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The battle for the beauty ended. Xiao Yu couldn’t help but think about the legends of the past where two countries fought for dozens of years only for a single woman. There would be countless dead and wounded during the war. The financial resources would be depleted but at the end of the war that woman would stand over the tall walls and the soldiers would say that they would be willing to fight for another decade for that woman.

It seemed Lin Muxue was such a woman who could stir trouble just because of her beauty. Actually, Xiao Yu was quite proud to have such a beautiful wife.

Motherfuckers. Lin Muxue belongs to me and I will die for her.. Xiao Yu understood that he had to put much more care over Lin Muxue or she would be snatched away by someone else.

Xiao yu had to admit that it wasn’t just Lin Muxue but Tyrande belonged to the same category of women who could stir trouble by just showing their face. It was fortunate that Tyrande was using a veil to cover her face or there would be endless trouble because of her.

Nevertheless, the skirmish was to Xiao Yu’s advantage. Grom and Cairne had reached level 40 and the little dragon reached fourth-rank. This made Xiao Yu full of joy. The strength enhanced of these tree would be to his benefit during this adventure. Moreover, if everything goes well then Illidan could use Gul’dan’s skull to enhance his strength which would make Illidan more powerful than other heroes.

In addition to everything he got two free treasures for his wife! Who wouldn’t be delighted at such a situation? The only feature that made Xiao Yu different from the rest was his utter shamelessness. Leonardo may think that by giving ring as a gift Lin Muxue would owe him a favor but Xiao Yu didn’t think so. If Leonardo had the ability then he should bring soldiers to fight him in the Lion city!


Overall, Xiao Yu decided to get married with Lin Muxue as soon as possible. He couldn’t drag the issue for long as she would trigger endless wars.

All three parties stood their ground but no one took the chance to speak first. Everyone had their own thoughts as they began to ponder about the issues ahead.

Xiao Yu was smiling as he looked at the little dragon and grabbed from Lin Muxue’s arm.

Nicholas blinked as he couldn’t see through Xiao Yu’s thoughts. Leonardo’s face had turned gloomy as he looked at Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue.

Cough~ Cough~

Nicholas broke the silence.

“Why are we wasting time by staying idle in here? You can’t forget that there are other powers who are looking at us at the moment. In addition, Gul’dan skull will end up at someone else’s hand if we stay here. What should we do? Any ideas?” Nicholas smiled.

Leonardo’s eyes lit up as he nodded: “Nicholas, you must have an idea since you spoke up.”

Xiao Yu also wanted to ask the same question as he believed that Nicholas wouldn’t do anything without purpose. Nicholas must have some plans in his head if he had come to break up Xiao Yu and Leonardo.

Nicholas smiled: “Xiao Yu we are all gentlemen in here. Don’t hold to the beauty that way. We won’t grab her so don’t be worried.”

Xiao Yu laughed. He let go of Lin Muxue and stepped forward: “We are face to face now. If you want to talk about something then its time. And… that kid shouldn’t look at me with such eyes. I already said that if you want to fight then come at me!”

Xiao Yu’s last statement was directed at Leonardo. Leonardo’s turned furious and wanted to rush out but assassin next to him slightly touched from Leonardo’s arm. The message from the assassin was clear. Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to fight. It was just rheotoric. Actually, Leonardo couldn’t help but get angry just by looking at Xiao Yu. He would slice Xiao Yu into pieces if he had the chance.

Leonardo took a deep breath to control his emotions. He knew that at the moment he didn’t have much options. Overall, Xiao Yu had the upper hand at the moment so he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to do. Moreover, why would he give the chance to Nicholas to reap the benefits? At the moment, the only way to kill Xiao Yu was to pay a heavy price which may be even his own life.

The strength that he had brought this time was only 1 percent of Shaw family’s overall troops. He could sweep through Lion city after he got more reinforcements. The only worry he had was Theodore. Nevertheless, Leonardo didn’t believe that Theodore would shelter Xiao Yu for eternity.

