WOWFRD – Ch 363

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It was unfortunate for Xiao Yu and others to meet the gorlocs that used such a berserk skill. They didn’t know whether they were lucky or unlucky. These creatures were only mentioned in the legends and few had seen them to use the berserk skill. Moreover, the people who had seen the gorlocs use the berserk skill had already turned to their food and become the nutrition for the Sunset Swamps. There are few who could have escaped these many gorlocs.

The newly evolved gorlocs stood still as they looked at the human enemies. The ordinary gorlocs began to sway away from them as if they were avoiding these newly transformed monsters.

“Nicholas, what are these things? Do you have any idea?” Leonardo frowned. Nevertheless, there was a trust formed towards the Nicholas by Leonardo. He understood that they could survive if he trusted the information that Nicholas gave away.

Nicholas raised his hands upwards indicating that he had no idea. He had indeed read a lot of information about the gorlocs but there was no data regarding this transformation in those books. After all, there weren’t many who had seen this type of transformation done by the gorlocs.

“Cairne! Grom! Stay back to form defense!” Xiao Yu didn’t care much as he shouted out. He knew that the gorlocs would engulf everone soon so he had to form a defensive formation. They couldn’t attack and march so he had to adjust his troops for defense.

Leonardo and Nicholas also issued orders to organize the defensive formation. The mages began to create buffer zones to open up space for defense. No one would be mad enough to fight head on against the gorlocs at the moment.

Fortunately, all three parties kept together so there was no breach of space for the gorlocs to advance. This way the transformed gorlocs couldn’t easily rush to break the defensive formation. It was a proof of tacit understanding between three parties. Everyone knew that the defensive formation would collapse the moment one of three withdrew from the site.

“How powerful are these lizardmen?” Nicholas asked. The evolution of the gorlocs was beyond his expectations.

“How powerful? Why don’t you try them? I think they have strength of peak fourth-rank warriors.. Maybe they are on par with ordinary fifth-rank warriors… Hopefully, none of them are equal to sixth-rank warriors or we will be facing destruction! Let me see… There are no more than fifty of them! It’s a big trouble!” Xiao Yu responded. 50 evolved gorlocs wasn’t enough to kill all of them but there were going to be heavy casualties!

Nicholas added: “There is no point in arguing at the moment. We have to work out a solution to this problem. Afterwards, we can go to lizardmen’s lair.. There must be lots of treasures there… Aren’t you guys interested?”

Gorloc’s nest?

Both Xiao Yu and Leonardo reacted. It was no wonder that Nicholas was so eager to form an alliance with them! It turns out that Nicholas wanted to get to lair of gorlocs since the start!

Nicholas should have enough strength to go to the depth of the Sunset Swamps on his own but if he wanted to get into the nest of gorlocs then he couldn’t do it on his own let alone grab the treasures.

“Are you sure about the treasures?” Xiao Yu’s soul stirred up when he listened to Nicholas. The situation wasn’t that worse. There were many warriors who had yet to attack so all three sides had lots of trump cards.

Nicholas smiled: “Is it necessary for me to confirm it? I can’t get that many treasures on my own but we have chance if all of us go in together!”

Nicholas wasn’t lying at the moment. Why would he bring together so many people if he could do it on his own? Would he be willing to form an alliance with Xiao Yu and Leonardo if that was the case?

“oh.. What can we get there?” Leonardo was impressed too.

Nicholas saw that both Xiao Yu and Leonardo favored his idea. He smiled: “The lizardmen are from the bloodline of the dragons. They are collecting all kinds of treasures are materials like the dragons.. They have been here for many thousands of years so imagine the accumulated wealth of these creatures! I acquired a note from an assassin who was fortunate enough to get into their nest.. He had seen countless weapons, materials, scrolls and so on in the lair!”

Xiao Yu and Leonardo were more willing to get into the nest of the gorlocs after hearing about the treasures. It was definitely worth the risk! The Gul’dan’s skull wouldn’t be taken so easily so they had more than enough time for this adventure.

Xiao Yu smiled as he was much experience in getting into the dungeons to get treasures. N one would dare to say that they were first in acquiring treasures from such locations if Xiao Yu said that he was second.


Xiao Yu and rest turned towards the roars. It didn’t matter how good the treasures in the lair were. They had to pass through the problem in front of them.

The roars were made by the evolved gorlocs. The sounds issued by them began to hit the frosty grounds and the ice path began to transform and be part of the swamps.

“No! They want to create pits! Hurry and stop them!” Xiao Yu shouted.

The mages began to chant spells to stop the evolved gorlocs by restoring and expanding the icy roads. It was going to be very hard if the evolved gorlocs got close to them. The warriors began to rush out to kill the evolved gorlocs once they saw that the ground beneath their foot turned firm once again.


