WOWFRD – Ch 365

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Chapter 365

All three of them consulted with each other and at the end decided to rest temporarily. At the same time, some of the forces were patrolling around to see if the gorlocs were going to attack them.

Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo were smart men. They were already aware that the gorlocs were going to attack at the night time. The current situation that they were in was casued by the gorlocs. Humans were taking into the depth of the swamps so that the gorlocs could attack unfazed during the night time. At first, everyone believed that they were facing just simple beasts and monsters but now they were aware that these “beasts” weren’t inferior to planning and strategy in comparison to the humans. That’s why everyone decided to rest as much as possible until the night war started.

They couldn’t make a camp to rest as battle might start at any time. So everyone sat down to rest and restore their strength. Some people would take out food to eat. However, everyone would check the ground beneath their feet from time to time as a gorloc could pop out from there too.

Xiao Yu wasn’t worried much as he had Cairne, Grom, Tyrande and other heroes by his side. If a gorloc decided to visit them then it wouldn’t be able to go back alive! Likewise, he ordered his air troops to come down to rest. They were in endless swamps and there was no high ground for them to pick to rest. Moreover, the gryphons couldn’t always fly! It was a desperate moment so Xiao Yu choose a place for the gryphons to land and he ordered the grunts to envelope them and ensure their safety. The air units were very fragile on the ground. In case of danger, Xiao Yu had ordered the grunts to ensure the safety of the air units first. He had even told them to threw off the gryphons by force so minimize the take-off time.

It didn’t take long before Nicholas and Leonardo came over to discuss their strategy. In addition, there were red eyes looking at them from different places. It was sure that the gorlocs were waiting their time for the slaughter.

“Xiao Yu! The vision of the elves is the best during the night time. They must alert everyone in case of an attack or else we will be in troubling situation!” Nicholas said as he looked at Xiao Yu. Nicholas was worried that Xiao Yu would use this chance to consume both Nicholas and Leonardo’s strength!

Xiao Yu smiled: “Do you think that I’m going to act so low? I believe the overall situation is much important than only mine in this place. We have formed an alliance so I won’t let your people die!”

Leonardo was furious: “Your people are quite safe while we have lost a lot! Don’t take us for tools!”

Xiao Yu didn’t care much about their thoughts. He only cared about his own people. He was happy as long as his people were fine! Of course, he wasn’t cherishing the death of his enemies but who told those people to choose the wrong masters?

Both Nicholas and Leonardo weren’t aware of Xiao Yu’s thoughts or else they would have taken out their swords and attacked Xiao Yu long ago.

“Don’t worry.. Moreover, the lizardmen won’t attack yet.. I believe they are waiting for the total darkness. Do you think they will come up with a new strategy?“ Xiao Yu said as he looked at Nicholas.

Both Nicholas and Leonardo vowed that they would find a suitable opportunity to make Xiao yu bleed! In fact, they have been thinking about this for a long while but now that they had entered the swamps they were waiting for the best opportunity to drown Xiao Yu for good.

Nicholas shifted the topic to focus on strategies during the night battle. Humans were the weakest during the night battles because of vision. The other races had much powerful vision during the night time in comparison to the humans. Even fourth-rank or fifth-rank warriors couldn’t see too far but had to rely on their instincts and sixth-sense. Nevertheless, there was going to be a battle and they had to solve the problem of sight. They brain stormed for a while and decided to use mages to overcome this shortcoming. Magicians would use fireballs and Uther’s light magic would enlighten the location. Uther was idle all the time so Xiao Yu wasn’t against the idea.

Moreover, Xiao Yu pondered to check if Uther’s blessings could work on Nicholas and Leonardo’s men. At the critical moment, Xiao Yu was going to use this to overpower their people to protect himself.

“The problem of lightning is solved.. But what if the lizardmen dig out from the ground? How are we going to fight? Aren’t they going to distract the troops?” Xiao Yu asked. The ground was quite thick at their location but there was no guarantee that the berserk gorlocs couldn’t dig beneath them. Besides, who knew what other creatures would come out at the night time in addition to the gorlocs?

