WOWFRD – Ch 356

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Chapter 356

Xiao Yu’s chin almost fell to the ground when he heard the dragon talk as he didn’t expect anything like that.

“This… Why do you speak?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the dragon.

Dragon muttered: “Why can’t I speak? I used to speak in dragon language but you couldn’t understand me.. Now, I can speak in human language. Moreover, I can speak in other languages too.. By the way, I can transform into a human child now.”

There was excitement in dragon’s voice as he made the last statement. Red light flashed and covered dragon’s body. After a moment, the dragon transformed into a four or five year old boy without any clothes.

“What do you think brother? Do I look good?” Little dragon said and put his finger in his mouth to suck it.

Xiao Yu was dumbfounded: “What the hell is this? What kind of behavior are you showing in front of everyone? You are a noble dragon! Why are you sucking your finger? Don’t you care about your image as a dragon?”

Everyone was dumbstruck when they heard Xiao Yu’s words. The first word to come out of dragon’s mouth was ‘motherfucker’ which was clearly taught by hooligan Xiao Yu but now Xiao Yu was talking about ‘noble behaviour.’

How could this dragon get along with Xiao Yu?

Little dragon bowed his head as he forced himself not to cry: “I was wrong.” It was as if this wasn’t the dragon that was attacking the core hound with nunchakus.

Everyone believed that this pure child was going to be destroyed in hooligan’s hands.

“It seems today is not the fated date for us to solve our problems.. However, the first thing I will do after coming back from the Sunset Swamps is look for you.” Leonardo’s eyes were full of anger and coldness.

Xiao Yu replied in a cold tone: “Anytime.”

Afterwards, Leonardo turned towards Lin Muxue and spoke in a sincere tone: “Lady, I swear that my love for you is genuine. I promise that I will come for you no matter how difficult the problems I’ll encounter on the way.”

“Motherfucker.” Xiao Yu turned furious: “I’m not going to Sunset Swamps! I’m going to deal with you here and now!”

Nicholas laughed: “So this was the reason of your battle.. Xiao Yu, you are a hooligan but you are blessed with such a beautiful fiancee. Since Leonardo has already joined the battle then I can’t fall behind him. I, Nicholas Ersnt, swear that I will marry this beautiful lady. She must by Lin Muxue, Lin Aotian’s daughter. Miss Lin, I don’t have anything precious on me but please accept this magical water necklace as a gift from me.”

Nicholas stepped forward and knelt down on one knee in front of Lin Muxue. He raised his hands as blue ripples fluctuated from the necklace. You could see that the necklace wasn’t ordinary just from the energy fluctuations.

“Nicholas, I’m sorry but I’m Xiao Yu’s fiancee. There won’t be another one in my heart. Thanks for the kind words but I can’t accept your gift.” Lin Muxue rejected the gift.

Lin Muxue was stepping back when Xiao Yu stepped up and grabbed the necklace: “Muxue is shy and doesn’t accept the gift of others but I will accept this one for her. Thanks for the kindness, Nicholas. Lin Muxue, please accept this necklace from me. It will be useful for you.”

Everyone watching the scene were stunned as they eyeballs popped out from the sockets. Xiao Yu was just way toooooo shameless. He accepted the gift that other wanted to give to pursue his own wife and gave the same gift to his wife as if it was from himself. He made it look like as if the necklace wasn’t from Nicholas but Nicholas was the delivery boy!

Shrewd people in the crowd secretly admired Xiao Yu’s move. They knew that Xiao Yu knew what he was doing as Lin Muxue rejected Nicholas and he got the necklace.


As a result, Nicholas lost the necklace but didn’t get anything in return.

Nicholas was stunned as he stood up. He couldn’t believe that he had met such a despicable, thick-skinned and shameless opponent. However, he didn’t get angry but smiled: “This necklace and Miss Lin are complementing each other. It would have lost its value if anyone else worn it.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes turned cold as he knew that Nicholas was much shrew than Leonardo. He was inexplicable implying that Lin Muxue owned him. Moreover, Nicholas had the support of Blood elves so Xiao Yu had second thoughts about facing him.

She is my beautiful wife.” Xiao Yu shamelessly reached out and hugged Lin Muxue in front of everyone. He looked at Nicholas and inadvertently told him with his action that the necklace may belong to Nicholas but Lin Muxue was his.

“Nicholas what the hell are you thinking about? Lin Muxue is going to be mine. Why do you think you have a chance?” Leonardo said.

Nicholas turned to look at Leonardo: “why are you acting like this? Miss Lin is a sincere, beautiful, gentle, noble, generous, considerate woman! She is the perfect candidate for a wife. Who wouldn’t want her as wife?”

Leonardo’s eyes squinted as he looked at Nicholas. He couldn’t see through Nicholas’s thoughts. Nicholas had emerged at a critical time to prevent both sides from inflicting heavy injuries upon each other. This move wasn’t in line with Nicholas’s personality. Moreover, at the moment he didn’t seem to be taking a side too. Nicholas wasn’t helping Xiao Yu but wasn’t on Leonardo’s side too.

“What is Nicholas up to?” Leonardo’s whispered. Nicholas wasn’t his friend so why was he acting so at the moment.

Leonardo snorted as he didn’t want to care about Nicholas actions. He turned to look at Lin Muxue: “I’ll make you my wife no matter what. Please accept this ring. It can be used as a magical shield for one time. This shield can protect you from an attack of a sixth-rank magician. I know that this hooligan will take it for himself but this is to show you my sincere feelings. I’m in love.”

A golden ring appeared in Leonardo’s hand. There were complicated runes and arrays engraved on the ring. Xiao Yu took it and looked at it for a while. Afterwards, he gave it to Lin Muxue.

“Wife, this is a good ring. Why don’t you take it from me? Moreover, why should we refuse such a thing? It will make Leonardo happy too… By the way, I’ll spare his life because of this gift.” Xiao Yu shamelessly said. Leonardo’s face turned red because of anger. He knew that he couldn’t confront Xiao Yu verbally as he would never be able to take the upper hand.

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  1. Nicolas probably just wants Xiao Yu and Leonardo to be fodder against any traps and dangers that may lurk on the path ahead, that’s why he interrupted the battle.

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