The defensive power of the evolved gorlocs was terrifying. The scales on their bodies were able to withstand the attacks from fourth-rank warriors. At best, the fourth-rank warriors could dent the scales!

Too strong!

Xiao Yu was shocked. The evolved gorlocs were very terrifying after swallowing each other. Moreover, the offensive strength of their must have enhanced after the evolution!

“Tyrande! Naga! Kael’thas! Gryphon Riders! Everyone with long-range attack go on! Concentrate firepower on the evolved gorlocs!” Xiao Yu wanted to focus the firepower to kill the evolved gorlocs so that they could the ordinary berserk ones afterwards.

Xiao Yu had lots of ways to deal with these creatures. He wasn’t scared even though the gorlocs had gone through evolution. After all, he had faced the blackrock clan’s giant orcs once so he was quite familiar with the situation. He had killed more giant orcs than the gorlocs in front of them. As a result, could these evolved gorlocs be a problem for him?

The arrows were launched and they were like rain as they flied down to shoot the evolved gorlocs. Tyrande was using Searing Arrow skill with buff from different skills. Each of her arrows were able to explode the head of the evolved gorloc in one go.

The grunts couldn’t do anything at the moment. They didn’t have chance to use ballista’s too.

The fireball’s shot by Kael’thas were able to kill an evolved gorloc in one go too. Gryphon Riders concentrated their chain lightning to kill several evolved gorlocs.

The evolved gorlocs were caught off guard. They didn’t even have chance to show their strength when they were killed in big numbers. The situation looked terrifying at first but if Xiao Yu or others showed their real strength then the evolved gorlocs weren’t their opponents!

Nicholas and Leonardo also organized their troops to deal with the evolved gorlocs. The mages under their command began to attack the newly evolved gorlocs. At the same time, the warriors under their command began to form defensive formations while the mages attacked with full power.

The mages weren’t as good as Kael’thas. However, when several of them concentrated on one evolved gorloc then the chance of that gorloc to survive was very small.

The situation seemed to be stable once again.

However, none of them saw that the other evolved gorlocs began to slightly tremble after Xiao Yu’s team began to attack their peers. At the same time, their eyes turned black from blood-red.

The attack power of Leonardo and Nicholas’s team wasn’t weaker than Xiao Yu’s. The only difference was that Xiao Yu’s troops were more varied than theirs.

Everyone was focused on killing the evolved gorlocs so they had to march forward to get close to them. However, the evolved gorlocs began to move into the different positions.

Everyone began to smile as they believed that they were having upper hand over the evolved gorlocs. They believed that the evolved gorlocs wouldn’t be able to attack them anymore.

Xiao Yu checked the body of a dead evolved gorlocs. It’s skin was too hard after evolving so it couldn’t be used to make shoes or belts as it was even very hard to kill it! Moreover, those scales were too hard and heavy so it would be very hard to wear them and walk.

Xiao Yu was thinking to take the bodies of the dead evolved gorlocs and take them back but he saw that it wasn’t worth it. The number of the killed evolved gorlocs reached 20 after a while but the troops were getting tired. The cost of fighting against the evolved gorlocs from a distance was high. Moreover, the troops of Leonardo and Nicholas couldn’t use potions like Xiao Yu’s troops.

The evolved gorlocs began to spread out and in a way siege all three parties. However, none of them rushed to attack.

“Eh? What’s happening?” Xiao Yu was stunned. On surface it seemed that they had stabilized their position but the evolved gorlocs were clever enough not to stay idle and get slaughtered. Of course, if Xiao Yu’s and others troops rushed out then they would have the final victory but there would be considerable losses.

“We can’t consume our strength for long if it goes on like this.. Half of the evolved lizardmen have already killed by us…We can’t rest now..” Leonardo didn’t want to agree with Xiao Yu. Moreover, he wanted to undermine Xiao Yu so he wanted to go all out at the moment.

Xiao Yu smiled but didn’t respond to Leonardo. He maintained the original position as he looked around.

“Are we going to beat the iron while it’s hot or take a break? I think we can keep on and kill as many as we can before the new evolved lizardmen appear!” Nicholas added without joining the verbal war between Leonardo and Xiao Yu.

Leonardo nodded in agreement. His original position was to attack.

“Silence means yes! We will continue to attack!” Nicholas grinned. He believed that Leonardo’s and his troops were enough to kill all the gorlocs even if Xiao Yu didn’t participate.

Nevertheless, none of Xiao Yu’s troops moved out to attack as they waited for Xiao Yu’s order.

The gorlocs saw that the humans were launching a close-combat strike so they rushed too. There wasn’t much of a distance between gorlocs and humans so the sounds of both parties slamming into each other echoed out.


A loud and furious roar echoed out the moment battle broke out.

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