WOWFRD – ch 353

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Chapter 353

All of the attacking assassins were caught off guard as they didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would have detected them in advance. Instead of having stealth attacks the assassins were themselves caught in a trap!

The female assassins seemed to be Leah’s acquaintance as both of them could identify each other. Leah didn’t imagine that she would meet her in here! Moreover, this woman was an enemy of hers since childhood. They belonged to the same clan (tl note: family?) and were very competitive since childhood. Nevertheless, it was very hard for them to pass each other since childhood. Afterwards, both of them separated from the clan to find their own path and gain life experiences. Unexpectedly both of them meet each other today!

“It seems you are following a hooligan! Oh, it wasn’t an unexpected choice thou!” The female assassin whose face was covered with a mask said.

“You are working under a pervert.. Seems you are still the same too!” Leah replied.

“What you said!?” Female assassin turned furious “Let’s see if you have made any progress…” The female assassin didn’t say anything but waved the dagger in her hand and rushed towards Leah. She was upon Leah when Leah’s body disappeared from her vision. Female assassin was taken aback and her instincts told her that Leah was behind her. She turned around and used the dagger in her hand to block the attack. Bang~ The female assassin was able to block Leah’s dagger but her armor was cut.

“Sharp dagger! Ordinary weapons can’t cut through my armor. However, her dagger was able to cut a hole in it.. Where did she get it? Moreover, her armor.. The leather armor she wears.. Is it legendary assassin armor suit? No! It’s impossible. There isn’t anyone who can collect the whole suit! She must be wearing some kind of fake armor suit that was made to replicate the ancient one… But that skill she used moments ago.. Was it Shadow Step? That skill book was lost and even the clan doesn’t have it!”

The female assassin and Leah fought each other for a few moves. The female assassin was shocked as she had known Leah since childhood. It seemed that even the dart knives used by Leah were specially crafted by alchemists! Where did Leah got such equipment? Did she steal treasures from a dragon’s lair?

Leah and female assassin were fighting each other while the battle was going on full swing in other places.

The most powerful forces of the Shaw family were the magicians! They were the top priority of the Shaw family as a single powerful mage could change the outcome of the war! However, the mages of the Shaw family were in great trouble at the moment. The magicians were chanting a spell when a group of gryphons moved upon them and used chain lightning to attack them! All of the mages spat out blood as they faced strong magical backlash!

“What’s happening?” Leonardo was shocked. He was aware about the strength of the mages more than anyone else. All of the mages were fourth-rank and there were even few of them who had reached fifth-rank! It was a very hard thing for them to face a magical backlash! The degree of control those mages had over the mana had reached a high level.

They wanted to fight back the gryphon but all of them disappeared! However, all of the mages were overwhelmed by the strength of Xiao Yu’s troops.

The next moment a sharp tweet echoed out as a phoenix rushed from the sky to attack the mages.


The phoenix exploded itself as soon as it reached the middle of the mages. The mages were fried and thrown out because of the explosion. The resistance of the mages to the magical attacks were quite high. Moreover, they were equipped with armor and tools to protect themselves from enemy attacks. However, all of that wasn’t good enough to protect them. They were all lying on the ground in miserable state. The bodyguards rushed over and helped the mages to stand up.

Kael’thas used a huge fireball attack after the bombardment by Phoenix. Kael’thas’s attacks were much more fiercer after reaching fifth-rank. The fireball thrown by him was like a small missile!

“Flame Strike.” Kael’thas changed the attack skill. He wasn’t going to use fireball anymore as the power of fireball skill lied in bombardment. However, the damage made by it would decrease once the enemies dispersed out. At the moment, the best possible attack skill that could be used by Kael’thas was Flame Strike. This skill would burn flames within a target area and everyone within that area would get damage. It was like a large-scale firework that would attack everyone and anyone within that target area.

At the moment, Kael’thas was suppressing dozens of magicians on his own. He was very domineering.

Dragon understood that it had to kill the core hound as soon as possible. It waved the nunchakus and attacked the core hound. Whip after whip hit the core hounds body. The dragon was more like a martial artist rather than a dragon! He would have been the first if it went to participate in the martial arts contenst.


The core hound’s second head was smashed to the ground because of the dragon’s attack. At the same time, Cairne’s giant axe, Grom’s heavy sword and Illidan’s warblades sliced through the core hound neck. It was cut off in half! The core hound’s giant body fell down to the ground. At the same time, a golden light envolped Cairne and Grom’s bodies. They reached the 40th level and became fifth-rank warriors!


Grom roared out as he leaped out towards the enemy warriors. Mirror images of Grom’s body appeared when he was in mid air.

“Mirror images! He can use mirrror images!” Xiao Yu laughed out.

Cairne’s movements were much more eye catching at the moment. Souls of huge Taurens appeared beside Cairne’s body. They walked towards him and entered his body. Cairne roared out the moment all the souls integrated with him. ARGH~ His body began to get bigger and Cairne began to transform into a new entity. He was like half human and half bull at the moment. Cairne slammed down one of its hooves and the ground violently shook up.

“Motherfucker! AWESOME! It’s freaking awesome.. Maybe I should learn that skill too.. But then women won’t come near me…” Xiao Yu touched his nose. It seemed as if Cairne had become something else at the moment.

In fact, Cairne was another creature. He had turned into Minotaur who was the ancestor of all the Taurens. This creature had relied on strong physical power to destroy everything!

A fifth-rank warrior rushed towards Xiao Yu but Cairne intercepted it. Cairne used War Stomp, Battle Roar and other skill to knock out the warrior.

The dragon used its claw to take out the monster core from the core hounds second head. It swallowed it in one go. The core of the beast would be great help for the dragon to enhance its strength. It had to be noted that even if all of them attacked together they wouldn’t be able to scratch core hound if it was in top condition. The strength of the core hound was several times stronger than the dragon’s power. Therefore it was a fortunate situation for the dragon to get the monster core of the core hound.


The dragon roared as the violent flames enveloped its body. Xiao Yu understood that the monster core was too powerful for dragon’s own good.

Puff~ Puff~

Bursts of blood flew out from dragon’s body. They burned the ground when they touched the surface. The core hound had fire attributes. The dragon was also a red dragon which had affiliation to the fire magic. However, the flames of the core hound were too powerful for the dragon to handle.

“Pour life potions over the dragon’s body!”

Xiao Yu understood that he had to help the dragon or it would die in here. Xiao Yu, Maiev and others who were idle rushed out to pour life potions over the dragon’s body. The life potions eased the situation but cracks were appearing all over the dragon’s body.

“Fuck! Fuck! UTHER! Uther! Heal the dragon!” Xiao Yu remembered that Uther was by his side too. Uther nodded and moved his arm. Golden lights washed down from the sky to envelope the dragon’s body.

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