WOWFRD – Ch 362

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Chapter 362

Xiao Yu believed that there was no need to get entangled in here anymore and understood that both Nicholas and Leonardo shared the same belief.

“What are we going do to now? If it goes on like this then we will be surrounded by the lizardmen and killed sooner than later.” Xiao Yu shouted.

Nicholas frowned as he looked at the gorlocs: “The lizardmen shouldn’t have a berserk skill to begin with.. Even though everything is happening within a reasonable extent. They could gain extreme strength but at the same time they will have a great weakness too! I believe all of us know about the ‘soft bellies’ of lizards. The softest part of the lizardmen seems to be the lower part of their jaws! They can transform and turn bigger but that part should be much weaker in comparison to their original state.. The orcs get much bloodthirsty and violent when they turn berserk but at the same time they loose their sense of reason! Attack the lower part of their jaws! It must be the most vulnerable part of their bodies!”

“Tyrande! Shoot!” Xiao Yu ordered as soon as he heard Nicholas’s remarks. He agreed with Nicholas as Xiao Yu knew that there was nothing that was invincible.

Tyrande nodded and shoot an arrow. The arrow blast through and hit the lower part of the berserk gorloc’s jaw.

“Ahh~” The berserk gorloc howled like a injured dog as it tumbled into the swamps. The arrow had penetrated through with ease. It had to be noted that Tyrande hadn’t used much strength so it was proved that the upper abdomen of the gorlocs was weakest part of their bodies relative to the other parts.

Everyone was in joy as they began to attack the lower part of the gorloc’s jaws to kill them easily.

“KILL~” Nicholas shouted out loudly.

Naga Sea Witch was killing much more in comparison to the others because of her archer skills. The casualties of the gorlocs had increased once again but the pressure they put on all three parties didn’t loosen much. All three of them found another problem. It didn’t matter how many gorlocs were killed as it seemed that the number of the gorlocs didn’t increase by much.

“Xiao Yu, do you have any ideas?” Nicholas asked. At the moment, he felt that it was fortunate for him to make an alliance with Xiao Yu and Nicholas. He would have faced huge casualties if he was on his own.

Xiao Yu shrugged: “I don’t know.. We are getting surrounded.. It’s either kill or die!”

“How come there are so many lizardmen?” Leonardo wrinkled his eyebrows. The number of the gorlocs was much beyond their expectations. It seems they were going to lose their lives here let alone getting hold of Gul’dan’s skull.

It was no wonder that the Sunset Swamps were land of no men.

Nicholas was in a tough spot as neither Xiao Yu nor Leonardo had responded with anything of substance that could change the tide: “There is no other way! We can only charge past and rush forward. Moreover, if we can’t overcome this difficulty then there is no need of talking about an alliance.”

Xiao Yu smiled as he patted Nicholas’s shoulder: “Nicholas is the patriarch of the Ernst family unlike us.. It won’t be worth if you die here.. As for me, no one even will remember about me after my death…”

Nicholas smiled but didn’t respond. He began to issue orders to change the formation of the troops. He wanted to increase the speed of advancement while refraining the siege of gorlocs.

The troops began to form a needle like shape to drill through the gorlocs and march into the outer parts of the Sunset Swamps in a swift manner. They weren’t here to battle with gorlocs but they had to past through them as fast as possible. Some of the gorlocs turned furious as they formed groups to stand in front of the formation to block the progress of the alliance troops. The gorlocs were willing to die as long as they could reduce the speed of the alliance.

The powerhouses of all three parties were standing at the tip of the formation. They would replace each other after a time period which could be considered fair in terms of having time to rest and fight. At the same time, the warriors from different parties were observing the shocking strength of other warriors.

Cairne was like a war machine who used brutal collision to rush through the gorlocs. Grom used Whirlwind to kill the bloodthirst creatures in big numbers. He was like a meat grinder in the battlefield.

There was a warrior from Leonardo’s side who used a machete in a particular style which wasn’t inferior to Grom’s Whirlwind skill. He cut off gorlocs the way as if he was slashing through a mass of moth.

The warriors from Nicholas’s side didn’t show off too much strength as the mages like Reilas and others were supporting them. At times, there was no need for those warriors to act as they would just face an open field as the magic of Reilas would kill all the gorlocs in front of them.

The speed of marching reduced greatly after a dozens of miles…

“Why are we slowing down?” Leonardo frowned when he saw that something was wrong. It seems that they had encountered another problem. The situation would turn troublesome if it wasn’t solved on time.

Everyone looked to front to see that the path to take them forward was becoming narrow and difficult to pass. There were fewer places which allowed the alliance members to pass through which made the path dangerous as each wrong step would mean being buried in the swamps. The creatures of this swamps knew about the dangerous areas that could swallow them but what about the adventurers? Who could guarantee that the next step would be as safe as the last one?

Moreover, the next step might support the weight of the current person but may be fatal to the person that would come after him.

The path was no good to go so the only option was the pave a road. The best people to do so would be magicians of earth and ice affinity.

“Mages! Make a path for us!” Leonardo ordered. The mages by his side weren’t just numerous but their rank and equipment were top level too. It didn’t take long for the mages to act and pave a road for the troops. Xiao Yu was quite envious as he looked at so many different types of mages by Leonardo and Nicholas’s side. He had just acquired few students who had graduated from the academy! In addition, the lowest rank magician by Leonardo and Nicholas’s side were at fourth-rank!

Both the gorlocs and the path in front were frozen in place as the mages acted. They made a path for the troops to easily pass by. However, the cost of such act was extremely high too.

Gorlocs began to attack the mages in such a situation which proved their high intelligence and wisdom once again. However, the mages were protected by powerful warrior bodyguards and couldn’t be easily attacked by the gorlocs. The situation seemed to be swaying towards the alliance and perhaps soon they were going to reach a safe location.

But the smiles on the faces of troops didn’t last long. The gorlocs turned more crazy as they began to attack each other instead of humans. Why would they do that?

The others weren’t aware of the reason behind their actions but Xiao Yu was clear. The gorlocs would eat each other after killing the opponent gorlocs. The devouring process was very terrifying and horrific to look at! Afterwards, the berserk gorlocs began to evolve once more.

“Damn it! They are getting bigger!” Xiao Yu shouted as he pointed towards the first gorloc who had finished devoring its meal! The gorloc turned twice as large. Moreover, the scars of the battle from previous time began to disapper without a trace. The scales on its body began to shiny too!

Xiao Yu understood that they were facing a crisis! The real problems were going to start from now on!

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