WOWFRD – Ch 369

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Chapter 369

The other heroes were motivated by the sudden advancement of Naga Sea Witch so they got into a frenzy of slaughter. It was a good opportunity for them to level up too! However, this meant that the number of the gorlocs were decreasing faster. In addition, ordinary troops such as grunts, druids and others were trying their best to kill as many gorlocs as they could. All of them understood that they could become a hero after breaking through the shackles that held them back. The grunts were much more motivated as their bloodthirst had reached the maximum level.


Both Nicholas and Leonardo were quite startled when they saw Xiao Yu’s troops in a killing frenzy. They saw the dragon use nunchaku’s to kill while Cairne was in a rampage. Tyrande was killing enemies with rapid shoots as if harvest crop while Kael’thas endlessly used fire magic to take the lives of gorlocs. Both of them felt great threat from Xiao Yu’s troops. It wasn’t because of their strength or power, or even if these heroes were similar to the ones in the ancient times. The main reason was the variety and bizzareness of the troops. There were Sorceresses, Druids, Faerie Dragons, Gryphons and so on. Xiao Yu had both ground and air troops which had great advantages when played out the right way. Nicholas was able to see the reasons why Xiao Yu was able to defeat the Kennedy family.

But how did Xiao Yu got so many heroes and troops under his command? Was it Xiao Yu’s luck? Did all these troops come from the Ankagen Mountains?

Does it mean that Xiao Yu could summon them? But how great his powers are so that he could summon so many ancient troops? Nicholas believed that Xiao Yu would come up with just an excuse such as summoning to hide the real way. It was obvious that Xiao Yu was enveloped in mysteries and secrets.

Nicholas’s line of thoughts were interrupted when he saw that the violent attack of the gorlocs were diminishing. It seemed as if they were retreating. It wasn’t obvious at first but as time passed he saw that new gorlocs weren’t joining the battle.

Were the monsters retreating? Was it some kind of game?

Did they really win? Did they really win over the gorlocs?

“Should we chase?” Nicholas asked. Although the question was forwarded to both Leonardo and Xiao Yu but Nicholas’s eyes were concentrated on Xiao Yu. At the moment, Xiao Yu’s words were more important than the successor to the Shaw family. Leonardo was quite upset in his heart but it wasn’t reflected on his face. After all, he was aware about Xiao Yu’s role in the battle. He didn’t like Xiao Yu but it didn’t mean that he was blind to the reality.

“Let’s chase! Why shouldn’t we? It’s such a good opportunity. We have been through some hardships so is isn’t worth to get something back in return? Aren’t you interested in treasures in their lair? I would love to see their nest.. What kind of leader do they have? Aren’t you interested to know?” Xiao Yu replied.

Nicholas and Leonardo heard Xiao Yu’s positive response. They had Uther who was a great asset to increase their strength so the treasures of the gorlocs weren’t a dream.

Alliance troops began to give a chase but the pursuit didn’t take long. The mage’s couldn’t pave the way for the troops. The humans couldn’t outdo the gorlocs in the swamps. Moreover, the mist had yet to clear so there was a chance that the troops could fall into the swamps and die. Aggressiveness in these kind of conditions wasn’t a smart choice. Nevertheless, there was no fear on troops but excitement after such a fierce battle. Everyone was thinking that there wasn’t much chance to survive at the initial phase but everything ended much better than they thought. They didn’t survive the attack of the gorlocs but emerged victorious.

Xiao Yu looked up to see the sky get brighter. It was almost daytime but their sight was unclear because of dense mist. The temperature would rise up during the daytime and the fog would losen. The toxins withint the mist wasn’t powerful too. However, they had gone through a long battle and took a little rest to ease up.

“Fuck it… We have been tossing right and left for all night. I gotta take a rest no matter what!” Xiao Yu sat down to rest. Since the weren’t able to catch up to the gorlocs then the best option was to rest.

It was an embarrassing situation. They had been attacked by the gorlocs during the day and night for the last one day so they didn’t have much time to rest. They wouldn’t be able to survive for long time if they were ordinary humans. Moreover, Uther’s blessings were great help too. It had helped to remove the fatigue during the battle.

“Alright! We won’t chase since we can’t catch up with them! Let’s take a rest. We will get to their nest in the afternoon!” Xiao Yu’s voice echoed out. The grunts sat down and began to snore momentarily. Moments ago their eyes were red but now they were bored when they saw that they would stop the case. The moment Xiao Yu’s order was sent out they fell down to sleep. It had to be noted that this battle was so hard that even the grunts with extraordinary physical strength were tired to sleep. In the past times when they defended the Lion city they still had time to rest. But now they had gone through a day and night of battle without a single moment of rest.

Nicholas and Leonardo ordered their troops to rest too. Afterwards, they came over to sit by Xiao Yu’s side.

“Hey… What ya planning to do? I’m scared!” Xiao Yu acted like a little girl who had met two bandits. Nicholas rolled his eyes while Leonardo had a disgusted look on his face. Leonardo couldn’t understand actions of Xiao Yu as a heir to an ancient family. Nevertheless, he had to admit that Xiao Yu’s strength made him qualified to act as he wished.

“The lizardmen have been sent back. Are we going to think about the next part of our plan?” Nicholas said.

“No worries. We can talk about it.. But… Aren’t you guys forgetting about something? What about my money?” Xiao Yu smiled from ear to ear.

Nicholas and Leonardo didn’t talk much but paid what they owed Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was quite happy to see that every single gold coin was paid by these two people. It was true that the ancient families were too wealthy!

“Let’s get directly to the topic. We have to decide if we want to enter lizardmen’s nest or leave away!” Nicholas said.

Xiao Yu added: “Nonsense! Of course, we will enter their nest. Why shouldn’t we? Moreover, even if I disagree you guys will try to persuade me to enter. Why the rhetorical talk at this point?”

Xiao Yu was aware that there was nothing to talk about. Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to let go of this opportunity let alone Nicholas! There was a certain degree of danger in this mission but Xiao Yu knew that Nicholas must have trump cards behind his sleeves if he dared to come up with the idea. These people wouldn’t act rashly!

“It’s good to talk to wise men. We should go.. I think we have 80% chance of success because of your paladin and dragon.” Nicholas smiled.

“How are we going to divide the loot?” Leonardo asked. Xiao Yu smiled. He knew that he had to be careful as these people could sell him out at any moment.

“What do you think?” Nicholas didn’t answer but referred the question to Xiao Yu. He knew that Leonardo didn’t care much but Xiao Yu wouldn’t agree to less.

Xiao Yu thought for a while before talking: “We will distribute everything evenly as we will join in together.. But if you can find something on your own then it belongs to you. What do you think?”

Nicholas didn’t eexpect such an answer from Xiao Yu. It wouldn’t be easy to find the secret place where the best treasures were hidden. Xiao Yu had come up with this resolution which meant that he must have a way to get to the hidden rooms.

“Alright!” Leonardo was the first to consent. He smiled in a strange manner. It was obvious that Leonardo had a way too.

Both Leonardo and Xiao Yu had agreed so Nicholas nodded too as he didn’t have much to speak.

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