WOWFRD – Ch 361

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Chapter 361


A scream echoed out from the depth of the swamp. Xiao Yu and the rest were perplexed as they heard the sound. They were gloomy as they could judge that the creature that roared wasn’t inferior to core hound in strength!

It had to be noted that the core hound was killed by Xiao Yu’s group because it was injured within the spacial storm. What could they do if the gorlocs had an existence like that backing them?

It was no wonder that very few people were able to roam into the depth of the Sunset Swamps!

The body of the gorlocs began to change as the roared echoed out. Originally, the gorlocs were already big enough to be compared to the orcs. Now, their bodies began to turn larger in a speed visible to the naked eye. A dark light began to glow and envelope their bodies. It seemed as if the scales over their bodies were hardened too!

“Motherfucker, what’s going on?”Xiao Yu was stunned as he looked at the transforming gorlocs.



The gorlocs turned twice as big in a dozens of seconds. They were like giant monsters at the moment.

“Sorceresses! Druids! Go on! ATTACK!” Xiao Yu shouted out loud. He knew that there was no point in trying to save strength at the moment. Otherwise, they were going to become food for the gorlocs.

Sorceresses and druids acted as they heard Xiao Yu’s command. The sorceresses turned the gorlocs into sheep while the druids of the claw transformed into bears and rushed out. The bears helped the grunts in the frontal battle while the druids of the talon used hurricanes to blow away the hordes of the gorlocs that tried to rush towards the grunts. The Gryphon Riders flew up and used chain lightning skill to attack the gorlocs.

Leonardo and Nicholas were envious of Xiao Yu’s air force. They had various ground type troops but they didn’t have many air type units. They were jealous when they saw Xiao Yu casually order so many gryphon riders to join the battle.


Lightning flashed past as the huge bodies of the giant gorlocs burned into ashes. The damage done by the gryphon riders were much more than usual because of the watery environment.

Nicholas and Leonardo rapidly reacted when they saw the transforming gorlocs. Powerful warriors used shields to rush out. They smashed through the defenses of the gorlocs. The gorlocs hit by those warriors were thrown out which showed the strength of the warriors. Nevertheless, there were people who were torn to pieces by the gorlocs.

For the first time since the start of the battle both Nicholas and Leonardo’s side began to have losses.

“What the heck is happening!?” Leonardo was furious as one of the warriors from his camp was lost. He believed that Xiao Yu was the weakest link in the alliance but he was the first to lose a man. He was very angry.

Nicholas was helpless as he looked at Leonardo. Why did he got angry because of a death of a minion? Couldn’t Nicholas’s men die?

Nicholas spoke up: “There is no need to worry.. I remember the elders say that the lizardmen can use a berserk skill that transform their bodies.”

“Berserk? Nicholas, it seems you are aware about the details but keeping information from us. You are the most informed out of three of us but not sharing anything.. It’s not very kind!” Leonardo said in a cold tone as he looked at Nicholas. Leonardo was aware that the reason Nicholas made them form an alliance wasn’t out of good will. Leonardo understood that Nicholas wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel… It was proof that Nicholas was aware of the hardships that they were going to face so he had brought them in together to face the problems.

Nicholas smiled: “I know about some things but it doesn’t mean that I can predict everything. Nevertheless, The intelligence that I have will be beneficial to the alliance. I will share everything but not in one go. Leonardo, I hope you will understand me.”

Leonardo snorted but didn’t respond. At the same time, the attacks of the gorlocs were turning more violent. Leonardo understood that he had underestimated the dangers of the Sunset Swamps.

Xiao Yu was looking at the berserk gorlocs. The berserk skill of the orcs was very advanced and Xiao Yu was familiar with it. However, at the moment the berserk skill used by the gorlocs was totally different from the one used by the orcs. Xiao Yu could clearly feel an evil aura exuding from the transformed gorlocs. It seems they had absorbed the souls of the killed men which was the reason of a darkish aura enveloping their bodies.

Xiao Yu understood that if his guess was correct then an evil gorloc warlock was behind this transformation. This way the strength of the gorlocs were greatly enhanced which would be the aim of this warlock.

The berserk skill of the orcs could be used autonomously on their own. It could greatly increase the strength of orc in a short period of time. However, this berserk skill used by the gorlocs was similar to the giant orc transformation used by the Kennedy family on the orcs of the blackrock clan.

