WOWFRD – Ch 352

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Chapter 352

Core Hound was actually a creature that could roam right and left in the hell but was summoned to this plane out of blue. It faced first set-back when the summoning array was shot by the dragonfire arrow and a whirlpool of energy had blasted it. Fortunately, the core hound’s skin and flesh was thick and hard enough to resist the blast even though it had suffered heavy injuries. In this new plane that it was summoned to the core hound could use 40% of its strength and run wild as there didn’t seem to be powerful adversaries that could block it. The most problematic part was that the core hound faced small things that tried to attack it as soon as it touched the ground. There was a tauren which was about four meters tall, orcs, a demon, mages that sucked the mana out of it and so on. Moreover, that demon which sucked the mana out of it was the most problematic. It was dexterous and fast so the core hound couldn’t get it. In addition, there was an archer whose shots were quite powerful. As a last resort, the core hound decided to rampage in the battlefield by relying on its tyrannical body to kill the enemies like crushing the ants. However, at this moment a dragon appeared in front it. The dragons were famous in hell too. They were the most powerful creatures of this plane. Core hound knew that it couldn’t underestimate a dragon as these creatures were full of power, dignity and honor. Normally, it wouldn’t take this small dragon into account but at the moment it had less than 40% of its strength. So it decided to crush down the dragon as core hound believed that the noble creature would never try to use tricks and would face it head on! However, instead of the claws it was hit by iron rods chained into each other. The blow from the iron rod was too powerful!

But why would a dragon use a weapon? Nevertheless, blows from the iron rods were too terrifying! The core hound felt miserable each time. The core hound’s flesh and skin was too thick. The Grom’s heavy sword or Cairne’s giant axe at best could slive it but couldn’t cut through. Even Tyrande’s attacks could open only small holes on its body.

However, the attack from the nunchakus was totally different. The most important part of the nunchaku attack was the accumulated inertia that increased the power of attack. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called the most powerful weapon except the gun. It’s strength was even above the blades… (swords, saber, machete…etc..)

You could cut or slice off a body part using a sword but it didn’t mean that the opponent would die. However, even a person with no knowledge of martial arts could kill the enemy if they used their all strength to slam down the nunchaku. The power that the nunchaku could exert was terrifying when dragon used it.


Core hound roared in anger. It tried to use its large body to rush at the dragon and burn it with flames. It used its large paws to slam the dragon. However, the dragon wasn’t a weakling! It had learned all types of footwork from Xiao Yu! It’s rear legs were flexible and it dodged back and forth! Dragon advanced and retreated according to the situation. The core hound wasn’t successful in hitting it but the dragon made a successful hit on every try which caused great harm to the core hound!

“He has a dragon!?” Leonardo’s teeth clutched against each other. It had costed him a lot to summon such a powerful demon. Actually, he had done it out of anger! However, he didn’t think that Xiao Yu’s troops would be able to cope up with the core hound and even restrict it! Moreover, the enemy had a dragon! Why would a dragon use a weapon! Everything that he saw was beyond the expectations!

“Let’s kill ‘em.” Leonardo saw that the summoned demon wasn’t enough to kill Xiao Yu’s part so he decided to use his own people to kill.

There was an assassin by his side who wore a black leather suit and had a pair of knives. The assassin rushed towards the location where Xiao Yu stood. The assassin’s figure disappeared in mid-air. The others who heard the Leonardo’s order went to other locations to get proper position and get ready for the killing move.

Leonardo’s underlings were all masters. The weakest one was at fourth-rank. They all moved together forming a huge momentum.

Leonardo was aware that he was going to face heavy losses but he wasn’t planning to let go of Xiao Yu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to face his own family!

Leonardo saw that Xiao Yu was still immersed in battling the core hound so it was the best moment to carrie out the attack. It would be very hard for Xiao Yu to resist the core hound and his group!

He was going to show the wrath of Shaw family to everyone present by killing Xiao Yu’s troops. He hadn’t brought a sixth-rank master with himself but there were only few powers in the continent who could face the men who were beside him.

“Are they going to attack? Don’t blame me for being impolite!” Xiao Yu ordered the Gryphon Riders to get ready for battle.

“Tyrande get rid of the core hound as soon as possible!” Xiao Yu understood that it would be unfavorable to have battles on two directions! The core hound wasn’t dangerous at the moment but it was going to take time for Xiao Yu’s troops to kill it. However, the situation would change if the Leonardo’s warriors attacked them. Therefore he had to solve out the problem at hand.

Tyrande nodded and used her white tiger to rush out. She took out a dragonfire arrow and looked for the right opportunity to attack.

Dragon was using the nunchakus to suppress the core hound.


Once again the series of nunchaku attacks made the core hound scream out. Core hound opened its mouth to bit off dragon out of anger. At the same time, Tyrande’s let go of the bow’s string and the dragonfire arrow shoot out like a meteor and entered through the mouth of first head.


Normally, the dragonfire arrow could inflict heavy injury on core hound so the effect of the attack through its mouth was terrifying. A number of holes appeared on that head of the core hound and blood gushed out. One of its head was lost in that moment!

At the same time, Illidan jumped over towards the second head of the core hound. He was already sucking out large amount of mana from the core hound. At the same time, the Spellbreakers were using the mana control skill to burn down the mana reserve of the core hound.

Puff~ Puff~

Illidan used both warblades to fiercely slice through the neck of the second head. A huge gap appeared on the neck. The mana reserve the core hound was almost depleted so its defensive abilities were at all time low. Otherwise, Illidan wouldn’t be able to slash off such a huge gap on its neck.

“Now!” Leonardo shouted out as dozens of shadows rushed out towards Xiao Yu.

“Get ‘em!” Xiao Yu retorted.

Countless lightning bolts slashed down from the air and hit the people who rushed at Xiao Yu. The grunts turned their ballista’s and fire the attackers too!

Leah and Maiev moved against the several assassins who wanted to kill Xiao Yu. Maiev flashed past and killed few while Leah got entangled with a female assassin. However, both of them exclaimed after making a move against each other: “It’s you!”

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  1. So now Leah’s family ark starts. Either that or they found the bandit that stole Xiao Yu’s virginity.

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