WOWFRD – Ch 354

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Chapter 354

The golden lights poured down from the sky and enveloped dragon’s body. It seemed that dragon was in much better state after this as the flames soaring from its body quietened down. Uther’s buff didn’t just cure the wounds on dragon’s body but also helped it to integrate the monster core of the core hound. Of course, the absorption process of the monster core of the core hound couldn’t be hastened as certain time frame was needed.

“Open your mouth.” Xiao Yu knew that the buff from Uther was far from enough to fasten the process. Therefore he ordered the idle ones to pour hundreds of life potions directly into dragon’s mouth. The dragon opened its mouth to swallow all the potions. It’s body calmed down but it would still shiver once in a while.

“Lil’ dragon, why are you so ruthless? Why did you directly swallow it up? We could have given it to Master Higgins so that he would made it easy for you to consume the core!” Xiao Yu said when he saw the injuries of the dragon stabilize. He would have to kill himself if something had happened to dragon. It wasn’t just about losing a strong subordinate with great potential! In fact, Xiao Yu felt that dragon was like a son to him, like his own baby. He had been treating the dragon that way since the first moment. He had constantly trained and taught the dragon so that the dragon could be a hooligan and rogue like himself!


Xiao Yu was very pleased when he saw that dragon’s temperament and battle style turned to be similar to his own. Therefore, the dragon wasn’t just a simple pet in his eyes.

The Shaw family subordinates began the real offensive after the death of the core hound.

There was a warrior who had a saber with a blade of 1cm thickness, 15 centimeters witdh and 1.5 meter length. The man was two meter tall, well-built body. He wasn’t a sixth-rank warrior but already at the peak of fifth-rank.

There were many warriors who were at peak of fifth-rank but could never exert out strength that was similar to sixth-rank. However, this man wasn’t like them. He had strong martial arts skills and it was one of the reasons why his breakthrough to sixth-rank was taking so long. It would be much more difficult for him to break through to sixth-rank as he had to improve his own martial arts too. Nevertheless, he could roam freely on the continent once he reached the sixth-rank.

The sole reason that this man didn’t attack since start was that he didn’t bother to put anyone in the battlefield into his eyes. According to him, no one in the battlefield deserved him to move! He believed that he could defeat Grom and Cairne without a problem. Moreover, he thought that the dragonfire arrows of Tyrande couldn’t cause any fatal injuries to him!

The man slowly walked over to stand in a distance to Grom. There were many Grom’s in front of him. The man rushed out to stab one of them. (Grom was using Mirror Image?!)

A strong sound echoed out as the saber of the man moved out. The eardrums of people close by to them were almost torn apart because of the sound.


Grom moved out to use his heavy sword to slam into the man with the saber. A powerful explosion occurred the moment both weapons touched each other. Yes, a real explosion! A shockwave splashed out as a result of the slam which send massive amounts of energy in all directions.


Grom was furious. He had just advanced to level 40 and learned Mirror Image skill. But at the moment, he had to take few steps back which showed that the mirror image wasn’t enough to fool this man. Blademasters were the martial arts experts of the orcs. Their title was synonymous to the killer arts of the orcs! Now, a human warrior who was similar to him in strength was able to see through Grom’s skill which was impossible for him to accept the reality!

Grom turned furious because of irritation. However, the fury and anger stimulated the flames of war in orc’s body.


Grom roared as he waved the heavy sword and attacked the man.

“That fella seems to be a master.. No wonder he is fearless.. Shaw family has talents but I’m not a vegetarian too!” Xiao Yu understood that the warrior who faced Grom was very powerful. Moreover, there seemed to be another assassin aimed at him which was close by to Xiao Yu.

“Ah? Where did he disappeared?”

Xiao Yu was shocked as he couldn’t feel the trace of the assassin.


Xiao Yu heard a neat voice and turned around to block the attack. It was an intuition that saved Xiao Yu’s life. He felt the hair on his body turn upright because of killing intent of the enemy! Xiao Yu had been through many hardships and battles which had improved his life-saving abilities. The surviving instincts of his were totally different at the moment.

“Druids!” Xiao Yu shouted.

Series of purple lights covered the assassins’s body. Faerie Fire was a skill used by the druids on the enemies to give vision to them. This way the assassin couldn’t use the stealth mode at the moment. The Druids of the Talon began to cast the spell and target the assassins. In addition, they were aimed at the warriors and assassins and using the Hurricane skill to throw them off. Sorceresses began to help them out too. Several Druids of the Claw turned into bears to fight the warriors. Sorceresses would either make the Druids of the Claw invisible for a while until they reached to sneak attack the enemies or metamorph the enemies into sheep!

Xiao Yu didn’t have many powerhouses by his side but the various units of his were much more better in terms of performance.


Cairne roared as he attacked a fifth-rank warrior. His huge horns slammed through the enemy. The enemy couldn’t dodge on time and was hit by Cairne. Cairne seemed to reach another level after turning into Minotaur. He simply didn’t fear anything and used bruteforce to smash through the enemies. He collided with several warriors and chose mages afterwards.

“Blink from here!” The bodyguards of the mages shouted out. Moreover, mages weren’t in a state to fight against anyone at this point. Ordinary warrior with a knife could kill them.

The Faerie Dragons looked like weak creature. But they were the natural nemesis of the mages. It was no wonder that they were called magician killers! The sorceresses used stealth skill on Faerie Dragons so that they could reach close to the enemy mages. The Faerie Dragons would enter a different dimension and wait for the right moment to attack the enemy mages.

The bodyguards of the enemy mages were strong but they could contend with Cairne.


Tyrande killed another enemy. Actually, she was a top killer in the battlefield. Each arrow would take life of another enemy. She wanted to see whether the saberman fighting the Grom could be killed with the dragonfire arrow. However, she didn’t want to shoot as the saberman was fighting with Grom and both of them rapidly changed locations.

Grom had few wounds on his body which were inflicted by the saberman. However, the wounds made him more violent. Grom’s eyes were blood red because of fury and bloodthirst. He disregarded his life as his aim was to fight to death!

The saberman frowned as the battle with the Grom continued on. Originally, he believed that the huge orc didn’t have much skill but relied on brute force. However, the saberman discovered that Grom’s swordsmanship was improving at the battle continued on. It was as if the Grom was learning and adapted during the battle. Saberman wanted to kill Grom but the thick armor of Grom wasn’t so easy to be broken up. In addition, Grom used Mirror Image to confuse him during the battle. Who the hell was this orc? How could orcs martial skills improve during a battle and in such a fast manner?

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