WOWFRD – Ch 366

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Chapter 366


“Prepare for the battle!” Nicholas’s voice echoed out. The people were already nervous. They were clenching their arms as they hold onto their weapons and waited for the emergence of the gorlocs. Xiao Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled up as he looked at the dense fog covering them. He was afraid that the fog would cover the gorlocs and make them invisible which would make the situation very dangerous. Moreover, there would be many creatures which could rely on the environment to attack them!

There was no need to say who was the dominant one when the enemy was in the dark and Xiao Yu’s troops were in the light!

“Everyone listen! Get ready to make defensive formations!” Xiao Yu frowned as he couldn’t manage the overall situation. However, he was good at defensive warfare so he believed that they should be alright as long as they kept the gorlocs from breaking through the defensive formations.

But what if the gorlocs dug out from beneath the ground? Would everyone be ready for such a battle?

Xiao Yu’s troops were obedient to his commands so they quickly got into defensive formation. The grunts formed the main defensive wall and waited for the head on attack of the gorlocs. The Sorceresses, Druids, Spell breakers and other stood within that wall to give assistance in times of need. To make sure that he wouldn’t lose sorceresses or druids of the talon in the battle he ordered one or two grunts or druids of the claw to be close to them. In case, the gorlocs rushed from beneath the ground then those grunts or druids of the claw could kill them.

Xiao Yu arranged the heroes to be close to the grunts. They would change their position immediately and rush to help to the place which was in crisis. Xiao Yu had developed battle instincts throughout the wars so he was prepared for the battle with the gorlocs. He believed that he could gain the victory only by good defensive formation at the moment.

Xiao Yu smiled after giving out the command. He took out the Arcanite Reaper and looked at the thick fog. He was planning to get into the battle if there was need for him to move. However, he still arranged few people to stay beside Lin Muxue. Uther was beside her at all times as personal bodyguard. The security of the beauty was Xiao Yu’s first and foremost mission!

“Why don’t we form a proper formation with all troops together?”

Nicholas and Leonardo nodded. They began to deploy their troops in accordance with Xiao Yu’s formation. Nicholas was aware that Xiao Yu was the best in defensive warfare. Xiao Yu had taken the defensive formation because there was no point in offense at the moment. In addition, Nicholas and Leonardo knew that the better the defensive formation the more the chance for them to survive would be brought out.

Nicholas and Leonardo ordered the magicians of the earth and ice affinity to build simple fortifications to slow down the march of the gorlocs. Xiao Yu told them specific forms to concentrate on so that the defensive line would be much more effective. In addition, he had brought a goblin who was the apprentice of Foror. This goblin gave them plans to build the defensive line with the magic.

Rumble~ Rumble~ Rumble~

The gorlocs were coming in huge numbers and even the ground was trembling.

“Prepare! Kill! Kill! Kill! Fucking kill ‘em!” Xiao Yu began to shout. His voice echoed out and everyone heard him. The fears of people began to dissipate and they were focused on killing the enemy. His voice wasn’t only affecting his own people but spread into minds of Nicholas and Leonardo’s troops.

Nicholas narrowed his eyes: “Xiao Yu seems like a hooligan but he is an excellent commander in times of war. It was no wonder that he had achieved so many victories.. Now, I know that they weren’t flukes.. He will be worse enemy than Leonardo or Robert in the future. ”

The moment of the troops reached the extreme and they began to see figures of the gorlocs approaching them.

“Kill these creatures! Fucking kill them!”

“Motherfuckers We will chop you up!”

“We will kill you and eat you!”


The other troops and even the adventurers began to shout out and swear after they heard Xiao Yu do so. This way they felt full of energy.

Bang~ Both sides collided.

The gorlocs seemed to have been prepared for this attack. Their offensive was aggressive to the extreme. They were like locusts that got into the fields.

Humans were roaring as they met the creatures. They had forgotten their fears and strangled the creatures to survive. Everyone knew that there was one way out and that was to kill! They could survive only by killing the enemies!

Broken limbs flew in the air. Sharp swords met the sharp teeth of the creatures. It was only the beginning but the smell of the bloody battle had already filled the place. The blood spilled down as if a dense rain was going on. The swamps had turned red.

Xiao Yu had already summoned various totems to enhance the strength of the grunts. All of them had the double their strength. Moreover, Xiao Yu had given them strength, agility and defense potions to reduce the casualties as much as possible. It was a desperate situation where lots of casualties could happen. Xiao Yu didn’t want to see his troops suffer tremendous damage.

Spell Breakers relied on their strong bodies and huge shields to protect themselves. They were very eye-catching in the front of the battlefield. Uther had blessed them so they were not inferior to a third-rank warriors in strength. They didn’t have the powerful strength of a grunt but they weren’t worse than human footmen. In addition, their graceful postures and super martial arts made them look more dazzling in the battlefield. If several Spell breakers cooperated together then they were excellent in offense and defense without a loophole. It might be because of their blood elf ancestry that they seemed so powerful.

The best warriors of Leonardo and Nicholas rushed out for the first time. Their battle strength was shocking too. The warrior who used machete by Leonardo’s side was using the whirlwind like skill to kill gorlocs back and forth. He was like a meat grinder! Xiao Yu was shocked to see the man’s strength. He seemed much more powerful than Grom but Grom was excellent to tie him up in the previous battle.

