WOWFRD – Ch 364

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Chapter 364

Everynoe was stunned as the evolved gorlocs began to roar and crawl out to attack the humans much more fiercer than before. People believed that all of the evolved gorlocs were killed but the full-scale attack was very terrifying and horrorful. Who would think that a body that was next to them would jump up to attack and kill them?

Many warriors were killed within a time frame of few breathes. The warrior would miss an arm or leg even if they were able to keep their lives. At the end, they were left with serious injuries and no strength to fight. Such people were nothing but burden in the eyes of Nicholas and Leonardo in places such as Sunset Swamps. It had to be noted that they didn’t treat their people the way Xiao Yu did with life potions or precious herbs. Both Leonardo and Nicholas regarded life potions as strategic resources and they didn’t have much of them to begin with. In addition, those potions were kept for their own use at crucial moments.

Another reason for discarding those wounded warriors would be creating a chance for others to escape.

“What the heck is going on?” Both Leonardo and Nicholas were furious. The mages were extremely precious troops and several mages were killed in a flash. Who wouldn’t be angry and furious at such a time?

Xiao Yu’s loss was quite less in comparison to both of them. The main reason being, Xiao Yu had thrown the little dragon into the mouth of an evolved gorloc at time of the attack.

Could an evolved gorloc kill a fourth-rank dragon with a bite?

The little dragon was sleeping soundly when it was bitten by the evolved gorlocs. It turned furious as its body enlarged in a speed visible to the naked eye and exploded the evolved gorloc’s mouth.

Uther who stood behind used his protective spells to make a shield to protect Lin Muxue. Xiao Yu was angry as the gorlocs wanted to attack Lin Muxue. He wouldn’t let her suffer even a little! Therefore, he throw out few scrolls given to him by Master Higgins before he left the Lion city.



The giant evolved gorlocs were smashed after bursts of explosions. Xiao Yu believed that even fifth-rank warriors couldn’t survive these explosions let alone the evolved gorlocs who had their mouth open at the time of explosions.

The Sorceresess morphed the evolved gorlocs into sheep.

As a result, the loss on Xiao Yu’s side was much smaller. Only four Sorceresess who couldn’t respond on time were killed. There were several seriously injured warriors but Xiao Yu used life potions and Uther used his healing skill to treat them.

“Motherfucker! What the fuck? How did I end up in this monster’s mouth?” The little dragon was furious. It took out two huge nunchaku’s and began to attack the gorlocs. It was speaking in an angry tone but the little dragon’s sound was similar to a kid’s so the words that went out of its mouth didn’t seem rude but cute!

“I’ll kill ya all!” The dragon used the nunchakus to rampage in the battlefield.

“Motherfucker! We have lost four people! Why????” Xiao Yu shouted in a tone full of misery. His principle at looking towards the life of his subordinates was totally different from Leonardo and Nicholas’s look and it couldn’t be changed. He valued and recognized all the races under his command. Moreover, Tyrande and others wouldn’t respect him if he was inclined towards the life of some more than others.

In fact, Xiao Yu was quite lucky in comparison to the 2 other parties. More than 30 evolved gorlocs had attacked trio but only 8 of them jumped to attack Xiao Yu’s team. The remaining more than 20 evolved gorlocs were aiming at Nicholas’s and Leonardo’s teams. Moreover, the evolved gorlocs were killed because of dragon’s rapid actions.

Xiao Yu ordered the grunts to smash the bodies of the evolved gorlocs into pieces as if he was afraid that they could rise up once again. The evolved gorlocs died without retorting but their bodies slightly trembled because of the grunts attacks.

Nicholas had lost a lot of people. Actually, he would lose much more if it wasn’t for Reilas. The blood elves from the Sunbreaker clan used tyrannical magic to kill the evolved gorlocs. Most of them turned into ash without being able to reach anyone.

The hearts of the onlookers was trembling when they saw the fierce fluctioations around the bodies of the blood elves. What would happen if those blood elves attacked them? Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw Reilas act. Indeed, the patriarch of the blood elf clan was powerful but a lot of magical elements were leaking out of his body creating mana fluctuations. It was sure that Reilas couldn’t control the power of the sunwell water. Nevertheless, Nicholas was very pleased. He wouldn’t be able to go on if it wasn’t for Reilas. He would have to take out trump cards if it wasn’t for Reilas’s presence which meant that there would be less options at hand when he would be fighting for Gul’dan’s skull.

