest almost at the same time. It was time to get to the lair of the gorlocs.

“We had time to rest! Now we gotta leave!” Nicholas shouted. His eyes were shining as he knew that it would be a grand event if they really get hold of gorloc’s lair.

Troops wore back their armors and picked their weapons. The people who survived the night battle had become much more determined in comparison to before. The war had changed them!

The troops began to rush to gorloc’s lair as Nicholas instructed everyone. It was obvious that he had information regarding the gorloc’s lair!

However, to everyone’s surprise there was not a single gorloc on sight. It seems all of them had hidden themselves.

Magicians were still using different magic to strengthed the ground beneath them so that there were no surprise attacks from underground. The marching speed of the troops was slow but it was a secure way to get the victory.

They walked for 2 hours. At this time a scout ran back from front and brought the news that shocked everyone.

There was a mountain far ahead. It was a very strange mountain. It wasn’t made out of stones but mud. The most amazing thing was that there was a stream that went down from the peak of the mountain and it constantly flow down. In addition, there were countless gorlocs standing before this high mountain.

The legs of the scout was trembling non-stop as anyone who had seen that scene would be shocked too.

The scout team was made out of 10 people but it was only him who was able to come back. The rest had turned into food for gorlocs.

“Motherfuckers! No wonder we couldn’t see a single lizardman! All of them have gathered into a single spot.. How did they know that we are going there?” Xiao Yu said.

Nichoals looked at the terrain in front of them. There were short plants and swamps all over the place.

“It’s possible that they have heard our conversation and know our goal.. It’s good that they are in one place and waiting for us to attack…” Nicholas had a confident smile on his face.

In the battle during the last night there were no information about number and location of the enemies. They just bluntly attack the humans. But today all of them concentrated in one place so it was time for him to use his trump card.

Leonardo looked at the looming mountain far ahead. He pondered for a moment: “Nicholas, we aren’t going to march like this, aren’t we?”

Nicholas indifferently smiled: “Naturally it wouldn’t be wise.. but we can’t waste too much time in here.. ”

Xiao Yu was quite curious as how Nicholas would solve out this problem. What could they do to kill soo many gorlocs in one single move? Was Nicholas going to use magic scrolls? Will he really throw out scrolls in here?

Xiao Yu pondered for some time and then looked at Nicholas: “If you have something then elaborate on it.. We don’t want to waste tim.”

“Poison!” Nicholas replied.

Xiao Yu’s heart was tightened when he heard Nicholas speak. Last night they couldn’t use poison even if they wanted to because of the conditions. However, at the moment the enemies had concentrated into a single place. Such a warfare was the most appropriate tactic for this situation. In addition, since Nicholas said so then it means he has the corresponding poison that would be useful in this situation.

“When are you going to start?” Xiao Yu asked.

“In the evening…” Nicholas said lightly.

Xiao Yu and Leonardo nodded in response.

The sky darknede. At the moment, everyone was accustomed to the night time at the Sunset Swamps. Nicholas spoke to few people and all of them disappeared into the darkness of the night. Poisoning wasn’t a simple activity. It wouldn’t be easy to poison so many gorlocs all of a sudden. It wouldn’t be easy even if there was a very powerful poison but it was clear that Nicholas was well prepared.

They were in the swamps and water was everywhere! The gorlocs lived in the water so it would be easy to poison them. Moreover, the gorlocs had lived in the swamps for a long time which meant that they had very strong immunity towards many poisons. Nicholas was going to poison them which meant it was a special kind of a poison.

Time went by… The darkness turned much deep and both sides has still yet to make a move. In fact, the killing intent was much more worse than the last night.

The assassins who had went to spread the poison had come back. It was clear that the poisons were successfully released. It was deep into the night when all the assasins came back.

It wasn’t clear which of the assassins had gone into the depth of gorloc territory to spread the poison but the plan had been implemented.

“ARGH~~” A low roar echoed from the peak of the mountain.

“Huh? Are they going to take the initiative to attack?” Xiao Yu murmured.

“Don’t be afraid! That poison doesn’t have an effect on humans! All the lizardmen are poisoned… Now, we will just collect their corpses!” Nicholas smiled.

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