WOWFRD – ch 358

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Chapter 358

The adventurers that were left behind had already rushed to kill the ones who had left. Xiao Yu helplessly shook his head as he looked at the crowd that rushed like madmen to kill the ones that had left. Greed was the ultimate enemy of the human being. This simple truth applied to humans, no matter what world they lived in. The best of brothers could change sides for the benefits. Everyone could betray or sell as long as the benefits were within reasonable range.

These people were like madmen because Nicholas had given them the right to kill and plunder the adventurers that had left. They could reap the benefits at the moment by attacking the comrades which had distanced themselves from 3 families.

Xiao Yu looked at the scene. There were roughly 400 people rushing forward to kill 100 people had left to roam on their own. In addition to the excuse given by Nicholas for them to begin the massacre the adventurers already had hatred and envy between each other because of their previous time together. Now, there was an opportunity to get treasures from the people who had left.

“Greed!” Xiao Yu sighed as he looked at the sight. He didn’t want to be the instigator of such a scene. He didn’t want so many innocent to die. He knew that the adventurers that had left them were potential enemies but he still couldn’t bring to take action like Nicholas. He understood that Nicholas and Leonardo weren’t kind hearted people and they would do such a thing. However, this showed that Xiao Yu’s mentality wasn’t on par with Nicholas and Leonardo’s to compete for the world.

“I believe the cooperation will be profitable to everyone! I think inevitably the Gul’dan’s skull will be within our hands as long as everyone follows our orders!” There was a trace of disdain in Nicholas’s eyes as he spoke up in loud tone so that everyone could hear. Moreover, there were people that were killing others because of his orders. Wasn’t being powerful a good feeling?

There were losses after the skirmish. Half of the adventurers that had rushed to kill the ones to depart were killed. The departing ones knew that they were going to lose their lives so they had done their best to fight till the end.

The fortunate ones were the adventuers who had quietly withdrawn from this place when the battle had happened between Xiao Yu and Leonardo. They would be dead if they had stayed behind. It was good to get treasures but it was clear to everyone that life was worth more.

“Let’s move! The Sunset Swamps isn’t far away!” Xiao Yu said as he didn’t want to stay in this place any longer. He felt sick to his stomach as he looked at the madmen that had rushed to kill for the riches. However, there was a joyful look on Nicholas’s face. Nicholas nodded as he quickly allocated the 350 adventurers that were left alive. He was going to use them as cannon fodders and those people were aware of it.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was quite jealous of Nicholas’s well-organized actions. This youth was able to calmly arrange everything within moments. He had terrifying talent. No one wanted such an enemy. In the end, Xiao Yu believed that there was no way for him and Nicholas to share the same place under the heavens. Sooner or later they were going to have life and death battle.

The adventurers moved towards the Sunset Swamps that was close by. Xiao Yu had used the carriage up to now but the roads weren’t suitable for it anymore. There was a hand-carriage prepared for Lin Muxue. She was holding dragon in her arms as she rode the carriage while Xiao Yu walked close by.

There were different thoughts in his head as he walked. Xiao Yu knew that on the surface it seemed that he was the most powerful out of three parties at the moment. However, he didn’t have much advantage over the other two parties. There were too many unknown variables.

On the surface, it seemed that Leonardo was the weakest. But who could say that what trump card Leonardo had?


Grom, Cairne and little dragon’s strength had enhanced but even then Xiao Yu didn’t dare to say that he could win over Leonardo. He wasn’t sure.

Nicholas was the one who Xiao Yu didn’t want to even test the strength with. Nicholas looked like he was harmless to humans and insects because of his gentle and elegant look. However, the youth was full of consipracy and schemes. In addition, the patriarch of the blood elves was with him. Kael’thas had reached 40th level but he had yet to awaken his true strengths so he wasn’t Reilas’s opponent at the moment.

In addition, what about the trump cards that Nicholas had? You had to be a fool to believe that Nicholas didn’t have anything for the dire moment.

Lin Muxue looked at the superficial smile on Xiao Yu’s face. She could see the worry in his eyes. She smiled at him.

“Xiao Yu, I believe that you will be the one to hold the victory at the end. Don’t worry too much. In case, you aren’t then it’s not in our destiny to be the winners.” Lin Muxue whispered in a soft tone.

