WOWFRD – Ch 360

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Chapter 360

Xiao Yu saw that the people sent by Nicholas and Leonardo were strong enough to kill the gorlocs. Of course, the gorlocs weren’t strong enough to fight against third-rank warriors on their own. The adventurers used as cannon fodders would be more than enough to finish the gorlocs if it wasn’t their madness.

“Naga! Don’t get to the front! You aren’t a shield..” Xiao Yu shouted as he looked at the Naga Sea Witch who was using the bow to kill the gorlocs. Xiao Yu believed that all the heroes were his babies so he didn’t want to see them get hurt or wounded. Moreover, Naga would bring lots of benefits to Xiao Yu after she levels up in Sunset Swamps. She was like a duck in the water in this environment. Grom was much stronger than her but he couldn’t attack carelessly as he might fall into marsh if he stepped wrong but Naga didn’t have to worry about this. The swamps and marshes were the heavens for the amphibian creatures and Naga was the king of this habitat. Of course, she had yet to mature in terms of her prowess. Grom and Cairne had reached level 40 and their strength was much more stronger than hers. In addition, they had been summoned long ago and had participated in large-scales battles. Naga still lacked experience in comparison to them and other heroes. Moreover, it was her first large-scale battle.

Moreover, Naga couldn’t show her full powers since she was summoned. The first and foremost reason for this was the environment for the battle. However, at the moment Naga was in her own turf. She would be roaming right and left if it wasn’t for Xiao Yu’s order. It had to be noted that Naga was very obedient. She moved behind the adventurers as she used arrows to kill the gorlocs. In addition, Xiao Yu had already given her lots of life and mana potions so that she wasn’t stuck in a bad situation. She was using Frost Arrows skill to enhance each arrow shot by her. The body of the gorlocs would be invaded by the coldness of the skill. The arrow would burst open in a large area and cover all the gorlocs within a diameter. This way the movement and attack speeds of the gorlocs would reduce greatly.

Additionally, Naga would kill the gorlocs that were wounded by the adventurers or other warriors. This way the experience points would increase much more easily rather than killing each gorloc by herself. She would use the Forked Lightening skill from time to time to kill the adventurers that were heavily wounded by the gorlocs. The speed of her fatality was the fastest in the battlefield. Likewise, Naga didn’t have to face any danger as she was in protected zone. It was the main advantage of being a long-range warrior.

At the moment, Xiao Yu was counting the number of gorlocs killed by the Naga. It didn’t take long for this number to reach 100.

“Naga is cool. It seems her archery is more powerful than Tyrande’s when attacking a group of enemies.” Xiao Yu was quite happy. He had acquired another long-range warrior. Moreover, this warrior was able to fight in the naval conditions. Xiao Yu remembered the navy forces from his past life. He wished that he could make a naval army of his own. It was a pity that there was only Naga Sea Witch by his side. It would be very powerful if he could establish a base for the Naga race.

The gorlocs were at a disadvantage. They had the advantage of numbers in comparison to the humans but couldn’t withstand the slaughter. Countless broken limbs of the gorlocs were thrown right and left in the battlefield.

Lin Muxue turned her head sideways because of the sight in front of her. She was afraid that she couldn’t withstand the gorish scene in front of her and throw up. This way she would shame Xiao Yu.

“It’s going to take forever if we continue like this. Why don’t we send reinforcements?” Leonardo saw that the gorlocs were popping up from the swamps and it seemed that there was no end to their march. He understood that they had to solve the problem as soon as possible so that they could preserve strength for future.

“Alright. Let’s speed up things!” Nicholas nodded. 1/3 of the people by Nicholas’s side rushed towards the gorlocs while rest stayed behind to protect Nicholas.

Leonardo shouted: “Go! Don’t lose face!” One third of the people by Leonardo’s side rushed out to fight too. The moment of the march was amazing as this people could break through defenses of a small territory with ease. These weren’t ordinary soldiers but elite warriors, assassins and magicians!

