WOWFRD – Ch 367

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Chapter 367

The situation was getting worse as time passed on. The alliance wouldn’t be able to resist until dawn if it went on like this. Moreover, they didn’t know if the mist was going to disappear.

“Do you think that I am a deity? I don’t have any solution at hand! It’s just my troops are various in terms of race and they are resistant to toxins by nature!” Xiao Yu shouted. In fact, he had solutions as Xiao Yu and Uther were paladins but they could detoxify humans easily. However, it meant that their mana would get exhausted at rapid pace.

“Everyone fight! Close up the holes in defense or we will all die!” Xiao Yu shouted out loud.

He knew that Nicholas and Leonardo had trump cards so he wanted to put pressure on them to use those trump cards. He wanted to see their true strength.

Nicholas stood silent for a moment. Afterwards, he turned to look into Leonardo’s eyes. Then he shouted: “Everyone! FIGHT!”

Everyone who was involved in the battle from Nicholas’s side turned more aggressive in a breath. It seemed as if they were hiding their strength up to now. Magicians began to throw out scrolls that caused the gorlocs to die in big numbers. Xiao Yu was shocked when he saw a large area where gorlocs were dominant to be cleared in seconds. Leonardo’s men weren’t inferior to Nicholas’s warriors and mages. Xiao Yu wasn’t sitting idle either. He ordered the heroes to use skills that they hadn’t used up to now. Tyrande and Naga Sea Witch began to use archery skills to kill more. In addition, he commanded Uther to bless Nicholas and Leonardo’s troops but not to overdo the blessing.

Uther understood the meaning behind Xiao Yu’s words. He nodded in confirmation and began to bless Nicholas and Leonardo’s troops.

Mages and warriors from Nicholas and Leonardo’s side turned to look at Uther with eyes full of shock when they began to feel the strength enveloping their bodies. They began to appreciate the presence of paladin. It was no wonder that a paladin could change the outcome of the war! In addition, Xiao Yu asked Uther to use Holy Light skill to cure the wounds of warriors and mages.

Leonardo’s eyes had widened in shock at the sight. Leonardo, himself, was blessed by Uther too and he felt that his own power enhance by bounds. What did it mean to have his own strength increase by one-third? It had to be noted that Leonardo was already a powerful man so a blessing that increased his strength by one-third was superb.

In addition, everyone was able to understand that Uther was backing off and not giving his all to bless the people. The Spell Breakers from Xiao Yu’s side had been blessed by Uther more than once! The power shown by the paladin had shocked everyone. It was much better to have such a paladin in the team rather than a powerful warrior!

Leonardo was still in shock but Nicholas was clystal clear about the matter. The Paladin was the real Uther! Can even the Pope from the Church can use such as powerful blessing? Additionally, both Leonardo and Nicholas were aware that existence of such a powerful paladin would bring uncertainty to any war. Anyone would lose if they didn’t account such a powerful paladin into their plans!

The situation gradually turned stable after Uther’s blessings. The overall strength of the allied army had increased by one-third! Moreover, none of them were ordinary soldiers but powerful warriors and mages! The gorlocs that died in the battlefield increased by heaps and bounds as time passed.

Xiao Yu felt triumphant because of the situation in front of him. There were many powerful warriors and mages but Uther’s blessings were the main ingredient that made them topple the gorlocs. Nicholas and Leonardo ordered the troops to go full on as Uther’s blessing was more than enough to change the tide of the battle. Xiao Yu withdrew from the battlefield as he got tired. He decided to rest for a while.

“Fuck it. I’m not strong enough and my stamina isn’t great either. When will I have the same attributes like Cairne?” Xiao Yu enviously looked at Cairne Bloodhoof who was bravely fighting without even taking a breath. Xiao Yu was powerful too but he was still lacking in comparison to the Cairne’s body strength.

Nicholas and Leonardo withdrew and stood not far away from Xiao Yu.

“Xiao Yu. We can solve the current crisis with your paladin’s help. Morever, the treasures of the lizardmen won’t be out of reach too.” Nicholas narrowed his eyes as he smiled. He believed that Uther will be a great tool to use in the upcoming challenges.

Xiao Yu glanced back at him: “Do you think that Paladins can bless out just like that? Do you think that it doesn’t cost them mana? Don’t you know that the blessings harm the paladin too?! The blessing of the Might is a costly blessing. Aren’t you aware of it?”

Nicholas didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would have such a fierce reaction to his words. Leonardo wasn’t planning to deal with Xiao Yu so he stood silent as he looked at Nicholas and Xiao Yu. Moreover, if he said something and both of them got into a verbal battle then Xiao Yu could just order Uther to withdraw which would cost him a lot. He wasn’t an idiot! It wasn’t time to be jealous of others but wait for the right opportunity!

“I say… My troops have done a lot to save lives of your people. How are you going to compensate me for this? You must be aware that Uther’s blessings cost him a lot. By the way, I have forgotten to tell you guys this but there is a time limit for the blessing of might. So think about every detail.” Xiao Yu wasn’t going to give them chance to enjoy the situation. They were in an alliance but he had to think about his own benefits too.

Nicholas was silent as he couldn’t understand the meaning behind Xiao Yu’s words.

“So you prefer silence.. I think there is no need to waste Uther’s energy and mana!” Xiao Yu smiled.

Nicholas wryly smiled as he understood that Xiao Yu was expecting monetary compensation from both of them. This Xiao Yu was a no good – rogue who wanted to get benefits from every situation! At the moment, there was a chance and this Xiao Yu was simply blackmailing them!

Moreover, neither Nicholas nor Leonardo would think that Xiao Yu would talk about such a thing at this point. It had to be noted that the battle wasn’t over yet!

Leonardo spoke in acold tone: “Xiao Yu! Aren’t we part of the same alliance?”

“Of course, we are allies! But who has been doing the hard work? Uther has been sweating off to strength and heal our people! What about the costs of doing so? Who is going to compensate for that? He has been curing your people! He has been blessing them!”

Xiao Yu turned towards Uther and shouted: “Uther! Save mana when blessing Nicholas and Leonardo’s people. Focus on our own men! Why should we consume our resources to protect others?”

Uther nodded in confirmation.

Nicholas saw that the situation turned 180 degrees in seconds. Both him and Leonardo would face lots of casualties without Uther’s blessings. He knew that he was in a desperate situation. Nicholas asked: “What do you want?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “You know… I am quite short on money. After all, my territory is just a small one and I’m lacking gold coins.. Let’s say this. One blessing will cost you guys 100,000 gold coins. What do you think? I’m being very generous and kind, aren’t I?”

100,000 gold coins! It was a daytime robbery! Although neither Leonardo nor Nicholas were in a situation where they couldn’t afford that amount. But wans’t it just too expensive for one blessing?

“Xiao Yu! You are pushing it too far!” Leonardo spoke out word by word. He was doing his best to suppress the anger in his heart because without blessings his people would suffer heavy losses.

“You too? Do you think its too expensive?” Xiao Yu looked at Nicholas. He shrugged his shoulders afterwards: “It seems some people are going to die.. They aren’t my subordinates so who cares?”

“Alright! Alright! It’s a fair price! I will pay. Leonardo will promise to pay too.” Nicholas replied.

Leonardo snorted but didn’t deny Nicholas’s words. He viciously looked at Xiao Yu.

There was a wide smile on Xiao Yu’s face which had brightened in moments. Millions or even tens of millions of gold coins were going to enter his pockets.. Quick cash!

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