It seemed that the gorlocs could get berserk after consuming large number of human souls. The adventurers that were killed had been used as source for this transformation.

“What should we do?” Leonardo was calm as he looked at the overwhelming attack of the gorlocs. He felt that it was fortunate that Nicholas had formed the alliance or else he would have faced heavy losses if he was on his own.

The alliance of the trio had completely changed the situation. Together they could roam through the continent on their own so the gorlocs weren’t going to be a big problem.

“What do you mean what should we do? Join together and fight!” Xiao Yu shouted as he raised the Arcanite Reaper.

“Right! Let’s fight together! We must get out of the siege as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will lose a lot by facing this berserk lizardmen!” Nicholas added.

Xiao Yu nodded in affirmation. Leonardo didn’t say anything but waved as his subordinates began to attack. All of them wanted to save strength but by doing so they were going to face much greater losses.

All three parties arranged their powerhouses in a lineup to kill the gorlocs. Xiao Yu commanded Grom and Cairne to move out too but told them to pay attention to safety. Maiev and Illidan were also fighting in front. Uther stayed behind by Lin Muxue’s side as he had many defensive skills and could protect Lin Muxue in times of danger.

Naga Sea Witch was killing gorlocs as she gained experience points. The advantage of Xiao Yu’s warriors over ordinary ones was that they could level up by killing enemies. This battle was the best opportunity for all the heroes to level up.

Xiao yu was satisfied as he saw the large smile on Naga’s face as she swung her tail right and left. It seemed that Naga had the same rogue nature as Xiao Yu. In fact, the Nagas weren’t good breed to begin with so Xiao Yu believed that he would have an unbeatable army if he had lots of nagas by his side.

Naga moved around as she looked for opportunities. At the start she had made quite a many mistakes. Her arrows would injure the gorlocs but wouldn’t take their lives. It was like giving cheap deals to the others. Nevertheless, she improved as time passed. Xiao Yu himself would go in to battle if the situation wasn’t too dangerous. He was holding onto the Arcanite Reaper as he stood close to Lin Muxue and commanded.

The battle turned fiercer as time passed. Xiao Yu was having injuries by his side too. No one could stay safe when so many berserk gorlocs attacked.

The adventurers used as cannon fodder were in much dare situation. There were only 200 of them left at the moment.

Nevertheless, no one had noticed that Xiao Yu had the smallest number of casualties. All of Xiao Yu’s warriors were accustomed to get back and use the life potion once they were injured. Few forces in the continent could afford such a tactic.

Leonardo and Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu with envy. They had life potions too but they could give them to ordinary warriors. The life potions were extremely precious. How could Xiao Yu spend money like that?

In addition, they began to observe that the berserk gorlocs had their intelligence improved too. The gorlocs were coordinating the attacks with each other. At the start they were attacking independently but now the gorlocs had formed teams of 3 to 5 while they confronted the humans.

“How could it turn out like this?” Nicholas pondered. The performance of the gorlocs were improving as time passed. Nicholas and rest would be exhausted if time passed on.

“Nicholas, is there something that should we know? Do you know any way to deal with these lizardmen?” Xiao Yu was observing Nicholas and Leonardo too. He asked as soon as he saw the change in Nicholas’s face.

Nicholas didn’t think that such a small flaw would be caught in Xiao Yu’s eyes. He helplessly said: “I was told that as long as the lizardmen absorb human souls, they could maintain the berserk state. In addition, they would turn more clever while absorbing the souls. I didn’t expect the situation turn so dire… It’s just against the theory of berserkers!”

Xiao Yu was surprised as he heard Nicholas. He began to think about ways to deal with the gorlocs. At the end of the day, he wasn’t here to lose men. The grunts were beginning to suffer serious injuries. It was true that no one had yet to die because of life potions but there would be dead ones if it goes on like this.


Reilas chanted and used magic. An explosion occurred in the rear of the gorlocs and most of them turned into ashes. The other mages looked at Reilas in awe. The magic of the blood elves was terrifying. Moreover, the skill of the sixth-rank blood elf magician wasn’t trifling!

The mages were the main force to kill the enemies. Kael’thas was alone but he had unlimited mana potions which increased his role in the battlefield.

Nevertheless, the powerful magic of Reilas and other Sunbreakers wasn’t enough to deal with all the gorlocs. The battle continued on. The real strength of all three parties was much more obvious at the moment.

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