Xiao Yu sent 30 orcs, 50 elf archers, sorceresses and druids of the claw. Xiao Yu knew that he didn’t have to go all out but couldn’t stand back too. In addition, he ordered his troops to be careful as getting wounded in here wasn’t worth it. Tyrande and Kael’thas moved out to fight too. They were long-range warrior and mage so there was no danger to their life. Reilas who was beside Nicholas knew that Kael’thas was the real one once Kael’thas cast a magic. His eyes lit up as he understood that Kael’thas was back but he didn’t care much. What if Kael’thas was back? They weren’t living the ancient times. In addition, Ernst family had given them the sunwell so there was no need for Kael’thas. It wouldn’t take long before Reilas’s clan would become the new kings of the blood elves.

The loss of gorlocs increased when the main forces joined the battle.

ARGH~~ The buzzing sound from before echoed out once again. More gorlocs began to drill out from the swamps to join the battle. In addition, it seemed as if the gorlocs had become more bloodthirsty.

“Ah! The lizardmen are here!” A voice echoed out. Xiao Yu turned to see that the gorlocs were drilling out from all sides to try to siege everyone. It was a good tactic for a sneak attack but Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo weren’t vegetarians. They weren’t even confused by this tactic.

The gorlocs were trying to rely on quantity to kill the forces of Nicholas, Leonardo and Xiao Yu but would this sneak attack work?

“It seems as if there is someone hiding in the swamps that controls the gorlocs. It would be awesome if I could make a wallet, shoes and belt out of that gorlocs skin!” Xiao Yu laughed.

In the past life he had heard about expensive shoes, belts and wallets made out of crocodile skin. Now the opportunity had come to knock his doors on its own. He pondered about ringing back the skins of gorlocs to make leather goods out of them and sell them.

“Why are you so happy?” Lin Muxue was attracted by Xiao Yu’s actions. Why was he so happy? The number of these creatures were getting more as seconds passed which meant that there would be lots of problems.

“You don’t know but their skin is excellent to produce leather goods. Moreover, its easy to use.” Xiao Yu smiled as he imagined Lin Muxue wearing a leather bikini or mini-skirt made out of gorloc skin. Of course, no one but him could see her that way!

Lin Muxue was pleased when she heard that leather clothing could be made out of the skin of gorlocs.

It didn’t take long before a gorloc as tall as 4 meters appeared in their sight. It seemed that this was the elite gorloc controlling the others. Xiao Yu ordered the orcs to siege and kill the gorloc. Afterwards, they brought back that one. Xiao Yu began to study its skin while the others watched him in silence. Leonardo looked at Xiao Yu in disdian while Nicholas’s eyes lit up.

The gorlocs didn’t continue to storm as they saw that this strategy was failing. Instead they began to surround the humans. It was true that the gorlocs couldn’t do substantial harm but at least they were putting a lot of pressure on the human minds.

“Are they trying to surround us? Let’s move! Otherwise, we may fall into an unpleasant situation. We aren’t familiar with the swamps!” Nicholas ordered as he saw the situation. He never took lightly any enemy even if the enemy was very weak. He tried to control everything neatly so that he didn’t face heavy losses.

Everyone began to move forward step by step no longer protecting their ground. It was a hard thing to find the right path in the battle so the casualties among the cannond fodder increased as time passed.

“Help each other! It’s not worth losing your lives in here!” Xiao Yu shouted as he didn’t want to see his troops become food for the gorlocs.

The adventurers weren’t unified so they didn’t coordinate their actions. However, the competitive mentality they had was diminished at the moment as they knew that they had to survive.

Xiao Yu was quite happy as he saw that Naga had reached level 16 in short time.

“She could reach level 20 by the end of the battle if everything goes smoothly.” Xiao Yu murmured.

Naga raised her head and roared. Her speed of attack improved once again as she levelled up. In addition, she was using forked lightning and frost arrows skill non-spot. She would shoot dozens of arrows and all of them would hit the enemies.

Xiao Yu was initially worried about Naga safety but it seemed that all of it were baseless. Naga’s speed of swimming in the water become much faster as she levelled up. This way she would lurk around and attack when the situation was in her favor…

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