Leonardo was facing heavy casualties. He had lost 4 high-rank mages. Actually, he was too anxious to take out his trump cards but his people were able to kill the evolved gorlocs on time. The battlefield turned fierce once again. More than 30 evolved gorlocs were killed but there were lots of berserk gorlocs left in the field.

Leonardo and Nicholas wanted to go forward and kill the rest when Xiao Yu waved to stop them.

“Don’t rush in! They are already retreating… ” Xiao Yu frowned. He found out that he was in a tight spot since they had stepped into the Sunset Swamps.

“Just like this? Do you want us to let them go just like this? We aren’t like you! We have lots of casualties!” Even Nicholas disagreed with Xiao Yu at the moment. He was aware that Xiao Yu’s performance was unusual. Xiao Yu had the smallest lost even facing the evolved gorlocs!

Xiao Yu helplessly said when he saw furious Nicholas: “Don’t you realize it yet? We have been played!”

Both Nicholas and Leonardo were stunned as they looked at each other after listening to Xiao Yu.

“What do you mean? Explain!” Nicholas was very dissatisfied with Xiao Yu’s actions but he understood that Xiao Yu had noticed something had hadn’t shared with them.

Xiao Yu slowly said after checking the dead evolved gorlocs: “The lizardmen aren’t inferior to humans in terms of wisdom and intelligence. Don’t you understand what’s happening at the moment? The ordinary lizardmen may be idiots but their leader isn’t! We gotta stop if we don’t want to turn into their meals!”

Xiao Yu’s words were like thunder that smashed into their heads. Both of them had ignored this small detail since the start. They would have continued to march after the gorlocs if it wasn’t for xiao Yu’s words. However, at the moment they knew that they couldn’t treat the gorlocs as beasts that only rush to kill!

“Xiao Yu, why didn’t you tell this to us since start? Why did you wait for us to have so many losses?” Nicholas’s face was reddish as he had overlooked the smallest detail.

Xiao Yu asked: “Do you want to hear the truth?”

Xiao Yu slowly spoke when he saw both of their faces turned ugly: “I was thinking about this but none of you gave me the chance to speak or time to think! What can I do? Don’t you guys see? I lost 4 precious blood elf sorceresses! Each of them is unique! Why do you think I have been grieving and crying for?” His tears began to fall after Xiao Yu stopped his speech. The other two couldn’t help but feel nauseous after Xiao Yu’s words. Both Leonardo and Nicholas stood silent for a long time.

After a while, Nicholas spoke: “Xiao Yu we are an alliance. You better say something if you encounter something fishy in the future. We are in the Sunset Swamps. Do you think you can go on your own if we lose too many people?”

Xiao Yu nodded his head as he understood the truth underlying behind Nicholas’s speech. Actually, he didn’t know in advance but he had just got an intuition that something wrong would happen. It seemed to be the aftereffect of Thrall’s Far Sight skill which had given him insight into the situation.

“Fucking nonsense! We have lost lots of people and we gotta get quits for it!” Leonardo said in a cold tone. He knew that Nicholas and Xiao Yu weren’t as bad terms as he was with Xiao Yu. But he couldn’t swallow the loss he had faced moments ago.

Xiao Yu turned to look at the environment. The sun was about to set and the place was getting darker. The dull Sunset Swamps had turned much dimmer. It seemed that after a while humans couldn’t see over here like the beasts that had night vision and other types of perception for night time. It would mean that they would be going to give up their lives let alone kill the gorlocs.

“Can we stay here tonight while being surrounded by these monsters?” Nicholas’s face had turned gloomy. He see through Xiao Yu’s acts so he knew that a troubled time was ahead. There were lots of gorlocs and it seemed they were bound to end up as their food. But where they could safely rest?

It had to be known that the mages couldn’t unlimitedly make the grounds icy. It was impossible for them to maintain that state. In addition, the gorlocs could break through the ground by swimming under the ice pathes.

It wasn’t bad when all three parties were fighting but now the situation was changing. Xiao Yu sighed too. He knew that the one who controlled the gorlocs had set them up since they had entered the Sunset Swamps.

At the moment they were facing a dilemma. They couldn’t advance during the nighttime but they couldn’t just retreat! What they should do?

There was total silence as everyone waited for someone with intelligent answer to speak up.

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