WOWFRD – Ch 368

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Chapter 368

Xiao Yu’s mood was excellent as he knew that tens of millions of gold coins would be entering his pockets soon. He wasn’t short of money at the moment but what about future? Who could give him a guarantee that he won’t be short on gold coins in the future? He needed gold coins to produce weapons, armors and units in the bases. In addition, he had exempted everyone from the taxes for the next three years. What would happen if he began to annex other territories? How would he cope up without gold coins?

However, this way he wouldn’t be worried about income or taxes within the near future. At least, the economy of his territory wouldn’t be under fire. In addition, without a doubt ancient families such as Ernst and Shaw weren’t short on money so the best way at the moment was to extort money from them.

Xiao Yu wouldn’t receive money yet but he believed that Nicholas and Leonardo wouldn’t try to cheat him as that way they would ruin their reputation and credibility. Moreover, at the moment the paladin’s magic was needed to buff the warriors to achieve more.

Additionally, Xiao Yu cared about gold coins but for Nicholas and Leonardo money wasn’t an issue. Nevertheless, both of them were very irritated because of underhanded methods Xiao Yu used to blackmail them.

However, Xiao Yu didn’t care much about their thoughts. At the moment, he was quite happy because of the current battle. He was gaining experience points and at the same time earning money which was an extra!

Xiao Yu felt a wave of wind go past by his face. He turned to see dragon appear out of nowhere. The pungent smell of blood made Xiao Yu spit out.

“Fucker! What are you doing? What’s with your appearance? Don’t you know that as a noble and powerful dragon you must take care of your image?! You must be good-looking at all times! Do you get me?” Xiao Yu shouted out.

Dragon spoke back in a childish voice: “Brother Yu, I was too excited in the battlefield and killed a lot of them… I was in a trance so … Don’t be mad.. I’ll clean myself now.”

The dragon treacherously smiled and jerked its body. The blood on its body splashed out…

“Motherfucker!” Xiao Yu jumped out but some blood still stained his clothes.

“Brother Yu.. I’m sorry.. It was you who ordered me clean myself…” The dragon treacherously smiled as it looked at Xiao Yu. It was copying Xiao Yu’s rogue style.

Xiao Yu was depressed as he looked at the dragon. He had brought up an apprentice but this dragon turned out to be more brutal than himself.

Xiao Yu didn’t talk but devilishly smiled as he looked at the dragon. The dragon felt that a crisis was going to happen so it just stood up and ran away into the battlefield as it laughed out loud.

Xiao Yu couldn’t take out his anger on the dragon as the dragon had already run away. The dragon had become more intelligent after reached fourth-rank. In fact, it seems the dragon could clean itself before coming to talk to Xiao Yu but it had deliberately hadn’t done so.

Uther was blessing everyone so the forces of Nicholas and Leonardo were much more active in the battlefield. The balance of the war was swaying towards the humans as time passed.


A melodious roar echoed out. It was a female’s voice and there was a joy in it.

“Awesome! I didn’t expect that Naga would level up so sooon!” Xiao Yu laughed out. Xiao Yu wasn’t involved in Naga’s battle style since the last upgrade. He had just ordered her to take care of her own safety and stay away from the danger. After all, Naga Sea Witch’s ability to survive in the swamps was very high. In addition, she could swim in the water much faster than the gorlocs!

She acquired 2 new skills after reaching level 20.

The name of the first skill was Sleep. It could make the target fall into sleepy state and become preys for the Sea Witch. The scope of the skill wasn’t very large but Xiao Yu understood that as long as Naga Sea Witch could level up then the skill could be upgraded too.

Naga Sea Witch could put the enemies into sleep in an instant at the key moments in the battle. Moreover, in case the enemy was much higher rank than her then she could daze the enemy for some time. Of course, it all depended how much the difference was between her and the enemy. Nevertheless, a moment of daze in the battle between powerhouses was more than enough to kill them.

The other skill was called Tidal Wave. It was a skill for close combat. At the moment, all skills of the Naga Sea Witch were for ranged combat. However, with this skill Naga could launch a tide from her body which would kill weak enemies and repel the stronger ones!

Xiao Yu was worried for Naga as she didn’t have any skill which could be used for defense. There could be strong enemies that could get through her attacks and get close to her which would mean an imminent danger to her safety. However, now his worries lessened a lot. Now, even if a strong enemy gets close to her then she could make the enemy daze for a moment unless they are immortals! She could use the Sleep skill or Tidal Wave to get the enemy.

“Awesome! Awesome!” Xiao Yu was willing to learn her skills too but firstly wanted to see them before trying to acquire those skills. He wanted to see how effective those skills were in reality.

Naga’s face was full of joy as she swung around her tail. She knew that Xiao Yu was sincerely happy for her. Her cold temperament warmed a bit. Naga Sea Witch was cold blooded as a half-serpent creature. However, anyone that has beenc lose to Xiao Yu for a long time would know that his feelings and care for his subordinates was from his heart. As a result, the loyalty of heroes and troops increased as time passed. In addition, at the moment Naga was a level 20 warrior so her emotions had improved too. She could see from the expression on Xiao Yu’s face that he wasn’t faking the happiness.

Naga turned towards the battlefield. She raised the arrow and bow in her hand. The gorlocs got close to her. Rays shot out from her eyes and about ten gorlocs stopped and dropped onto ground. They began to snore.

“Leave two of them and kill the others!” Xiao Yu said. He wanted to see how long the monsters would sleep.

Naga killed the others while leaving two alive.

It took seven or eight seconds for those two gorlocs to react but after that it took another full five or six seconds for them to recover their senses.

Xiao Yu believed that it was good enough for the gorlocs to stay sleepy for that long. After all, it wasn’t a small amount of time and the gorlocs were strong too.

Naga looked at the two gorlocs that rushed towards them. She wasn’t in a hurry as she tilted her tail and flapped it. Xiao Yu saw a sound tide appear.

“Awesome!” Xiao Yu praised as he listened to the sound of the attack. It seemed as if a sea tide was happening in front of him.

It seemed as if Naga’s body was a vast ocean. However, the scope and radius of the skill wasn’t big. It covered about seven or eight meters. Both gorlocs rushed towards the naga and were hit by the tidal wave.

Bang~ Bang~

Both gorlocs were stilly dizzy. They tried to overpower the waves but were violently thrown out and hit the ground. One of the gorlocs didn’t even get up. Xiao Yu saw that there was red blood flowing out of that gorloc’s mouth. Obviously, a great damage was done because of the tidal wave skill.

“Haha! Awesome! Awesome!” Xaio yu said as he saw that Naga’s strength had almost doubled.

The Tidal Wave was much more powerful than the archery skills of Naga. Xiao Yu would be less worried about Naga when he would send her to fight the enemies.

“Naga! Try to reach level 40 as soon as possible like Tyrande and others! Go!” Xiao Yu was in a good mood. Naga nodded and left.

Naga felt competetive as she saw the other heroes that were summoned before her. All of them were at a higher level than her.

All of them were heroes. It was just she was summoned later than them. Why couldn’t she be as good as them? Heroes similar to Naga in appearance and mindset were silent outside but their hearts were very competitive.

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  1. just tidal wave and he is already cried awesome! awesome! if there is a skill that can summon Tsunami what kind of reaction he will have? to bad there is no such skill ahahahaha 😀

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