“We can’t handle that problem. We will make formations. Some will fight while the others will rest. We will alternate troops this way. This seems the most logical solution to persist until dawn. Afterwards, we will think of something else” Nicholas responded. He knew that it wasn’t time to settle personal grudges and their aim had to be to successfully live through the night.

Xiao Yu was also thinking along the same lines. After this all three men discussed about the details then went to rest. It wasn’t completely dark yet so there was a period of time frame to rest.

Lin Muxue was in Xiao Yu’s arms as Xiao Yu leaned against Cairne and Grom to sleep. Lin Muxue was very tired too. She had used magic to help during the battle from long range which had tired her. She was still a third-rank mage but the power exerted by her wasn’t low.

She felt that she was very safe in Xiao Yu’s arms and he would protect her at all costs. So it didn’t take long for her to sleep.

Xiao Yu wasn’t aware how long he had slept but he was woken up by Tyrande. She was the one to patrol during the night time and report to Xiao Yu if something happened. Actually, there was no one better than Tyrande to stay as a patrol because of her natural night vision and Eagle Eye skill.

“Huh? What happened? Are the gorlocs attacking?” Xiao Yu asked as soon as he woke up.

Tyrande replied: “There are movements.. It seems the gorlocs are assembling and there is a fog that is covering the swamps.”


“Fuck! How could I forget this? We will be in trouble!” Xiao yu patted his head as he stood up. His voice was loud so most of the people who were sleeping began to wake up.

“Nicholas! Leonardo! Wake up your troops and alert them! The lizardmen are going to attack with the mist!” Xiao Yu loudly shouted.

Both Nicholas and Leonardo were taken aback because of the situation. They looked towards the direction Xiao Yu was pointing at. Their vision wasn’t good but still they could see a layer of white fog getting closer to them. Moreover, nothing could be seen within the mist! It seemed that the fog wouldn’t dissipate till morning which meant that the mages or Uther wouldn’t be able to illuminate the location easily!

“Everyone stand up! Get Ready!” both Nicholas and Leonardo reacted. Their own people would die if they reacted slowly.

The powerhouses from these families understood that the situation was dire as soon as they woke up. They began to prepare for the upcoming battle.

“What are you guys getting so nervous about? The fog has yet to reach us.. It’s not time for the battle.. The war will begin after the mist envelops us!” Xiao Yu shouted out. He saw that both Nicholas and Leonardo were very nervous.

But who wouldn’t be nervous in such a situation?

Nicholas and Leonardo felt helpless. Now they understood that Xiao Yu’s presence was greatly strengthening the overall power of the alliance. Moreover, Xiao Yu had air units which made him almost invincible. It was no wonder that Xiao Yu acted so fearless all the time.

What if the fog was enveloping them? Xiao Yu had air units and a dragon! The dragon could even use its wings to fan away the mist!

However, both of them had misunderstood Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to use the air units in the upcoming battle because it was useless. The mist was spreading from all sides so there was no point in blowing it away.

The mages began to use fireballs to lighten the location as the fog slowly spread around. However, the sight was still blurry. Moreover, the mages couldn’t use magic blatantly as they didn’t have mana potions like Xiao Yu. In addition, Xiao Yu wasn’t going to give out free potions to them as they were his future enemies! He was a good man but not an idiot.

The fireballs were spread around too as the fog grew in size. Nevertheless, people began to move towards each other to avoid being swallowed up by the fog. All of them were aware that the terrifying berserk gorlocs were hiding inside the mist!

What they didn’t think about was that if there were so many berserk gorlocs then the alliance would have become their food long ago.

Xiao Yu shouted out when he saw that people were getting too close to each other: “Spread out! Get away from each other so that you have enough distance to fight easily without harming your comrades!”

People began to follow his orders after hearing Xiao Yu. Nicholas and Leonardo followed his instructions too. They may hate Xiao Yu but his decisions were right!

Xiao Yu’s mood turned more gloomy as he saw the fog enveloping them. Would this fog be so simple?

at the same time a roar echoed from far away…

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  1. Can we get this novel back on track to at least 1 chapter a day. Ever since the translator went to his friends wedding he has not been serious. I still appreciate the work but it was so good when he was on the ball and now it seems like he is off the wagon.

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