WOWFRD – Ch 350

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Chapter 350

A huge monster jumped out of the whirlpool of energy. It’s body was pushed in mid-air and the monster crashed down. The ground vibrated as if a mountain was thrown down at earth.

“Fuck…It’s massive.” Xiao yu’s eyes went wide at the sight in front of him. The creature was almost 50 meter long and 6 or 7 meters tall. It had to be noted that the creature was lying down at the moment so the height would increase if it stood up. It was as if Xiao Yu was facing a mobile fortress. Fortunately, Xiao Yu had ordered Tyrande to attack it with the Dragonfire arrow so the monster was heavily injured because of the energy storm. Otherwise, it would be impossible to fight it out. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu didn’t dare to underestimate this creature’s strength. Average warriors couldn’t face it head on even if they wanted.

The people who were watching the scene shout: “What is that monster? It’s definitely a demon from the hell!”

“Leonardo deserves to be the heir to Shaw family! He is able to summon such a demon! I believe even a sixth-rank magician can’t do that!”

“Terrifying! BUT! BUT!? Can he control this demon? If he can’t then it will raze down everything on its path!”

“It seems Leonardo had summoned this demon out of anger!”


The monster roared as its huge body slowly stood up. It’s limbs weren’t that tall but seemed like four giant pillars that supported its humongous body. It had two heads and at the moment four bloody red eyes were looking at Xiao Yu. There was a sharp horn, each as thick as Grom’s waist, on its heads. Red liquid splashed down from its huge mouthes and the ground began to burn up in flames as soon as that liquid connected to the ground.

Core Hound?

Red Core Hound?

Xiao Yu wasn’t a stranger to this monster because of the World of Warcraft game. The one in front of him obviously was a very strong one. It would be compared to a peak sixth-rank human warrior if you made the comparison with humans. Actually, if it was on top condition then four even five ordinary sixth-rank warriors couldn’t deal with it. Only masters such as Theodore could be a threat to this monster. Fortunately, it was hurt and wounded by the fierce energy impact and at best it could use half of its strength.

Space magic was the most powerful magic attribute. It had to be noted that even the strongest people would be torn apart if they face such an energy strom because of space distortion. However, this core hound was able to survive it! The core hound was furious as it looked at Xiao Yu and the rest with eyes full of resentment and anger. Xiao Yu had Arcanite Reaper in his hands and was looking at the core hound too.

It will try to kill me even if I don’t make a move… Since this is the case then I’m going to make the first move!

Leonardo wasn’t that strong to summon such a powerful monster. Xiao yu believed that he had some kind of device or tool on himself that helped Leonardo to summon the core hound. Otherwise, Leonardo couldn’t have such strength because he was too young. Even the most powerful magicians who focused on summoning demons relied on tools if they were going to summon a creature that was powerful than themselves. Therefore, the summoners had to sacrifice things to balance the energy.

Leonardo had retreated to a distance with his men and watched the core hound and Xiao Yu’s troops. He knew that core hound’s strength was too strong and beyond his capabilities to control it. The core hound would attack Leonardo too if they were close to it. Leonardo understood that he had strong people by his side but there was not assurance that they could kill the core hound.

“Damned rogue! Core hound will tear you to pieces.. And pray that it will otherwise, I’ll torture you for eternity!” Leonardo was furious too. He had used the Darkblood Snake Wand which was a treasure of his family to summon the core hound. Otherwise, his people would have to pay a heavy price to beat Xiao Yu.

“Do you think that you are the only one with trump cards? Why do you think they call us ancient family!?” Leonardo’s eyes were focused on Lin Muxue. He would move in if she was in danger.

He was in love with Lin Muxue from the first glance. He had seen many beautiful women but all of them were nothing but playthings for sex. However, his heart was moved when he had seen Lin Muxue. He wanted her to be by his side for eternity. Therefore, he wanted to get her, even if she had fiancee, by relying on his status. He was the heir to Shaw family and could even get the Queen of Sky Lion Dynasty! In addition, he was confident of his own appearance and talents too. In short, he was a traditional ‘Prince Charming’ model. However, he didn’t think that Lin Muxue wouldn’t look at him because of this rogue of a fiancee! That bastard even dared to scold him! Moreover, that hooligan ordered his elf to use a dragonfire arrow to attack Leonardo!

No one could think about a happy ending after offending the Shaw family! Leonardo didn’t think that someone would act like Xiao Yu after hearing out his identity! It was simply courting death!

The mentality of members of ancient families were same all over the confident. They believed that they were the center of the universe and everything revolved around them. In fact, Leonardo was much stronger and smarter than Robert but the attitude of young master of an ancient family was like a disease.

Leonardo simply couldn’t let go of Xiao Yu after Xiao Yu insulted him and his family. It’s just Leonardo didn’t know that Xiao Yu didn’t have a bottom line when it came to scold and argue with others. Xiao Yu had made a mysterious god to blow its statue on its own will!


Both heads of core hound issued loud roars and then rushed towards Xiao Yu’s team. In fact, Xiao Yu side had long been ready for the battle. Grom and Cairne were much eager than others towards the battle. Xiao Yu was proud as he looked at both of them. They didn’t fear anything!

The powerful the enemy was the more fiercer the eyes of Grom and Cairne looked.

“Use strength, agility, defense and anti-magic potions! I want to eat core hound’s meat tonight!” Xiao Yu shouted out.

All the bases had upgraded to level 2 so the potions that were produced had reached level 4. The level 4 potions were terrifying. The strength potions could increase the strength of Grom and Cairne by double! They were fourth-rank warriors now but with the potions they were comparable to peak fifth-rank warriors! Moreover, in some ways they were more prominent than peak fifth-rank warriors!

Cairne’s body was already too powerful because of his physique and with the addition of strength potions he was much stronger than a mountain giant! He was almost 4 meters tall and wearing a T3 armor. Cairne was the first to rush out as he waved his giant axe.


The giant axe hit the core hounds head and it issued a miserable howl. Cairne’s martial arts were worse than others but his strength was much better than most! The strength was the king against large monsters such as core hound. Cairne had buffs of potions and totems of Xiao Yu.


The other head of the core hound spat a lava that hit Cairne’s body. But bloodhoof wasn’t affected much. There were anti-magic resistance on him and his armor was top quality too.


Grom waved his sword as he attacked the core hound…

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