WOWFRD – Ch 355

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Chapter 355

Leonardo’s face turned gloomy when he saw that Xiao Yu took control of the situation once again.

“I’m forced to use the last trump card…” Leonardo gently stroked the interspatial ring with his finger as he whispered to himself.

However, a sound echoed out: “Haha! What a lively sight! A battle between Grand Duke of the Lion territory and Shaw family’s heir! Wonderful!”

Both Xiao Yu and Leonardo identified the owner of the voice.

Nicholas Ernst!

Xiao Yu had just used teleportation to get away from the assassin. However, his brows wrinkled up when he saw Nicholas appear in here.


Both Leonardo and Xiao Yu issued the order to stop at the same time. No one wanted to fight against someone else when such a powerful enemy was close by to them. Nicholas was a youth that nobody dared to underestimate! He had the wits and ability to stop both Leonardo and Xiao Yu. Nicholas didn’t have to make a move but just to appear so that Xiao Yu and Leonardo to stop the battle. It was because he had the backing of Ernst family!

“Oh, your dragon is going to advance.” Nicholas calmly said as he slowly walked close. He was wearing a red cloak while his eyes were focused on dragon’s body. There were lots of people behind Nicholas. One of them was the leader of the Bloof Elves, Reilas, whom Xiao Yu had met.

However, the bloof elf appeared totally different from the past. There was wild energy surging in his body. It looked like Reilas was a bomb that was about to explode at any moment now.

“Nicholas must be supplying them with sunwell water.. However, sunwell has side effects. The energy of the sunwell can’t be controlled by anyone so Reilas is in this state. Otherwise, why would there be fierce fluctiations of energy from his body? Any mage that reaches fifth or sixth-rank should be quite reserved. The old man Theodore is perfect example. You may stand in front of him but think that he is just a senile old man. Nevertheless, the blood elves should be quite terrifying at the moment because of the sunwell..” Xiao Yu knew that even the dragonfire arrows wouldn’t be enough to kill Reilas.

It seems Nicholas had brought him to search for Gul’dan’s skull.

“Nicholas, you are here too.” Leonardo’s eyes lit up as he looked at Nicholas.

“Haha… Why would I miss such a good opportunity?” Nicholas looked at Leonardo. “Leonardo, you are fighting someone else at the moment. Aren’t you afraid that a fishermen would benefit from this?”

Leonardo looked at Xiao Yu with cold eyes: “He has insulted me. He must die!”

Nicholas smiled: “He has insulted many people but he isn’t dead yet.. Do you think that you will be able to kill him today? Your family will be hurt even if you do kill him. Did you know that Master Theodore owes him a favor and promised to do anything for him? What do you think would happen if you killed him now? Do you think your family will be able to cope with Theodore?”

Leonardo’s face changed when he heard Theodore’s name. His family was powerful but it was still unknown if they could block a monster like Theodore. Magicians like Theodore couldn’t be analyzed with common sense. Moreover, they could use taboo magic which could destroy a city in one go. Who wouldn’t be afraid of Theodore? He would be able to shake the foundations of their family even if Theodore wasn’t able to kill them all. In fact, no major power would dare to say that they would be able to cope up with Theodore. So how did this hooligan made a person like Theodore owe him a favor?


Dragon roared as huge amounts of energy burst out from its body. The dragon’s body was covered in flames as if the dragon was a huge fireball itself.


It was as if sun was about to explode as violent shockwave blasted out from the dragon.

“Is it… advancing?” Everyone was stunned. It was a sight that could be seen once in a century. Dragons were dangerous creatures and where would they meet a dragon to see how it advanced?

It seemed as if the dragon was enduring great pain as the flames rised from its body. It’s claws gouged the earth. The clay that was thrown out by its claws turned into mudbricks because of the flames. It was going through a transformation. The scales on its body were dropping out one by one and it was in a “naked” state. The flames emerged from the flesh on its body and new scales began to grow up in a speed visible to the naked eye. It was like a nirvana where the dragon was going through a rebirth!

Kacha~ Kacha~

Sounds of dragon’s bones cracking and restructuring echoed out. It’s body was growing in size at a fast pace and it was twice as big now.

Leonardo looked at the assassin using double blades. He gestured to the assassin so that he would make a move against the dragon. You had to be a fool not to know how dangerous the dragon would become once it advanced into next rank. However, the assassin couldn’t make a move as all the hair on his body turned uptight. He turned to look at Tyrande who had a dragonfire arrow on the bow and aiming at the assassin. There was a red sign on the assassin’s head which meant that Tyrande had locked into him. There was no one in the continent who could run away from Tracking Arrow skill of Tyrande at the moment. The assassin wasn’t an exception either. Her strength was continously growing after reaching fifth-rank. Actually, at the moment all of the heroes who had broken through 40th level weren’t just generic game system characters but resembling the ancient heroes.

The Priestess of the Moon weren’t a title that an ordinary assassin could deal with. Actually, Grom and Cairne were also having their blood powers show the presence of ancient heroes. It was the reason why Grom was able to bravely fight against the powerful saberman.


The dragon’s roars turned louder as time passed. It’s voice wasn’t same too. It was more mature and ferocious in comparison to earlier. It was as if a child was going through puberty.


Scales popped out all over its body and covered the dragon’s body.


Dragon shoot a fireball from its mouth and stood up.


Dragon spoke up like humans. Afterwards, its body shrank down and the flames emitted from its body were extinguished.


A huge dragon covered in red scales appeared in front of everyone. It’s eyes blinked as the dragon curiously looked around.

“Hey! You have chosen the wrongest time to advance.. we were in the middle of battle. …” Xiao Yu sighed in relief.

“Motherfucker! I didn’t know that the monster core would be so powerful. I almost lost my life because of my greed to advance.” The dragon spoke like a human. Moreover, the first word that the dragon said was ‘Motherfucker!’ which was Xiao Yu’s most used insult.

The eyeballs of everyone present almost popped out.

Is this a dragon? Why would a dragon say ‘motherfucker’? Who has trained this dragon?

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