WOWFRD – Ch 359

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Chapter 359
The last chapter I was divided whether to translate the new monsters as lizardmen or murlocs as I don’t read ahead.. But in this chapter the explanation is given and the monsters are gorlocs.


Gorloc’s were variants of murlocs. No one knew how they came to be but they weren’t simple monsters.

The first group of adventurers referred to them as lizardmen as they had never met gorlocs. In fact, 500 people had gone to explore the swamps but only 10 of them were able to return back. The gorlocs were extremely cruel in their ways. They would even kill the gorlocs that lived in the same group as them. Gorlocs would rush to kill any living creature in case they noticed some kind of life. They were like swarm of locusts that would rush out to swallow the prey.

“Let’s check these legendary gorlocs, shall we?” Xiao Yu muttered.

“It’s better to see for ourselves rather than the nonsense these adventurers tell us.” Nicholas nodded. He was the first one to march forward. Afterwards, the rest followed after him.

The entire team came to stop in a distance to look at the adventurers who faught with the gorlocs. The gorlocs lived up their reputation as cruel creatures. It didn’t matter whether they were strong or weak, they would just simply attack regardless of the enemy’s power.

Fortunately, the adventurers that were used as cannon fodders weren’t weak. At the first, they were killed easily because of the panic caused by the sudden attack of the gorlocs. However, it didn’t take long for the adventurers to stabilize their positions.

“There are way too many gorlocs. I’m afraid it won’t be that easy to kill them all.” Xiao Yu said in a sly tone. Fortunately, Nicholas had a firm grasp over the situation. Otherwise, the adventurers would just rush back and the gorlocs would focus on three main groups. The gorlocs weren’t just superior in numbers but fierce and cruel too.

Xiao Yu turned towards Naga as he smiled. It was time for Naga to show her strength. He didn’t know how powerful the Naga Sea Witch was but wanted see the results. He winked at her and Naga slowly walked towards side and submerged into water. In addition to few people within Xiao Yu’s group no one else noticed that a warrior had disappeared.

Xiao Yu was quite happy to have someone like Naga to be under his command. It wasn’t just about having a warrior adept at water battles but it meant that he could have an opportunity in the future to establish a naval army. He didn’t know whether it was simple dream but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Xiao Yu turned to look at the battlefield. The corpses floated on the surface of the water which shook Xiao Yu. The battle strength of the gorlocs was beyong his expecations. The gorlocs didn’t care about the danger they faced. It didn’t matter whether the person they faced was much stronger than them. They would try their best to injure the enemy with their sharp teeth even it meant that they would be seriously injured.

“Motherfuckers. I didn’t know how fast these creatures were in water. It doesn’t seem that they have consiousness too. However, I believe no one could tame them.” Xiao Yu whispered. It was tempting to try to tame these warmongering creatures. Who wouldn’t want to have such warriors under their command? But it didn’t take long for Xiao Yu to understand that it was just an unrealistic wish.

“Their speed of reproduction should be very fast too. Every month there are quite a many expeditions trying to pass through here.. I am afraid they would be a huge force within the continent if it wasn’t for the limited habitat space.” Leonardo said. He looked at Xiao Yu as if he was looking at an idiot. Both of them had contradictions. At the moment, Xiao Yu didn’t want to resist or battle with Leonardo. Xiao Yu believed that Leonardo wasn’t up to task after a period of observation. Leonardo was very arrogant but scheming person. In addition, Xiao Yu felt that silence was golden as talking would reveal a lot of unnecessary thoughts.

“Nicholas! It’s waste to let these monsters kill our cannon fodder. We can’t waste them all in here. You will have to think about a way out.” Xiao Yu said. He couldn’t reveal the kindness in his heart towards the humans or it will be used against himself in the future.

Nicholas smilled and nodded. He turned towards a man and gestured with his hand. The same man disappeared and appeared at the front of the battlefield.

“ARGH~~” A strange cry echoed out from the man’s mouth. Everyone felt their ears buzz under the noise. Xiao Yu didn’t think that Nicholas would have someone who was soo good at sound attacks.

The man was wearing a black cloak. Xiao Yu couldn’t see his face and the man looked similar to the mysteriouc dark robed men. But at the same time, after close observation it seemed that this man was totally different from them. The man continued to cry and the gorlocs begane to become docile. It seemed as if their owner was calling out to them.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the situation. Nicholas smiled as he had specifically taken this man with himself. He didn’t have any good skills. He wasn’t even good at battles. However, he was a fourth-rank beast tamer. He could tame any beast or monster! Nicholas had brought the man because he knew that they would be facing different monsters along the way.

The man proved that he was worth Nicholas’s thoughts. The gorlocs began to act dull. The adventurers began to attack the vital points of the gorlocs and to kill them. In short period of time, a lot of gorlocs were killed.

Xiao Yu wryly smiled as he believed that Nicholas was man who could turn the battles at a whim. Moreover, the heritage of the family Nicholas belonged to was ancient which meant that they had all kinds of warriors and skills. In addition, it seemed that Nicholas was prepared to many situations as he had come to the Sunset Swamps.

Nevertheless, the situation didn’t last long this way. A long cry echoed from the depth of the swamps and the gorlocs turned more crazy and furious. It seemed as if they were maddened by the call.

Xiao Yu shook his head when he saw the situation. His thoughts were confirmed. These monsters simply couldn’t be tamed! If it wasn’t like that then there would be lots of gorlocs outside the swamps too!

The gorlocs once again rushed towards the adventurers.

“We will kill these monsters if it goes like this.. But it will take sometime. Are you guys going to lend a helping hand?” Nicholas smiled. Leonardo snorted. He didn’t care about these cannon fodders. He wouldn’t even flinch if all of them died and become food for these gorlocs! Nevertheless, Leonardo didn’t want to waste much time at this stage. He turned to nodded towards few men and these masters moved out to fight the gorlocs. These so-called masters were relatively stronger than the gorlocs but they weren’t the trump cards under Leonardo’s command. Who would want to use the trump cards against the fish? Nicholas wasn’t playing around too as he quickly made few men from his team to join the battle.

Afterwards, both of them turned to look at Xiao yu. They wanted to see what Xiao Yu would do at the moment. However, Xiao Yu stood there lazily without a change in his face.

Xiao Yu saw both Leonardo and Nicholas wanted explanation: “My men are already attacking the gorlocs. Don’t you see that the quantity of the gorlocs have decreased by lot for a while?”

Naga Sea Witch went out of water and shot arrows towards the gorlocs. Afterwards, she submerged into the water. It was a domineering scene to look at. She disappeared the way she had come out. Bright light was seen in the water once again as another gorloc died.

Naga Sea Witch was at level 14 but in this environement she was like a duck in water. Moreover, Xiao Yu had equipped her with different types of arrows and armor to enhance her strength.

The maddened gorlocs were taken aback by the attacks. Casualties appeared on all fronts. But would it be so easy to deal with gorlocs?

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