WOWFRD – Ch 36

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Chapter 36

Captain Hui was involved with training of new recruits. Because of the new laws implemented by Xiao Yu the soldiers of the town would get good treatment, high salaries, pension to their families in case of death, life-long tax free and so on. This in case stimulated the youth to join the army in bulks.

At the moment, Captain Hui had more than 1000 soldiers. But all of them were rookies without any real combat experience. That’s why Captian Hui was training them so that they became qualified soldiers as soon as possible. They were using armor and weapons that Xiao Yu had robbed from bandits as the equipment.

All the soldiers immediately stopped their training when Xiao Yu stepped into the field. Captain Hui lead the soldiers as they saluted Xiao Yu in a respectful manner. Captain Hui was extremely strict to military standards and norms as a professional soldier.

The soldiers looked at Xiao Yu with respect and worship reflected in their eyes.

All of them had seen the released slaves and captured bandits in the morning. Their lord had gone out and brought so many things in a casual manner. They were full of confidence about the future of the territory under the leadership of such a lord.

Xiao Yu smiled and waved the soldiers to continue to train. He called over captain Hui.

“Uncle Hui, how is the situation with Carrie?” Xiao Yu asked. Captain Hui was responsible for inquiring the news about Carrie.

Actually, it was not very difficult to gather intelligence about the state of Carrie’s troops. The territory ruled by Carrie’s father didn’t experience much war so the their anti-intelligence system wasn’t well structured. You could learn whatever you wanted to as long as you sent few people camouflaged as a member of a caravan.

“Lord, according to the intelligence sent by the spies Carrie was given a troop of 20000 soldiers. They have heavy infantry, about 5 mages, more than 30 warriors. They could attack us at any time but Carrie wants to show off his strength and put pressure on us so the information wasn’t secret and could be easily learned by our spies. Carrie had claimed that he would cut off heads of all the orcs and take back as ornament.”

Captain Hui stood still as he reported to Xiao Yu. He was showing respect to Xiao Yu which meant that he recognized Xiao Yu as the lord of the territory. Earlier on Captain Hui considered Xiao Yu as young master but it seems the situation has changed after Xiao Yu’s feats.

Captain Hui recognized Xiao Yu as the lord because of his implementation of policies and plundering the bandits. He believed that the Lion town would flourish and expand under the leadership of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled as he listened to Captain Hui: “Let them come and deliver us the equipment!”

Captain Hui saw the carefree expression on Xiao Yu’s face: “Master, this time the army that Carrie leads isn’t trivial. I think it will be hard to resist the heavy infantry with the orc troops. According to the history, the humans were always successful in beating orcs in large-scale wars when they used heavy infantry. Normally, an orc can fight against up to five elite human soldiers without a problem. If you think about tactics and strategies used by the orcs then an orc could fight against 10 human soldiers. However, the tide of the battle changes when the heavy infantry gets into the war. There would be mutual damage even if 1000 orcs fought against 1000 heavy infantry. If the same army uses heavy cavalry then they will have more certainty to win against the orcs. Carrie’s army has mages too and they will bring equipment for siege. I think we got way too few orcs to resist such an army.”

Xiao Yu understood that Captain Hui was worried about the lack of armed men in the Lion town. However, Xiao Yu wasn’t worried as his forces didn’t consist only of grunts. He had all kinds of warriors plus Glaive Throwers and Demolishers. As long as he choose the right strategy then he believed killing 20000 soldiers won’t be a problem.

In addition, he had more grunts right now. And the first batch of grunts and elf archers had reached level 3 and some of them had reached level 4. The strength of a grunt increases at least by 30% when they reach level 3. If berserker skill is added into the equation then a grunt could kill 7 or 8 human soldiers without a problem.

Archers have Precise Shooting skill that they could use after reaching level 3 which can deal with heavy infantry by shooting directly to their eyes. The armor used by the heavy infantry could cover their bodies. However, their eyes were always open to the arrows of the archers which was their flaw.

Moreover, because of Tyrande’s Trueshot Aura the strength and range of the archers had increased too. In addition, Xiao Yu had riflemen, footmen, Glaive Throwers, Demolishers. Carrie didn’t expect any of these new forces and they would play a great surprise when Xiao Yu would introduce them into the battlefield.

Xiao Yu was very confident about his own troops. However, Captain Hui’s speech had caught his interest too. He wasn’t interest in strength of Carrie’s army but the word history. Because Carrie had given exact information about humans using heavy infantry to fight against orcs. Does it mean that a war had broken out between humans and orcs?

“Uncle Hui, has there been any orc empire or elf kingdom in the history? Did humans really defeat the orcs?” Xiao Yu took advantage of this opportunity to ask Captain Hui about the history which he didn’t have much of an information.

Captain Hui was perplexed as he answered Xiao Yu: “Lord, the knowledge about this can be found in books. You didn’t like reading so you are not aware of the history. The orcs had a strong empire under their leader Thrall. They were very prosperous but their gods disappeared without a reason and the Orc Empire began to decline. The elves were very powerful too. They had presence almost in every mountain but their Tree of Life was destroyed and they began to decline too.”

Xiao Yu pondered: “So Thrall was the god of the orcs while Tyrande was known as the goddess of the elves. Does it mean that I’m in Azeroth? Why the change happened? Why the continent of Azeroth had turned like this?”

Xiao Yu understood that something had happened in the history of the Azeroth and to unlock the tie and find the mystery he had to have a lot of time.

“I should read some books.” Xiao Yu whispered.

“Alright, Uncle Hui. You should train the soldiers and I will deal with the defense of the town when the time comes. Carrie will eat a big loss this time. Don’t forget! I was chosen by the God of the Orcs, Elves and Dwarves as the king of kings! I will deal with that Carrie very easily.”

Xiao Yu grinned as he used his theory to comfort Captain Hui.

Captian Hui naturally didn’t believe Xiao Yu’s words. The gods have to blind to chose Xiao Yu as the king of the kinds!

However, he saw the confident tone and look of Xiao Yu. He thought that there really maybe a way to win victory. The last time Xiao Yu brought orcs to beat 5000 soldiers. Maybe, he would create another miracle this time too?

IF they could defeat Carrie’s 20000 soldiers then there will be no more imminent attack on Lion town. This way the territory could rise and develop step by step!

And the key to everything was to withstand the large-scale attack that was coming up.

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    1. Yeah, I was wondering that too. Illidan, the Lich King, Malfurion and maybe even Cenarius? What makes me really curious is how humans defeated the Elves and Orcs – and maybe the Undead too. Moreover, the Night Elves were part of the Alliance, yet they were destroyed by humans…

        1. Yeah, but what made them disappear? Other races declined and the humans rose to glory, why something like that happened?

    1. I’m surprised myself, pretty daring I’d say to take from a game with an extensive lore and pay no homage to it lol

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