“Nicholas, I know that you are quite smart.. The blood elves are following you so tell us what you think.” Xiao Yu said in a tone full of irony.

Xiao Yu believed that the only reason Nicholas had interevened at the moment was to use Xiao Yu’s and Leonardo’s forces along the way. Otherwise, why would he try to persuade Leonardo to stop the battle?

Nicholas wasn’t angry. He knew that only idiots got angry on whim. Everything was to get the Gul’dan skull! The victor would be the one who held the skull!

“Well! More and more people are getting here. I believe you guys know that appearance of Gul’dan’s skull had made all the major powers in the continent to make a move. There are so many contenders who are after it… Just look around us…” Nicholas spoke in a cold tone as he looked at the crowd that was here to watch the battle between Leonardo and Xiao Yu: “There are going to be many who will trouble us in the future.. What about if we cooperate?”


Leonardo and Xiao Yu were annoyed by the wording of Nicholas. Moreover, they just didn’t like each other. In addition, all of them were powerhouses on their own so why should they cooperate with someone else? Nevertheless, both of them had already expected Nicholas’s offer. Since Nicholas dared to intervene then it meant that he was after something.

“It’s not time for petty duels. The most important thing is Gul’dan’s skull!” Nicholas saw the fury in eyes of both Leonardo and Xiao Yu.

“I, Xiao Yu, am not a stingy person! Of course, apart from my woman!” Xiao Yu smiled. He knew that the idea of temporary cooperation wasn’t just a wish as everyone was here for the sake of benefits and profit. Moreover, by the enhancement of Grom, Cairne and little dragon’s strength he already had the upper hand. The only thing mattered to Xiao Yu at the moment was to see through Nicholas’s plan. He knew that Nicholas wouldn’t just aimlessly ask for all three to cooperate. There had to be something fishy in the plan. At the surface, it was a good idea as if all three of them cooperated the path would be much clearer. However, at the end of the day it was just a cooperation based on temporary interests and benefits. Everyone knew that the cooperation would come to an end as soon as they reached the place where Gul’dan’s skull was located. But bringing together all three forces would make them invincible until their reached the destination.

Leonardo snorted but didn’t say anything. Silence was already a yes as an answer. In fact, Leonardo was interested in cooperating and collaborating with Nicholas. This way he could take advantage of Nicholas and Xiao Yu’s strength to reach the destination. In addition, this would mean that he would have better understanding of Xiao Yu and Nicholas’s forces. It would be good experience for him as he was going to face both of them in the future.

He was insulted by Xiao Yu and faced even a greater loss by fighting Xiao Yu. But in the long-term he could just put all these things on side for now. Leonardo took a glance at Lin Muxue once in a while. He was fascinated by her.

“Awesome. It seems we all think the same thing. Then the alliance is made in here. What do you guys say?” Nicholas added.

Neither Xiao Yu nor Leonardo opposed his words. It meant that they were allies now. The world was strange. One moment you were enemies and the next moment you were allies. Everything was about benefits!

“Then?” Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at Nicholas. He wanted to see what Nicholas was going to offer now.

“Duke Xiao Yu, can see through my thoughts.. HaHa.. I think we should make sure that the crowd that had come to watch the spectacle joins us.. Do I have to explain the reason why they should be integrated into our forces?” Nicholas smiled. He liked smart people as he didn’t have to explain every single thing.

“Are they going to be obedient?” Both Xiao Yu and Leonardo were surprised by Nicholas’s statement. At the moment, Leonardo seemed to be the weakest link in the alliance so he had to consider everything more than the other two part unless he wanted to use trump cards.

Leonardo was clear about Nicholas strength. There was the patriarch of the blood elves by his side which seemed to be a terrifying existence just from the magical fluctuations exuding from his body.