Xiao Yu was in deep thoughts when he heard Lin Muxue’s words. He had never been a schemer so he believed he should let go of these disturbing thoughts. He was a hooligan and rogue! Why he should be afraid of someone else?

He smiled and hugged Lin Muxue.

Leonardo’s eyes lit up like the fires of hell when he saw Xiao Yu’s action. This woman was going to be his ( leonardo’s ) wife!


The crowd reached the periphery of the Sunset Swamps after two days of travel. The place was like its name. It was as if the red rays of sun were shining all over the entire marsh. The Sunset Swamps was a very large area. There were rotten leaves and branches swaying over the swamps as the wind blew. There was no way to know what was under the waters.

It was very hard to determine which place was hard and which place was soft. It meant that a mis-step would bring death. Moreover, don’t ever think about coming out alive after being swallowed by the swamps. At best, your darkened bones would be found out after centuries.

“Is there any path to get around this place? The road isn’t stable…” Xiao Yu felt uncomfortable as he looked at the swamps. It seemed that they had to be on alert for danger at every moment.

Nicholas pondered for a while. He looked at Xiao Yu: “This is the shortest route. We will have to go along a long detour if we don’t path directly through here. Moreover, there is no guarantee that other paths will be safer than this one. It’s not called Sunset Swamps for naught. Any road in this place won’t be better than this one.”

Leonardo looked at Xiao Yu with disdain before turning to Nicholas: “We don’t have much time to waste. Let them explore ahead..”

“Haha.. Let’s start then! Xiao Yu don’t worry much we have pathfinders.” Nicholas narrowed his eyes.

The adventurers were divided into four squads and sent one after another into the swamps. These people were reluctant to move but they were aware that there wans’t much that they could do. Moreover, to be able to say something they had to have the backing to do so. The remaining adventurers didn’t have much strength. Most of them were third-rank warriors while some of them had reached fourth-rank. There wasn’t a single fifth-rank warrior. Such masters wouldn’t freely let themselves be used as cannon-fodder for others.

Xiao Yu was wondering the reason why they had yet to meet any high-rank warriors or mages. It seems they had already gone in.

“Most probably there are already groups that had entered the swamps. Otherwise, we would have met people on the way.” Xiao Yu secretly pondered. The news of Gul’dan’s skull had spread far and wide so there would be many contenders.

The advantage of grasping the adventurers was reflected at the moment. Xiao Yu admitted that having so many cannon fodders had saved them a lot of trouble.

Xiao Yu finally made first step on the swamps. He felt worried so he asked Grom to be the one to walk ahead of their group for just in case. Grom weighed more than him so if Grom could pass then the rest would be able to pass over that piece of ground. In addition, Cairne was walking few steps behind Grom. If anything happened to Grom then Cairne would pull him out.

Grom had “sad eyes” as he walked ahead. Cairne was laughing as he looked at Grom’s desperate situation.

It hadn’t taken even 5 minutes when loud exclamations and shouts were heard from ahead.

“What’s happening?” Nicholas frowned but his face was still calm. Nicholas knew that the Sunset Swamps were full of danger.
Soon a person ran back to relay the information.

“Sire! Lizards…. Lizard…. Lizardmen! Lot’s of them!” The man’s voice was flustered. It seemed that he had faced the most terrifying existence in his life.

One of the men close to Nicholas shouted out: “Say it clearly! What Lizard? Don’t be frightened!”

Afterwards, the man calmed down and spoke everything. It seemed that the ones ahead had faced a group of murlocs. The monsters were able to move rapidly in the water and attack the adventurers.

“Murlocs? Legendary murlocs in the Sunset Swamps?” Leonardo murmured. He had read books from the family library about the Sunset Swamps and the murlocs were described to live in here.

“Leonardo, if you know how to deal with them then let us no.. We can’t spare to lose many adventurers.” Nicholas said in a low tone. Nicholas knew in advance that the danger of the Sunset Swamps wouldn’t be limited to the creatures living on the surface. It would be very hard to move in so he had planned to make an alliance with Xiao Yu and Leonardo.

The man who had ran back to bring the information was a single person. There would be danger if all three groups moved now. Leonardo saw the look on Nicholas’s face. The one with the information had to either share it or move in to solve the problem. Xiao Yu was interested in seeing this so-called lizard-men or murlocs.


I’m attending a friends marriage so don’t expect much in the next 2-3 days.. I’ll make up for everything afterwards 😉

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