Grom was much more agitated when he saw the human use a skill similar to his. He jumped into the crowd of gorlocs and began to use all sorts of skill to massacre them. Cairne was much more bloodier in comparison to the others. Xiao Yu had told him not to move ahead a lot but could he stop once he was berserk? He was a level 40 warrior and his body was like an iron steel! He was wearing a T4 suit which made his defenses superb. He didn’t even dodge! It was like battle of who would kill whom first!

Maiev and Illidan were the supportive type heroes who appeared in one place then in another to support the normal warriors. However, their appearance meant that a huge death toll would happen! Nicholas’s warriors who used shields began to cooperate with grunts to enlarge the defensive line. The remote units of Nicholas and Leonardo were much more overwhelming in the battlefield.

Naga sea Witch and Tyrande used arrows to harvest the enemy lives. Their speed was very fast. Kael’thas was using flame magic to kill bunch of gorlocs.

“Fuck it! I’m going in!” Xiao Yu shouted. He waved the Arcanite Reaper as he jumped into the battlefield. One wave of the Arcanite Reaper was enough to chop the head of the gorlocs. He was following Cairne’s style to upgrade himself so Xiao Yu’s strength had reached terrifying levels.

“Motherfuckers! Why aint there any evolved gorlocs? Didn’t the gorlocs swallow each other yet?” Xiao Yu was very surprised when he didn’t see any evolved gorlocs in the front of the battlefield. They were only ordinary gorlocs.


It was some kind of trap!

Xiao Yu got close to his warriors and heroes and began to tell them to be careful. It seemed the evolved gorlocs would use the ground to dig out and attack them.

Nicholas and Leonardo were affected when they saw Xiao Yu to personally act and get to fight in the battlefield. Xiao Yu was constantly changing place and helping his warriors in all places.

Minutes passed and people were gradually relaxing after they saw that the gorlocs weren’t that hard to fight against. But the real crisis was coming up!

Boom~ Boom~

A location not far from Xiao Yu’s troops which was relative weak ground in comparison to the other places broke up. A giant jumped out. In a closer look it was an evolved gorloc!

One by one evolved gorlocs rushed out from that place to attack the unsuspecting defenders. IT was a sneak attack.

“Four-sided defense! Get them!” Xiao Yu shouted out when he saw so many evolved gorlocs appear. They weren’t as easy to kill as ordinary or berserk gorlocs!

grom and Carine immediately moved to kill the evolved gorlocs. Tyrande, Naga and Kael’thas began to target them to pressure the evolved gorlocs. Xiao Yu against threw the sleeping dragon into the mouth of the evolved gorloc.

However, the evolved gorlocs weren’t the only ones to rush out from underground. Countless ordinary gorlocs followed after them. It was as if ants were coming out of their nests. Xiao Yu believed that it was still a miracle that the casualties from his side were so lot.

Nicholas and Leonardo had suffered a lot. They still couldn’t grasp what to do. After all, number of attacking enemies was too much!

Leonardo was furious when he saw one of the mages to get killed. His family had spent so much to cultivate such a mage! He couldn’t withstand anymore as he personally joined the battle. His martial arts weren’t good but he was a good mage himself.

Nihcolas was the only one of the leaders to stay behind. Otherwise, who would watch over the situation? Who would coordinate and command the troops? What if the gorlocs came up with another weird and strange strategy?

Xiao Yu got shocked as time passed. He knew that the strength of the evolved gorlocs had improved by a lot. The most fatal thing about the gorlocs was that the gorlocs that dug out from the hole weren’t just stopping. It was like there was no end to them! How many gorlocs lived in the Sunset Swamps?

It didn’t matter how many people the humans had or how strong they were if so many gorlocs joined the battle! There would be no way to resist them after some point.

Xiao Yu looked around to evaluate the situation. It seemed that he wouldn’t be able to go to the depth of the Sunset Swamps to find the Gul’dan’s skull if it went on like this at the moment.

“Focus inwards! Concentrate! Reduce the scope of battlefield!” Xiao Yu shouted. By reducing the size of the formation he was planning to make small number of gorlocs to attack them in comparison to before. His own people slowly got closer to Nicholas’s team. This way they were getting farther from the hole that the gorlocs were coming out.

Nicholas didn’t have much opinion at the moment so he ordered his own and Nicholas’s troops to get closer to.

After some time the alliance had turned into a small but round pie like shape. There were three sides who fought the gorlocs. Moreover, the mages began to use magic to cover the land beneath their feet. Before, the defensive perimeter was too big so they couldn’t waste magic but now the circle had reduced so the consumption of mana was reduced too.

“Motherfucker! When did I become such a loser?” Xiao Yu murmured. He had relied on the power of the city walls and used all kinds of tricks to win the wars. He had never faced such a bad situation. At the moment he couldn’t even rely on the high ground as there was none. The only option was to use force to hold the ground or else they would die.

“Any ideas? The fog contains toxins! We will be finished if it goes on like this!” Leonardo shouted. He was anxious as he saw that his troops were getting slower as time passed. He had discovered the symptoms of poisoning in his troops. Xiao Yu wasn’t aware of this as his troops was much more resistant to toxins in comparison to humans.

“Xiao Yu! If there is anything to say then say it now! We must cooperate!” Nicholas saw that Xiao Yu wasn’t saying anything but he believed that Xiao Yu had a way but didn’t want to say. He wanted to put the responsibility on Xiao Yu as he believed that Xiao Yu’s combat and commanding abilities were above them!

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