Nicholas spoke in a confident tone: “Leonardo, we three together are a powerhouse now! Do they have the right to choose if we ask them to do errands for us? They will die if they don’t agree. Simple!”

Xiao Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled up. Why would they want these people close by to them to work for them? They were already very strong as all three parties were going to work together.

“Let’s see what you guys will do!” Xiao Yu responded. He wanted Nicholas to make all the decisions while he would stay on guard against Nicholas and Leonardo. Nicholas looked at Leonardo and saw that Leonardo made a gesture meaning that Nicholas could take the command. He walked to a high ground.

“Everyone! I’m here to tell something that we all three have decided about!” Nicholas said with a smile. It seemed as if he was a village chief who would announce happy news to the villagers.

The troops that were close by came closer to listen to the Nicholas. The terrain was flat because of the previous battle so it was easier for the rest to gather around.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I know that our purpose is same! We are all heading out for Gul’dan’s skull. But you all should be aware that there will be many more after the skull. It will be hard to get it if we don’t cooperate!” Nicholas was using some kind of spell to make sure that everyone heard him clearly.

The people listening to Nicholas had their bloods boil up because there was a chance to cooperate with powerful forces. Most wouldn’t choose this option as they would be used as cannon fodder. Nicholas already understood what was happening as he listened to the voices. There were dissatisfied voices raised from the people.

“Don’t forget that there are large forces who are cooperating to get the guldan’s skull! It’s not just about you but even we three won’t be able to get it if we don’t cooperate! Of course, as long as we can get the Gul’dans skull then the rest of you will get benefits too. Think about my words. Do you have the strength to snatch Gul’dan’s skull? There will be other treasures there too! I make an oath upon the name of Ernst family that you all will get plenty of rewards if you work with us. But don’t blame me for being ruthless if you are our opponents.” Nicholas spoke in an indifferent tone. His calm and indifferent tone meant that everyone had to be obedient otherwise they would suffer!

The crowd reacted differently after Nicholas’s speech. They understood that it would be very hard to fight against allied forces of Nicholas, Xiao Yu and Leonardo. The previous battle between Xiao Yu and Leonardo had shown them what these two were capable of.

Nevertheless, there were some who wanted to take the risk. They believed that with a bit of luck they could get Gul’dan’s skull for themselves. The greed was part of human nature. However, there were some who thought if they could get benefits from the Ernst family rather than trying their luck. Smart ones knew that Gul’dan’s skull was a treasure but a problem at the same time. It would bring disaster even if they got hold of it by chance.

“The ones who want to cooperate with us should stay here while the ones who are against it should leave. We need to talk about few things!” Nicholas smiled.

1/5th of the people began to leave the place. There were people who believed that they won’t have problems unless they wanted to be part of Nicholas’s alliance.

“Alright! The first mission of our alliance is to get rid of these people! The people who don’t want to cooperate with us but gets beneifts! They are just dreaming!” Nicholas said in a harsh tone.




These adventurers weren’t fools. They knew that the ones who weren’t with them were their opponents.

“Everyone! KILL! KILL for the Gul’dans skull!” Nicholas ordered.

The rest rushed forward to kill the adventurers that left them earlier on.

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  1. Thanks for the chap!!
    Man reading this somehow make me want to play wow…..since they have free 1 month trial I may give it a try.

    To behonest for such an old game I surprise at it price is quite high and have to pay for a subscription!! Omg

    1. So many people have played it for so long that they’re stuck. Years worth of work and memories are represented by each character you have, which means you always feel reluctant to drop it for good. The graphic artwork is also stylistically cartoony so it still looks presentable even after so long, unlike the many realistic looking MMO’s , so it will still look fine in another 10 years as the others keep looking more and more outdated.

      Seriously, the game’s like crack, it’s pretty much the only MMO that can get away with charging a subscription these days, most likely the only one until true VRMMO’s come out. I haven’t played for a few years and even now I’m still occasionally getting cravings like an addict…

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