WOWFRD – ch 351

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Chapter 351

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Grom continued with Omnislash attacks one after another as he hit the core hound’s head. Normally, neither Grom nor Cairne could break through the defenses of the core hound and couldn’t even harm the creature. However, they were at level 39 and were about to break into level 40. Their strength was on par with fifth-rank warriors and even greater than ordinary ones. Both Grom and Cairne would dare to fight with sixth-rank warriors once their reached the level 40.


The core hound waved one of its large limbs to hit Grom. Grom tried to dogde but he was still hit by the monster and was thrown out. The strength of the core hound was terrifying. Fortunately, Grom wasn’t injured heavily as he was using a T3 armor suit, using defensive potions and had buffs from the Totems. Cairne was attacked with lava spits for a few times. The burns on his body weren’t light anymore. He retreated and drank few bottles of life potion before coming back to fight once again.

Xiao Yu had given more than enough life potions to all of the warriors at the moment so that they could retreat back and use them in dire times. Grom and Cairne retreated once again because of their injuries but another figure rushed out. It was Illidan!

Illidan was a demon and the most qualified enemy for this creature from the depth of hell. Moreover, Illidan could burn the mana reserves of the core hound which was a major damage to the monster. In addition, the magic attacks of the core hound weren’t effective on Illidan.

Illidan’s wings opened up as he flied to stand over the core hound. He used the warblades to attack the creature from top. The attacks done by Illidan couldn’t be seen by the naked eye because they were super fast. It was as if two cyclones were continously hacking the core hound’s heads. The core hound saw that it’s lava spit wasn’t working on Illidan so it tried to use physical methods to wound the demon hunter. However, the core hound wasn’t dexterous enough to catch the demon hunter.

Core hound’s attention was fixed on Illidan when Tyrande used a shade arrow to attack the monster.

Swoosh~ Bang~

Tyrande wasn’t using the Dragonfire arrows but ordinary shadow arrows. The strength of the arrows were increased because of Tyrande’s own skills. At the moment, her attack power was the most strongest out of all the heroes.

Kael’thas was the only hero which wasn’t affective against the core hound. Kael’thas was a fire magician wihle the core hound was born from the fire. As a result, the attacks by Kael’thas weren’t affective on the creature. Maiev wasn’t attacking but lurking behind Xiao Yu. She was ready to disarm anyone from Leonardo’s side if they wanted to make a sneak attack.

Maiev and Leah’s role was to protect the team from the Leonardo’s side. In addition, they weren’t much suitable to a head-on confrontation with the core hound because of their battle styles.

The ground began to use the ballistas. All of the new type ballista’s were armed with shade arrows. Each arrow could penetrate through the thick and hard skin of the core hound. The shade arrows couldn’t deal much damage but little by little the wounds on core hound’s body were increasing.

Spellbreakers moved in to attack the core hound too. They could use Control Magic skill which combusted the mana reserve of the core hound. The effect wasn’t big but core hounds mana reserve decreased in big amounts when lots of spellbreakers moved in at the same time.

The core hound was a magical beast. The essense of its life was the mana. The strength of the core hound was reduced by more than double when the reserve of mana were depleted.


The core hound howled as it turned furious. It looked at Xiao Yu and began to run towards him. Who could withstand a collision with such a monster?

Everyone jumped right and left to dodge the monster that charged at them. There would be serious injuries in case they collided with the monster.

Xiao Yu cussed out when he saw the core hound was trying to run away: “Motherfucker! I didn’t want to use the dragon but fuck it!”

Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to use the dragon as the appearance of the dragon was game changer in dire situations. In fact, the dragon was excited when it saw the core hound and was holding itself for a long time.


The dragon roared. It’s body was about two feet at the moment and the size of the dragon began to increase at a speed visible to the naked eye. The dragon was at third-rank and could freely manipulate its body size.

The core hound was using its huge body to destroy everything on its path when it saw a huge dragon appear. IT was surprised. It was a creature from hell but knew about the dragons. Moreover, he felt a strong killing intent from the dragon.

The dragon was just a third-rank beast and wasn’t core hound’s opponent. Nevertheless, the core hound felt danger. Sometimes courage was more important than strength in a battle. In addition, core hound was a creature with wisdom. It understood that it was surrounded by many enemies. Tyrande’s arrows could deal great damage to it. It knew that it would face a big trouble once it was caught by the dragon.

Core hound was like Mount Tai as it stood on its ground and looked at the dragon. It knew that it had to kill the dragon first as it was the most dangerous variable to its existence. The dragon stood like a human as it looked at the core hound like a hooligan. It moved up its claw and used one of the finger to provoke the core hound. (bruce lee? WTF! )

The core hound turned furious. Why would a dragon stand upright like that? Was it going to use claws to fight it?

The core hound didn’t know that the dragon had grown up under the strict instructions of Xiao Yu. It was would never act like an ordinary dragon.


Both of them roared as core hound rushed towards the dragon. The dragon stood still as it smiled. It didn’t move until core hound reached close to it. At that moment, two giant iron nunchaku’s appeared from the interspatial ring. Dragon used them to smash down at core hound’s head.


Everyone who watched the battle was stunned when they heard the muffled sound echoed out.

The onlookers were stunned when a dragon appear. It was incredible that Xiao Yu was able to train a dragon. It had been many years that a Dragon Rider had appeared in the continent. The people thought that dragon would juse lie down like a horse and Xiao Yu would ride it to the skies.

Every one of the onlookers had dreamed about traveling the world and taming a dragon in the childhood. However, they discovered the dragon riders had long gone extinct. As a result, none of them thought that they would see a legendary dragon and a human act like partners! All of them were so excited that their bodies trembled at the notion of Dragon Knight(Rider)!

But the dragon didn’t lie down so that the human could ride it! Instead it stood like a human! It acted like a hooligan from the streets! The image that the dragon created in front of this people were beyond everything that was written about the dragon!

Nevertheless, the crowd was excited as they believed the war between the core hound and the dragon would be quite fierce. Everyone had prepared themselves to see the strength of the dragon’s claws! But dragon took out iron rods that had chain connecting them and hit the core hound’s head! Why would a creature as noble as dragon use a sneak attack? Isn’t it like insulting the dignity of dragons?

Moreover, why would a dragon use a weapon! It’s a freaking dragon, isn’t it? Moreover, the dragon issued sounds which seemed like a duck instead of the a dragon when battling. It used the iron rods to fiercely hit the core hound and continuously retreat!


this the sound they are talking about:

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  1. “The ground began to use the ballistas.”

    I think you meant to say here that the “grunts” began to use ballistas.”

    Thanks for the great chapter!

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